2006 All-Stars

There are four days left to vote for the 2006 All-Star Game, and as far as I’m concerned, the only players who are eligible are the ones who’ve thrown me balls:


Therefore, I’m going with the following:

1B Travis Lee————————————-1B Todd Helton
2B Ronnie Belliard——————————2B Ryan Freel
SS Miguel Tejada——————————–SS Jose Reyes
3B Mike Lowell———————————–3B Vinnie Castilla…oh no, wait, David Wright
C Bengie Molina———————————C Brian McCann
LF Magglio Ordonez—————————-LF Adam Dunn
CF Scott Podsednik—————————–CF Andruw Jones
RF Ichiro Suzuki———————————-RF Carlos Beltran
P Roy Halladay———————————–P Tom Glavine

Here’s my ultimate All-Star team:
1B Don Mattingly
2B Craig Biggio
TonygwynnSS Ozzie Smith
3B Scott Rolen
C Mike Piazza
LF Rickey Henderson
CF Ichiro Suzuki
RF Tony Gwynn
DH Mark McGwire*
Starter: Greg Maddux
Middle reliever: Dwight Gooden
Lefty specialist: Billy Wagner
Set-up man: Trevor Hoffman
Closer: Mariano Rivera

For the complete list of guys who’ve thrown me balls, CLICK HERE.


Haha, great post. It doesn’t list a criteria on the ballot so why not.




We all have our reasons…


Back from the game (no all-star ball). There wasnt any batting today but a lotta pitchers tossing balls. Got my 1st ball from AJ Burnett (my new hero) except when he tossed it he threw it 2 rows above my head, good thing nobody was behind me. I just missed an overthrow ball from BJ Ryan but no worries my friend got a ball from BJ and I got an auto on a ball. The ball he got was a practice ball but it said China on it (do they usually say them on practice ball?) I then got one from an overthrow ball from Tallet and Downs but returned it and then Downs gave it to me after. I went to Janssen but he said he didn’t remember me and no ball. Then went over got a ball from Guy Conti. Just missed a ball from Bradford. I yelled out CHAD! then all these little kids came over and started yelling. THEY DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHO HE IS!. ANyway guess who got the ball.

So 3 balls (new record) could have gotten 5, and 2 autos a BJ Ryan and a Ty Taubenheim.

1 last thing can u tell me the name of the news reporter for the Mets, he was wearing some blue and orange suit and was bald. He was doing interviews and I put my face in the camera and said **** about the Mets so hope u can give me info bout dat.

Thx. O yea should I go see the Phillies?

forgot to tell u, I hit double digits in ball 10! wooo

Jimmy-I don’t know If i would have been that brave to put my face in a camera and talk **** about another Team…Did the Reporter say anything to you?In my game Vladimir Guerrero was the only noteworthy player I got a ball from i got 4 total…I got autos from Jose Valverde and Luis Vizciano.

Ok first of all i officially

Hate weather(rain) cause my Red sox game got ppd til tommorrow.Secondly,How did the Jays do Today Did they take down the Mets? I hope so.

Oh I look at it this way I was not bashing the mets I just told the truth HAlladay did live up and beat the mets last night.


ZAck-The only thing Is Trever Hoffman and Billy Wasgner are closers you want them as a lefty specialist and set-up man?In an allstar game?

Meant wagner.

o and your mets are getting Downed by My Red Sox this Week When they play each other


Congrats on setting a new record! Was the practice ball actually a “TRAINING BALL” with a green logo? Those do say “China” on them, but regular balls are made in Costa Rica. The only bald Mets “reporter” I can think of is Gary Cohen. He’s one of the TV guys. Why NOT see the Phillies?


You were right about Halladay. Gotta tip my cap to you on that one. Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer of all time, so I put Wagner and Hoffman as middle relievers as a joke. Don’t be so quick to write off the Mets in their upcoming series against the Sox. Things could get interesting, especially with Pedro pitching. The Mets won today…just go to MLB.com and you can see all the scores.

I just finished writing a post… and then accidentally pushed the ‘back’ button on my mouse! I lost the whole post. Ohhh myy gooooood… I can’t describe how upset I am at myself… and top it off, the Orioles and Nationals played today… and I decided not to go.

Has anyone else done that?

Painfully, yes. Just think how many posts have never seen the light of day because of the back button…it would be a great collection. I write my MLB.com stories in Word and CTRL-S as I go along, but not a convenient way to do it with a blog if you’re typing into the text field…unless you want to take the time to save as a Draft and then keep going. Just another back-button victim. The good news is that the rewrite is usually a lot better.



