CBS follow-up


CBS filmed me again this morning, this time at my parents’ place, where I keep all the balls. It’s amazing how much footage they’ve gotten, considering that the segment will probably be less than three minutes. I’m still not sure when it’ll air.

Yesterday’s radio interview was fun. (Sorry I wasn’t able to give more notice, but I didn’t find out about it until the last minute.) Jay Thomas kept me on the air twice as long as originally planned because, I suppose, I was able to roll with the punches from his co-host. For example:

HOST: “How long have you been collecting balls?”

ZACK: “Well, I caught my first ball in 1990, but didn’t really get into it until 1992.”

HOST: “Okay, so you’ve accumulated the majority of these balls in the last 15 years. In that time, how many times have you [adult material censored]?”

ZACK: “I’m so glad you asked me that question. I’d share the number with your listeners, but I don’t want to embarrass anyone.”

I’m paraphrasing (because I haven’t gotten the tape yet), but you get the point. It was THAT kind of interview. A few years ago, I probably would’ve gotten antsy and defensive, but at this point, whatever.

I’ve been working on my Camden entry and hope to have it done soon…


Yeah! First comment! Great work on the CBS interview! Looking forward to Camden entry.

So I guess this means you forgave CBS for that unfortunate debacle of a few years ago? ;-)

Also, Jay Thomas has no idea what he’s getting himself into when he asks stuff like that – nobody I know is smoother with the ladies than Zack Hample, yo.

this is crazy!! it’s sirius one day, it’s cbs the next. you are BUSY. what’s next z? and do you know when the cbs segment is going to run? j

MInnesota in the world series?Okay that Nick,That will NEVER happen with all the rookies they have

Zack Hample has a lot of balls.

I wonder if I should start giving away prizes for first place. But hey, thanks. I’m hard at work on the entry…


Shhh!!! Let’s not even suggest the fact that there WAS a debacle until after the segment airs. Then we can talk about it all we want. As for forgiving, I’m gonna wait and see how the segment turns out, and then perhaps I’ll consider it.


This has been the craziest month for me since 1999. Not sure what’s next. Not sure about CBS yet. Not sure about anything. It’s hard to make plans.


Never say never. I do have my doubts about the Twins now that Liriano is on the shelf, but they’re still a gooood team.


You know it, baby.

kaylee you are overlooking one of the most important facts about the postseason: the bullpen

the twins have the best one

and actually, the twins are the best hitting team in the majors with an average of .288

but i think we have plenty of experience: Santana, Hunter, White, Cuddyer, Radke (maybe), Rincon, Nathan.

so i’m guessing your AL WS team is the Yankees right? it surely cannot be the Tigers or the A’s because the Tigers actually have younger pitching (and hitting) than the Twins. The A’s are the same way. I seriously question the Yankees ability to pitch in this postseason as well.

One more thing…

The Twins have a very good chance to dress the

AL Batting Champ

AL RBI Champ


AL Cy Young

DHL Delivery Man of the Year

AL Manager of the Year

When all is said and done though, the four teams representing the AL are all pretty **** good.

American League RBI champ? Are you forgetting about Big Papi?

I am not forgetting about Ortiz… he is 12 up right now with roughly five games to play… it COULD happen.

If you say so.

Hey, i just got playoff tickets for the dodgers! I had a couple questions:

1) Do they have special balls for Division series games?

2) Would they use them during batting practice, on game one?

3) Would the umpire have them after the game?

4) just for knowledge sake… what are your playoff career totals? do you know?



Congrats on landing tickets. How’d you do it? I’m actually not sure if there are special balls for the LDS. I know that the LCS and WS have their own balls. If there ARE special balls in the first round, I highly doubt there’d be any during BP before Game 1. But yes, the ump would have some after the game. Good thinking. I’ve snagged 26 balls in seven playoff games…at least one ball at every game, with a high of eight.

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