Question for YOU

Do you happen to know if the Nationals are using special commemorative balls this season instead of ones with the standard MLB logo? I’d like to find out soon so I know whether or not to be gung-ho about making it down to RFK this season.

(THE NON-BASEBALL TRAVEL UPDATE, DAY 14: Woke up at 5am with three hours of sleep to catch an early flight back to Paris where we spent our final full day of the trip. We’re staying at this hotel which is officially called “Hilton/Charles de Gaulle Airport, ” but I am not fooled. I know the Paris Hilton when I see it.)


Zack, Yes, the Nationals are using special commemorative balls this season. I found two that are listed on ebay. I will email you the link. It has the Washington Nationals logo along with 2005 INAUGURAL SEASON.

****, talk about a fast answer. Thanks. I wonder, though, if they’re using these balls in BP as well as during games. I’d love to see a picture. Send me that link. Please.

so Zack, after being out of action for two weeks… how do you think ur game will be when u get back? Do you think it will take a game or two to get yourself into ball catching mode? I know I would be on super jet lag after two weeks in Europe and a long flight home.

If I don’t lose the touch over the winter, I won’t lose it in two weeks. I napped a bit when I got home yesterday and forced myself to stay up until 4:15am, so I think I’ve cured my jet lag in one day. Would’ve been more fun to do it at Yankee Stadium, however.

i believe so

woo-hoo 3 1/2 year comment difference

2 1/2 year comment difference

Wow, that is quite a long gap between comments.

Well, some of us have just recently discovered your blog, so we’re going back and reading the earliest entries. You’re a great storyteller and I admire your dedication to your craft. :)

Understood, and thanks very much. That’s really nice to hear.

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