CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP: sautéed string beans with toasted almonds, sweet potato puree, heavenly stuffing, apple sauce, barley with mixed vegetables, roasted potatoes, cranberry sauce…and let’s not forget the turkey in the middle. (NOT PICTURED: the six pieces of apple and pumpkin pie I put away.)


Hope your Thanksgiving was as fun (and heartburn-inducing) as mine.


That’s a mighty fine dinner you have there.

Mmmm…. turkey….

Whats with the US celebrating Thanksgiving so late. Anyway Carlos Lee to stros! Hoping we get **** or 2nd likely Lugo or Kennedy.

quite a still life there zack…you’re making me hungry again



Could it be that you guys are early?



I thought you would be interested in that link, which I found on a Typelist on TR Sullivan’s blog at Apparently he snags balls at Rangers games with his net and gives them to kids in the area. Just a different approach by a snagger worth mentioning.


anybody know how good Doug Davis pitches?i am hearing the diamondbacks(my home teamjust traded johnny estrada to the brewers for him.We need pitching but that seems like a bad trade for the diamondbacks.

I think I heard about this guy, or maybe I even saw him snagging on some highlight reel. But I didn’t know he had a site. Good stuff. Thanks for passing it along. I started giving away some balls at the end of this past season, and I plan to continue doing so in 2007. Pretty cool that Netman does it almost all the time.


I think it’s a good trade for your guys. Davis has been reliable for several seasons in terms of making all his starts and throwing mostly quality innings. He won’t dominate, but if he can crank it up just a little bit and get some better run support, he could easily be a 200-inning, 15-win guy.

I got 14 autographs last night at the hockey game reaching my 37th of the year.

//{Davis} won’t dominate, but if he can crank it up just a little bit and get some better run support, he could easily be a 200-inning, 15-win guy.//

If the bullpen doesn’t blow too many of his leads.


Life, Baseball & a Guy who can give Davis some Run-Support

Very impressive. That’s 14 more hockey autographs than I’ve collected in my life.


Hey. Thanks for stopping by. Good point about the bullpen. I guess that almost goes without saying. :-)

Hey man, how’s it going? I sent your newspaper articles, did you get them yet? Happy belated Thanksgiving hahaha…
looked like you had a good meal.

Cya later, dude.


Brady! I’ve been wondering about the articles. I haven’t checked my mail for a couple days (bills, catalogs, and more bills), but now I have some motivation. I’ll let you know…

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