That’s right, keep raining and keep losing. See if I care.

Rain_4Today’s Yankees-Angels ALDS game has been rained out, which is fine by me since I’ll be at work from 6pm to midnight.

The game has been rescheduled for tomorrow evening, but I already have other plans.

Therefore, my only chance of catching some playoff action–in person–lies with the Yanks’ ability to win the next two games and return to NYC next week for the ALCS.

Does this mean I’m now supposed to root for the Yankees?

I think not.


How can you hate the Yankees?

It’s the Yankees dude. The YANKEES!

Zack, I’m going to the game tonight…To bad you couldn’t make it! Like you I’m a big collector. I don’t collect game balls, although I do have a few…Probabaly around 30 (Nothing compared to you!) I collect autographs and like you I go two hours before the game. I don’t even bother to go if I can’t make it for BP. I currently collect autographs of Major League stars and currently have 150-160 of guys like Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, George Brett, Ozzie Smith, David Ortiz, Johan Santana, Torii Hunter, Miguel Cabrera, Johnny Damon, Carl Crawford…Etc…Well…Maybe I’ll catch you at the ball park. If you see a kid on the third base side with an opposing team hat on, screaming the players names thats me or if I see you, I’ll be sure to say hi! Thanks for your time!

Hey Zack, how many balls do you think you could have gotten during yesterday’s 18-inning marathon in Houston?

I say this because I read that one guy caught both Lance Berkman’s grand slam homer that put the Astros back in the game AND Chris Burke’s series-winner. Check it out:

Lucky guy, he caught arguably two of the most important balls in his favorite team’s history.

Just wanted to congratulate you on your Bloggie. You’ve been a fun read.


Dan, I read that article… thats crazy that he caught the grand slam AND the game winner… the article said an usher approached him about giving the game winner back to the Astros, If i were to give away the game winner of maybe the greatest game ever played I’d want:
1) Two tickets to the rest of the Astro’s home games

2) A game used ball from each of those games

3) Play catch Rocket before one of the games

How bout you guys? What would youw want?

There are many reasons, and it starts with ownership.


How was the game last night? You’re so lucky to have gotten to see it in person. Do you only go to Yankee Stadium? If you have that many balls and autographs, I’m surprised that we don’t know each other already. Those are some impressive names you got on your list.


It’s funny. EVERYONE I know has been sending me the link to this story. I’m so jealous that I don’t even want to think about it. You’re right, it’s just a matter of luck, but let’s give the guy credit because he actually DID have to catch the balls—with all those people reaching up in his face.


Thank you. I appreciate it.


Nice requests. I approve. I’d definitely try to get some tickets out of the deal, and I’d want to return the ball to the player(s) myself…but the one thing I’d DEMAND would be to take batting practice on the field. It wouldn’t even have to be with the team. They could be on the road for all I care. I just want to hit.

Hey Zack, I haven’t been online in about 4 days, but I hope you’re doing alright.

I’m doing way better than just “alright.” Thanks. Hope all’s well with you, too.

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