Seth McClung

Seth_mcclung_2Does the name Seth McClung mean anything to you? If you’re a baseball fan, it should. He pitches for the Devil Rays.

Well guess what.

Not only is he on MySpace, but he knows about me.

Check out his profile. Scroll down a bit. You’ll see what I’m talking about.


I got his autograph on Opening Day last year.

Welcome aboard Seth:

Bring on the heat brother…

What exactly do you know about Hample?

Please deliver the goods on this Hample character, I hope that he’s not on the MLB most wanted list…

546,585. i almost made it out of the black squares… zack how long did you play this until you got to a million?

I love that Cube game. I think I’m addicted. I’ve been playing for four straight hours! So far, my high score is 640,015.


zack i was just looking at your website, I like your idea of chraging people to go to games with you, you can make a pretty penny… and I guess it would be kinda cool too

Cool that you got his autograph. I’ll discuss the Cubefield stuff on the “Cubefield” entry…


I hope so too.




Thanks so much. I appreciate it. It’s something I’ve been considering for a long time, and with the new book coming out, it seems like the right time to try it. Who knows how it’ll go…

house calls!!! now THAT is funny.
mike ;)

Hopefully the good kind of funny.

So Zach, are you putting the Hample curve on him for 2007???

Zach, have you bid on this yet?

Hample curse (Freudian slip I guess)

thats so funny about seth mcclung. he seemed like a pretty cool guy, but thats still too funny.

so i head off to florida tomorrow (2/16.) i am going down to fort lauderdale for the orioles on thursday (2/22) and up to port st. lucie the next day (2/23.) i will let you guys know asap on my results.

Hample curve. I like it.


Amazing about the lunch with Ripken. I hadn’t heard about that. Thanks! But it’s already past $1,200, and there are still four days to go. I’m afraid it’s beyond my budget. (Someday, Ripken will pay to have lunch with me.)


Very funny. Getting dissed by a major leaguer is still better than being complimented by most other people. Have fun in Spring Training! Keep us posted on how it goes.

yeah i was just kidding with you…i bet you are going to be rolling in cash by october+ all the games that you can attend for free as well is a nice bonus…good luck with that

I’d be curious what the response would be if Zack did post an Ebay auction “Attend a Mets game with Zack Hample”. He could be the Sarah Spain of MLB games. (For anyone that needs a refresher of who she is:

People could bid to go to a game with him, but they’d also need to give him a ticket to the game. Maybe AXE body spray will sponsor you also. (not likely, but a nice thought)

I figured. But I don’t know about rolling in cash. Sure, that’d be nice, but I might only get one client per week/month, so for now, I’m planning to keep my two part-time jobs.


I like it. You should be my publicist. I’ve thought about putting something on eBay, but I’m really not much of an eBay user. For now, I think I’ll just keep it on my site and see what happens. I’ve also considered donating my services for occasional charity auctions, but again, we’ll see…

hi seth, my name is christie and i worked w/ your parents in charlotte.i don’t know if you will get this, but if you do please ask your mom to contact me! i have been tring to locate her for years. so glad to know that you are doing so well. please tell sam and tempy i said hi. take care. my email is

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