Shaun Dean

I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve e-mailed me links to articles about Shaun Dean.

“Have you heard about this guy?!” Yes.
“Thought this might be of interest…” It is.
“Can you believe he just GAVE the balls away?!” Yup.
“What would you have done with the balls?” Dunno.

Shaun was obviously in a tough spot after his improbable catches. He must’ve felt some serious pressure to give the balls back to the Astros–and he did.

But why?

“For the sanctity of a sport played by multi-millionaires on the site formerly known as Enron Field?!”

That’s what my friend Ben said. Ben would’ve sold the balls and thinks that Shaun is a “chump” for not doing the same.

Lots of other people agree.
And lots of other people disagree.

If Shaun HAD sold them, he would’ve been raped by the national media and made to look like a selfish, money-hungry, unpatriotic jerk. (Yes, unpatriotic. This is our national pastime, after all.)

That’s not really fair, is it?
What’s wrong with trying to make a buck?
Or 100,000 of them?
Or more…

Remember Phil Ozersky? He was the 26-year-old research scientist who made $3 million by catching–and then selling–Mark McGwire’s 70th home run in 1998.

Can you blame him?

If Shaun had wanted to cash in, what would’ve been the big deal?
Why is it a big deal that he didn’t?
Some people are givers. Some people are takers. That’s what makes the world go ’round.

Just because YOU would’ve sold the balls doesn’t make HIM a chump.
And just because he gave them back doesn’t make him a hero.

I applaud his decision, not because it was “the right thing to do,” but because it was, indeed, HIS decision. Presumably, he did what made him feel good. End of story.

I want to give my official “congrats” to Shaun Dean for making two unbelievable catches and getting to live my dream. Have you seen his MLBlog yet? I mean, the guy had his own press conference.


Speaking of congrats, I wanted to give you some of my own for your Bloggie. ;)

Thanks, Jeets.

Shaun Dean, Phil Ozersky, Matt Barc. Congrats to all of these guys. They did something every fan walking into a stadium, ice rink, concert hall hopes to do. CATCH A SOUNIVNER. Bottom line what ever they do with the ball or what ever they caught is up to them. They still are the envy of all. They have that story for the rest of there lives. They are the lucky fan. And we just go home talking about the guy we saw make the catch. And hope were as lucky the next time we go to a game. These guys are great to listen to. There’s a web site where these guys post there glory and show pictures. It’s

Great site. Thanks for the heads up.

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