PadrescapIt’s official.
I booked my trip to San Diego.
I’ll be at PETCO Park from August 14-16.
It’ll be my 41st Major League stadium.
I’m like totally stoked.
I just wish I weren’t seeing the Giants.
The Barry stalkers/gawkers will be out in full force.
I might go insane.
(But I’ll be staying with goood friends, so it’s worth it.)


Hey i am going to SD for a vacation in August and we were planning on seeiing 1 or 2 games. I dont know when yet but I cant wait!

Uh oh…the competition continues to grow.

Let me know when you find out the dates.

zack. you couldnt even get an updated padres hat for that picture. wow. i thought you were updated on that stuff.

oh well. who cares really?

Oh no no no, I could’ve easily used a picture of the new hat, but I like this one more.

Anyway, I think old hats work better for getting players to throw balls. (“Look how long I’ve been a fan of your team!”)

valid point

good call


Thanke ye.


It’s a statement about a man and his groupies, not an entire team.

Hey Z and my blogger buddies,

Remember my lineup card story? I have a sweet picture that my wife took while I was sprawled out getting my prize, check it out!!!

there is a huge sand boc with bleachers so you can see in center field easy to get balls from the center fielder and players who warm up there at PETCO. But I wouldn’t stay there the whole time just before the game a little bit

i might be going out there

Nice pic! I’d tell you (once again) how great your wife is, but I don’t want to get in trouble. Of course, I’m not trying to say she’s NOT great. Oh god. I’m just digging myself into a whole. :-)


Yeah, I hear that area opens two and a half hours before game time. I’ll probably stay there until the rest of the stadium opens.


Tell me when!

I guess we will finally get to meet then! If you can stretch it a day or two and the Dodgers or Angels are home you can crash at my place and go to one of those games as well.

Ok so how is this for a night of Ballhawking?

Went to Rancho Cucamonga with the GF and her son (15). Got there during BP and walked around the outfield fence. Between the 2 of us we found 32 baseballs. Of those 32 balls we ended up with 8 2005 All Star Balls – 1 2005 World Series Ball stamped SOX World Series Champs -1 MLB ball – 1 MLB training ball – and 21 California league balls. During the game I also got a foul ball and SIMON KLINK’s (great name) HR ball.

Too bad I don’t count these on my total.

See you in August???

JEE-zus, that’s a night for the ages. I had no idea that MLB balls found their way down to the California League. Were they in good shape?

So…about August…what’re you saying? That you’re gonna come to San Diego and compete with me?

Thanks for the offer to stay with you, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to take you up on it this time around. I can’t stay away from NYC too long because of work…and during my brief non-baseball free time on this trip, I’ll be staying/hanging with a couple of old friends that I hardly ever get to see.

Do you ever make it to the east coast? We could have a Shea and/or Yankee Stadium Snag-Off.

Ok …so I am now finally finished with all the calculations of balls caught etc….. the 2757 is dead on as far as regular season, playoff and world series balls caught ….. the total of spring training workouts and games and minor league balls is *drumroll* — 4,674.

The best thing about that is I know that it is lower than actual. This however is what I have on paper so that is the total I am going with!

I started my own MLBlog so go check it out!!

Those’re some impressive totals, Mister. I’m curious to know how you’ve kept track of all these balls? Do you have handwritten lists or what?

I checked out your blog, and it looks good…looking forward to more.

Oh my …. if ou only saw all the **** I have gone through over the past 2 weeks to figure all of this out! The MLB regular season balls were pretty easy since I had gone back in 2002 when I set up my old website in Boston. With that I had an easy time getting those numbers. The OTHER balls was a heck of a time. I went through all the notes, schedules and other places that i had written down the balls that I “Hawked” at minor league games and spring training games and workouts.

Like spring training 1986 I took home 121 balls in just 8 days. 1990 I took home 231 balls in 16 days. In 1991 between minor league games and spring training balls I took home 544 baseballs.

As I said with the notes on the minor league baseballs as well as spring training balls they are as close as I could get them. I know for sure that they are LOWER than the total I have retrieved! I am guessing it could be as many as 300-500 balls short but it’s all good. It makes the chase for 5,000 that much more exciting!


121 balls in just over a week…

231 in just over two weeks…

No wonder you’re approaching 5,000.

Thanks for explaining it all a little more.

Spring training in the “Good Ole’ Days” was a lot better than it is now. I forgot to mention the couple of years that I went to Palm Springs when the Angels played 2 straight weeks of games there ….

1988 – 138 balls 12 days

1999 – 209 balls 13 days

We got there early and also knew about another field close by that they took batting practice at ;-)

Right there is 1243 of the remaining 1917 of the Total balls I have caught all time!

Ok I will stop taking up space in your Blog …. send your friends over to mine and they can read along with me this year. I think it will actually be cool for all of our readers to keep up with us and see the different ways that we get balls. I am guessing though with more readers we will have more competition too!

Ooops … that 1999 in the last comment is suppose to be 1989

John, you’re not taking up space, so don’t worry. It’s great to hear from you and everyone else, so keep the comments coming.

I got a MLB ball from a stadium employee at PGE Park in Portland, Oregon, home of the Beavers. I guess the MLB balls find a way down.

Yeah, but that’s Triple-A.
Still interesting, though.

Seeing that Portland Beavers post reminded me of a great shirt they had in the Padres clubhouse in 2002 spring training.


Hope that get’s a laugh and doesn’t upset anyone!

I’m horribly offended.

(Except not.)

barry bonds RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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