ZAck-I wont completely write off your mets yet….at least until they play but,Keep in mind we(the RED SOX) have Josh Beckett pitching against Pedro.It will bea good matchup
To watch.I will be watching it



You really like talking trash don’t you?


also keep in mind that josh beckett has a 4.84 ERA and that pedro has a 3.01 ERA

I think that reporter was Gary Cohen and I hope the Mets sweep the Sox, Jays gotta get back in the race.

That’s the worst. I did that once, back in my first few weeks as an MLBlogger, and ever since, I’ve done something similar to Mark’s technique: I write the entry in the blog’s text field (because I’ve gotten used to the way it looks there), but I copy and paste the whole thing into a word document every ten minutes or so. Just write off yesterday as a complete disaster…a little 24-hour capsule of heII.


You really think the rewrite is better? I’ve lost a lot of emails on AOL, and I’m always so pissed off and NOT in the mood to recreate the whole thing that I end up rushing through the second draft, and what I come up with is garbage in comparison. Anyway, great minds…


Good point about Beckett. He’s a great pitcher, but you never quite know what you’re gonna get with him. Pedro is much more consistent. If Pedro has a bad outing, it’s three runs in six inning. If Beckett has a bad outing, it’s eight runs in 1 2/3 innings. Unfortunately, I won’t be watching because I scheduled my writing group for that night. D’oh!


Let’s not forget that Beckett has to face the DH, and that Pedro gets to face weaker NL lineups. But yes, that’s true.


I’m in a tough spot. I want the Mets to win, but the more they win, the more they help the hated Yankees. Hmm…

For my second draft I just tried to write it exactly the same. I think it turned out ok.


Maybe I’ll get up to Camden before saturday (when I go to RFK) to make up for the Nationals game that I missed.

Zack- Wondering if u saw the Mets game on Sunday and heard a horn before the Mets swung the bat ont he pitch because my friend was blowing his horn trying to distract the Mets. I don’t think they could’ve heard it but the horn sound was picked up on sounds of the game, so just wanna know about dat.

One last thing how do u pronounce Alay Solers name is it like “Al-eh” cause I saw him but didnt wanna mess up his name so I didnt ask him for a ball.

Do u think more ppl would show up on a game on Canada day?

Nick-Yes I do but,everytime I open my mouth my team lets me down.

Jimmy-The announcers prounce it Al-ay soler

Joneli-That is tru but do era’s really matter?

Zack-But,You guys get the REd Sox rookie Jon lester tomorrow.

jimmy-I agree Half way I want the RED SOX TO win And the Jays to gain ground on the red sox but,only 1 can happen

if you base the game based on starters ERA, the mets would be projected to win 5-3

but you’re right era doesnt always matter, but a two run difference regardless of league can mean a whole lot of a difference

plus pedro did pitch in the AL and at fenway for 7 years and has a career 2.67 ERA for his career at fenway

I’ll check it out soon.


I didn’t hear the horn. “Alay” is pronounced “al-LAY.” As for Canada Day, I’ve found that games on holidays always attract more fans.


That’s true about Lester. I like him, so it’ll be tough to root against him. I interviewed him last year (on the phone) after he kicked butt in a Double-A game.


Yes, BUT…

Those were Pedro’s glory years. He probably would’ve had an ERA close to 2.00 had he still been pitching at Olympic Stadium.

What would be better Saturday (Canada Day) or Sunday. I usually just go to games for the free stuff. Saturday (foam finger and note pad) Sunday (sports bag). So what would be the best day?

OMG The Red Sox game just got over 13 innings they won but still they were supposed to be off today didnt happen due to the rain yesterday…Our pen is going to be tired tommorrow lester better beat the mets early.

I go for the free stuff, too: baseballs. I think the sports bag is probably the least bad choice.


That was quite a game today. Poor ‘pen.

Yea it was watch out for David

Ortiz two walk-offs in 4 days the mets better watch out for him


Nick- About you deleting your post with the back button, I have done that too. I was entering my results for a days predictions, it had how many games I was behind from first place and a lot more. I was frustrated.



I’m sure the Mets are quaking in their boots.


Go take a long walk off a short Pierzynski.

ZAck-I will be sure to remember that when David Ortiz beats the the Mets with another walkoff this week.

I hate Pierzynski.
Please do not mention that name ever again.

NICk-what is wrong with Him
I wont say his name


He thinks he is good at baseball.

He was OK with the Twins during our playoff runs. But he is now playing for the hated White Sox. He has also been described as “clubhouse cancer” by his then teammates while playing in San Fransisco.

