10/1/05 at Shea Stadium (journal version)

When I finally get around to writing about yesterday’s Mets game in my personal journal, it’ll go something like this:

Lia came over at 2pm. We ordered in bacon cheeseburgers from Big Nick’s and watched the first few innings of the Red Sox-Yankees game and left for Shea (her first time there) at 3:30pm. For whatever reason, the Mets didn’t take BP. Balls: #1 —> tossed by Brian Fuentes at the 3B dugout. #2 —> thrown by a Mets strength coach in the RF Loge. #3 —> thrown by Jose Acevedo in the LF corner after we played catch for a couple minutes…Lia got a 30-second video of it on my digital camera! #4 —> thrown by Todd Greene in the LF Loge. #5 —> glove trick from the LF Loge. And that was it. Had some frustrating moments during the game that’re not worth writing about, but it was great to be with her and just sit in one spot and not really worry about it. 2,752 total balls (including a record-breaking 321 from this season)…not a bad number to last me through the winter. 427 consecutive games with at least one ball. 53 consecutive games with at least three. I got five autographs: Bob Apodaca, Clint Barmes, Brad Hawpe, and Ryan Speier twice. I got him to write “To Zack, Enjoy the glove” on a ticket from THE game, and I got my picture taken with him again. Anyway, my season is done. Thank god.

Tomorrow, I’ll write the blog version…


It sure sounded like your season was very successful. I think that you should have gotten Ryan Speier to sign a “To Zack” on the glove he gave you…I also heard the MLBRadio talk that you were on and I have to say, it was very impressive. You sounded like a veteran talking about your collection. Finally, congrats on being featured on Boy’s Life Magazine. In the Collections section on the last issue, they wrote about my autograph collection…I was paid $10 for it! Well, get some rest.

Looking forward to the “blog” version. It seems like you’ve become somewhat like friends with Barmes, Spier, and Heath Bell this season.

Who has been the most friendly to you in your opinion? And will you continue the blog in the off season?

Gosh darn it, how am I going to get through a off season without hearing of your Ball-snagging exploits? :p

well done this year zach, are you going to any team’s spring training camp? i would love to go to the red sox one in florida

You got paid for your Boys Life appearance? Man, they didn’t offer me anything! I’ve been talking about my collection for so many years that I better sound good. But thanks. Glad you got to hear the interview.


I’ve become friendLY with Bell, but I wouldn’t say that we’re friends. As for Barmes and Speier, they were nice to everyone and only started recognizing me because the ballpark was empty and I was there everyday, but there’s no way that they’ll remember me next year. Well, Speier probably will when I remind him about the glove. Nicest guy this year—and probably ever—has been Bell. It’ll be interesting to see where “friendship” goes next year. I sure hope he’s back with the Mets. As for the future of my blog, check out my latest entry. I talk about that at the end.


You’ll survive. If I can make it six months without snagging, you can last that long without reading about it.


Thanks. I’ve only been to Spring Training twice, back in ’94 and ’95. I don’t have any plans for 2006. I’d rather save my money to visit MLB stadiums (that I haven’t been to) during the regular season. Next year, I’m going to hit up Petco. In 2007, it’ll probably be the new one in St. Louis. And after that, who knows.

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