Is there a fact-checker in the house?

Last month, a writer with the Des Moines Register interviewed me for an article about how to get baseballs at Principal Park, home of the Triple-A Iowa Cubs.
We e-mailed back and forth for weeks…
I sent him the link to my web site
I sent him the link to this blog…
We talked on the phone…

And the guy STILL somehow managed to spell my name wrong.

Not surprisingly, he messed up a few other things. He wrote that I’ve caught over 2,500 “foul balls” and he mangled one of my explanations about where to sit.

If you want to see these mess-ups and more, here are the links (which I just found for the first time last Desmoinesregister2night):

Part One
Part Two

These types of mistakes are nothing new. In fact, when there’s a story written about me that does NOT have any mistakes, I’m always surprised.

In May, FHM made such a dumb mistake that I had to laugh about it. Take a look at the piece and see if you can spot it.


Hey, yeah I totally recommend it! It’s awesome, especially for a person like you. They have all achieve games of this year, and the 2004 season. Well worth the 80 bucks, but I wouldnt recomend it for now, the season is 65% done. Why pay full price now? get it next season.

Man, if only I’d known about this sooner. I’m afraid, though, that if I get it, I’ll never get anything else done.

can i get some help on the dumb mistake, i cant find it.

Right-handed batters usually hit fouls down the third base line, not the first, as it says in the article.

Nope, there’s something far worse. Care to guess again?

Hi, Zack. I know this is an old entry and who knows if you’ll catch this…
They screwed up the picture of the glove trick! Look where that rubber band is!!! Try snagging anything with that setup. Ha!

And… it’s a catcher’s mitt, right? Ha, again! Wait… can you use the “mitt” trick? Would that work?

Hey! I always love comments that come my way three years after the fact. Anyway, you’re right about the glove/mitt trick being all messed up. Sigh…

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