“single and girlfriendless”

Dear Steve Hartman,

It’s true that I’m “single and girlfriendless,” as you so eloquently pointed out to all of North America, but I’d just like to inform you that I have three dates lined up with three different hotties in the next five days.



well your still single technically… if your going with 3 you dont realy have a girlfriend. you have a date though.

:) lol good luck


lol.. You should post your dates like you do your snagging.. kidding..


I’m not denying my singleness…just keeping Mr. Hartman informed in case he’d like to cover my other favorite pastime.


I don’t exaggerate when it comes to snagging baseballs; the same holds true for other parts of my life.


A play-by-play of my dates? Interesting. It could happen at some point. Stay tuned.

You tell him Zack!

my brother brought home Time For Kids magazine from his school and they had an article about you! Here is the longer web version: http://www.timeforkids.com/TFK/zack

When did Hartman say this? During the CBS segment?

And, Zack did you know you are in this Wikipedia entry – listed as the record holder for game on normal settings?


Rrrrr. I’m still waiting to get my copy of Time For Kids. Thanks for the link.


He said it during the TV version (as opposed to the longer web-only version). I’m on Wikipedia?! Cool. I hadn’t seen that…but it’s true. I do have the world record. Someone told me recently that another one of my records is listed in the August 2006 issue of Game Room Magazine, but of course I haven’t seen it.

CARDINALS are gunna win tonight just watch please!Jeff Weaver will get the job done.


You’ve probably heard that Manny Acta’s being interviewd by the Nats for a Manger role, hope that doesn’t cut down on a couple balls next year.

So did the CBS crew start helping you ‘get a life’?

The Tigers are going to win! Oh, and Zack did you mean hotties or dinner with you parents?

Don’t be so sure.


Oh man, really? I hadn’t heard. If he gets the job (and I *am* rooting for him), that will definitely cost me a few balls.


Har har. No parents. No help from CBS.

Just wondering–have you ever thought about donating those baseballs to youth athletic leagues that really need equipment?

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