Overall, he is cocky and other adjectives that this censor will certainly pick up.

I see Nick…I don’t care for him either he tends to get on my nerves alot too.

ZAck-We will see if all my trash talking about the mets comes for the good or the worst 7:05 tommorrow night
METS and the SOX go at it.I will be watching it.can’t wait


Sorry. “Go take a long walk off a short Piersall.”


Yes indeed, we shall see…

or “Go take a long walk off a short Pierre.”

That also works.

Zack, have you ever snagged AA baseballs and autographs in Trenton (Thunder) or been to their ballpark. If so, where are good spots to get balls and autographs.

Link for seating chart:


by the way…i am sitting in Section 12 Row 8

Thanks Zack

Yo just found out I’m going to the Nationals Jays game today (chacin cologne night) it smells like victory but for now it smells like the DL. Can u quickly tell me the nice guys on the Nats thx.

Zack-when Lester shuts out the
mets you wont be too happy.

Seee you tonight.


Even though I go to a lot of Nationals games… I never see them take batting practice because the gates open too late.

Here is my list though:

Nice Guys:

Nick Johnson


Mike Stanton

Marlon Byrd

Marlon Anderson

Ryan Zimmerman

Don’t even bother:

Randy St. Claire (Pitching Coach)

Brian Schneider

John Wetteland (Bullpen Coach)

Oh, and if anyone could enlighten me on the Devil Rays players, that would be great.

I’ve been to a few D-Rays games this year (2) and all I know is like Travis Harper and Bobby Ramos the Bullpen Coach.

Jimmy-Have fun..Hope the jays kick the nats butts tonight.

Tonight is no contest for the mets.

I’ve never been to Trenton, so I can only tell you stuff based on the seating chart. The best place for BP (assuming the area isn’t fenced off) would be outside the stadium, behind the LF and RF walls. During the game, there’ll probably be a lot of foul balls that fly completely over the grandstand and land behind sections L and H. I know that’s vague, but it’s the best I can do.


In case it’s not too late, I’d add the following names to the nice list: Livan Hernandez, Marlon Anderson, Royce Clayton, and (perhaps surprisingly) Jose Guillen. Good luck!


A shutout? No contest? I think not.


Thanks for jumping in with your list of Nats. On the D’Rays, the good ball-throwers (in addition to Harper and Ramos) are: Brian Meadows and ESPECIALLY Jonny Gomes. Man, he must’ve thrown 10 balls into the crowd on 4/26/06 at Yankee Stadium.


Teach Lester a thing or two about life in the big leagues.

Zack-you just wait and see tonight.

P.s.Lester knows how to pitch
Who is starting for the mets


Alay Soler. He was the MAN in Cuba. Lester has only been the MAN in New England.

Zack has good additions to my short list of Nats players. Like I said, I have limited knowledge of them because I rarely see them on the field for BP.

We need to inform David Wright that he needs to come here and settle a few things. I think that is the second comment left for him. Someone get on that.

Man,Soler is a good pitcher and the mets have some good hittrs too.

I am starting to rethink the shutout bid now…The mets are capable of scoring runs.

Nick-what things do we need to settle.Not my mets bashing I hope

The game is starting in like 7 minutes…Let see with team gets the victory…Red sox?


GAme on 2 mets out already.HA

Well the mets did not prove much in that inning.

soler has already givin up 2 runs.

There’s a homer by delgado

There went the shutout but the mets are still gunna lose.

Give it up Kaylee… go Mets!

What do you mean nick-The mets are gunna win-we will see about that.

soler gave up another run…Mets are still in it though.

Why do the Red Sox always win? It’s getting out of hand.

I have no idea what is getting out of hand…Me or the red sox winning?

What was that? lester walks in a run

WHAt was that JOse reyes out at home.

6-2 sox HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

I’m sad.

Okay can they come back with 6 in 4 innings.

Oh no not Tavzrez he is our worst pitcher….HEre is the mets chance.

WHat is the sox limit 8 runs now they cant score.

another homer for the mets carlos Beltran is just a good hitter

Waht is with tall these mets homers?Eli marrerro now Jeez

There sox win pedro better step it up tommorrow for the mets.

wow. could you post anymore?

Andy- I have to go with joneli, I bet you overuse your cell phone minutes.
Zack- when is your next game?

Joneli-I could i was just trying to bacck up all my bashing of the mets i did it worked.see the red sox won

hah my red sox have won 10 staright! and pedro will not step it up cuz he said he doesn’t want to pitch, against his old team. i respect pedro, but who doesn’t want to beat their old team?

Unfortunately, not for another week at least.

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