Get your stats ready…

In a few more days, when the World Series ends and the 2005 season is officially over, I’m going to compile ALL my ball-snagging stats, so get ready for some numbers about this year, previous years, and my entire collection–plus various streaks, feats, records, averages and totals. When I post my big stats entry, feel free to share your own stats in the “comments” section. Hopefully, other people will do the same, and we’ll all discuss it in true geek fashion.

As for the Series, my original prediction was “Sox in seven.” But now, with a 2-0 lead, it looks like Ozzie and his boys are gonna wrap it up sooner than that. Of course, I don’t REALLY care who wins. All I’m thinking (and cursing) about is what it must’ve felt like for the fan who caught Podsednik’s walk-off homer.

Please tell me it wasn’t Shaun Dean.


Hey zack i emailed you a few weeks ago remember the jt snow guy who asked a lot of questions?well ive finally posted a coment well when you do that big stats post ill put my stats down



Hey Zack! Thought since I have been reading and commenting for awhile here, Id like to send you a link to my blog, I started it a few days ago.


YesYesYes, I remember you. It’s good to see you here on the blog, and I’m glad you’re gonna share your stats. I’m already looking forward to it…but I’ve made it a rule to wait until the World Series is over before I start tallying my numbers. Back in ’93, I had all my stats figured out once the regular season ended…and then I ended up going to a W.S. game, which just messed everything up. (In a good way, of course.)


Hello! Where ya been?


I like what you’ve done with your blog. The bio is excellent…very cool that you make it a point to get at least one ball at every game. Do you have a consecutive games streak going?


Can you let the Astros win one game? I mean, seriously, ONE game? It won’t derail your championship. The National League fans deserve a little joy. If Freddie can’t finish Game 4, just bring in Konerko. Whaddaya say? I hear he’s got a great knuckleball.

There was only 1 game I attended that I didn’t get a ball, that was against the Astros. But I got Brandon Duckworth to sign a Reading Phillies AA baseball I have from when he was with them. I spend batting practice at the visitors dugout. Im an autography hound…lol, especially when Atlanta is in town.

Just a note. The Phillies released their tenative 2006 schedule. Little soon, but cool!

My home field is Safeco, in which i attended 11 games this year. I started reading this blog mid june and read it daily since.

Heres my stats

2 balls total.

i have the dates but not nearby.

1 ball thrown to me from Cleveland indians pitcher Jason Davis, Left field seats, behind the hand operated scoreboard by foulpole.

ball 2: thrown to me by Huston Street, lower right field near foul pole.

could have gotten many more had i tried, but next year is another year. Plus i love the unrestrictive ushers (sat in lower outfield everygame while paying for left field bleacher seats)

It figures that you would’ve gotten stiffed by the ‘stros. I’m glad they got swept. As for the Phillies’ schedule, there’s really nothing I can say or do or plan at this point. I don’t even know my schedule next week, let alone next year.


Two balls…okay, not bad. Next year, you have to put in more effort and at least break double digits for the season. Cool that you got one from Street. He might end up being a superstar.


Hold off on your stats for another day or two, until I post my big stats entry. I think it’d be fun to have everyone’s stats in the same place. (Chas, feel free to repost in my next entry.)

Braves fans shouldn’t live anywhere near Philadelphia.

It’s unnatural.

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