That’s how many fans were at Shea Stadium last night for the first Mets/Yanks game of the season.

SardinesOh, how happy I am to be an ocean away. I want no part of this Subway Series nonsense. Exciting baseball, yes, but I don’t do big crowds. Shea might hold over 55,000 people, but it wasn’t properly built for that many. The concourses are narrow, the staircases are narrow, the aisles are narrow and, with the exception of a horrible bleachers section, there aren’t any seats on the field level in fair territory. Even with a crowd of 30,000, the place feels packed. If I’d gone to yesterday’s game, I probably would’ve struggled to get three or four balls, and I would’ve been miserable the whole time. Interleague play = bad news.

(THE NON-BASEBALL TRAVEL UPDATE, DAY 9: During our cab ride to the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood where we ended up being stared at, we saw a gorgeous structure with gigantic steps and ledges built with tan slabs of stone. We figured it must’ve been some ancient Byzantine amphitheater.

"Excuse me," said my dad to the driver. "What is that?"

"Garage," he replied.

Yeah, Jerusalem is pretty.)


Zack-hey! This is Melamed! How are you! I found your blog and thought that I’d drop you a note to say hi. I hope that you’re doing well. It’s been a while since I’ve seen or heard from you…it seems like you’re very busy with all your travels. I’m in Greensboro (graduated last May, and am working). Keep in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

Whoa there.

Hi. Wow. Nice to hear from you.

How the **** did you find the blog? I know you’re not planning to start a baseball collection anytime soon.

I’ll send you a proper e-mail in the very near future…

Sounds great…seems like you’re very busy these days with travel. Talk to you soon.

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