Just talked to the producer from SportsNet NY. He and his crew are gonna film me today and tomorrow at Shea. There’s so much I want to say about this, but I’m meeting them at the Press Gate at 4:30.

Gotta run.
More later…


Wooooh. Radical business.

Good luck! Wear a clean shirt!

thats sweet. hopefully we can see something on SNY

lets us know if anything is gonna be on TV so we can see it

Zowie kapowie & rootie kazootie!!!!

Yer gonna be FAYMISS!!!!!

I’m home. Great game. Everything went well with the film crew. I’m about to start blogging about it…


Well said.


I wore an old grey T-shirt with an MLB logo. I didn’t want to suddenly fake it and dress all nice. :-)


Very sweet. Thanks. I think the shows are gonna air sometime in the next week. I’ll find out later today, hopefully.


Rootie Kazootie? I like that one…but is THAT what they taught you in the 1920s?

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