Post-season snagging?

I’m trying to find my way into Yankee Stadium for at least one playoff game. Could even be tomorrow, but that’s unlikely. One of my favorite people in the world is finally visiting NYC. He’s a HUGE baseball fan, and he’s never been to Yankee Stadium, and he has a source who might be able to come through with a few tickets, and blah blah. I’ve heard this story a million times, and it always has the same ending: someone more important gets the tickets. Someday, I hope to be the important one, or better yet, to be the guy who decides who gets the tickets so I can give them to myself. Anyway, if this “source” doesn’t come through, I might just call a ticket broker.

Or not.

Yes, it’s playoff baseball–woo hoo–but this IS Yankee Stadium after all. I’m not dying to pay $300 (or whatever it ends up being) “just to get in the ballpark” and then have to sit in the second-to-last row in the upper deck behind the left field foul pole.

I like Manny. I’m sorry that his team is about to get swept, but if there’s one good thing that comes out of it, it’s that the tickets to a potential Yankees-White Sox ALCS will be much cheaper.

On another note…
Did anyone see that fan at Angel Stadium TRY to interfere with Garret Anderson in Game 1 of the ALDS? It truly boggles my mind. Who are these idiot losers who get to sit in the front row? And why are they all so lame that they can’t catch (or in this case even make contact with) balls hit right to them?


if i were in your shoes, dont risk any of your streaks just to see playoff baseball. everyone is gonna get there early and your streaks might be in jeporady (assuming you count playoff games) towards your streaks.

I do count playoff games as part of my streak, and I realize that Yankee Stadium will be an absolute zoo, but I can’t run scared from an opportunity to see a great game. There WILL be balls going into the seats. Why assume that I WON’T be able to get a single one? Don’t forget about the glove trick. That’s usually good for at least one or two balls per game there during BP.

In any case, I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s still a long shot that I’ll even be able to go to any of these games.

i think you’re right zack. you are getting ahead of yourself. for one thing, the redsox are not getting swept. they’ll win the next 3. and then the next 4 games after that. and the next 4. justing letting you know ahead of time.

Is that a pissot I see?

hey zach, im hoping for an andgels and red sox alcs, which will probably happen considering the boston’s history down 0-2, and 0-3. if this happenes i wil definetely see a game at angels stadium

I can’t argue with your expertise. I only wish you were in NYC to watch today’s late-afternoon game with me.


Even though he’s extremely busy, The Professor has been known to make the occasional surprise appearance—and we are all grateful for that.


How will you be able to get a ticket? What if the White Sox win the ALDS? You won’t be able to go to any games next round?

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