Baseball is in the air!

I can feel it, even from this frozen lake an hour north of New York City.


Can you feel it too?


hey what a beautiful spot. where is it? it reminds me of bard college when the hudson would freeze and we would go walking out on it…

You walked on the Hudson? Nice. This pic was taken in Putnam Valley.

yeah, up around bard the train tracks are out on a median in the middle of the river so you could actually walk down to the hudson without having to cross over them.

I can’t picture that, but whatever. Sounds cool.

The Twins report today, meaning all 30 teams are now accounted for, let’s get this season started already!


I just finished reading an advance copy of your new book. As a semi-expert, there was enough new information to keep me interested and enough old information that’s still fun to read. Thanks for making the off-season a little less bleak. I finished just in time for Spring Training. Go Brewers!

Wow. Thanks so much. (And you’re welcome.) That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me all winter.

I AM SO READY FOR SOME BASEBALL! Bring it on! I’m sick of winter (although the snow is very nice).

Snow? I’m back in the city, and all we got is badly plowed refrozen chunky grey slush. But I hear ya on the baseball part.

Yeah, well it was snow. And it was nice.

Just have some quick questions.

1. Who took that photo?

2. Will the Jays win it this year

3. How much do you charge ppl to snag with u

4. Come to Toronto



1. My dad.

2. Possibly.


4. Come to New York.

Zack, that lunch with Cal Ripken Jr. auction ended at $4,158! Insane!

The Jessica Biel lunch went for $5,200. (Meryl Streep went for $11,500!!!)

Lunch with NASCAR legend Richard Petty only went for $2,425.

My lord. I wonder who the most expensive celebrity would be. Michael Jordan? Angelina Jolie? $25,000?

Hey Zack…

I was just thinking, and I remembered that Cal Ripken, Jr. is going to be doing a book signing in Ridgewood, New Jersey at 6 o’clock on the 2nd Thursday in April. I’m sure you have all of his books (does he have more than one?), but I just wanted to let you know. I go to Ridgewood every Thursday so if you’re interested I’ll give you the address and name of the bookstore and stuff like that.

I can’t believe that you are offering up your services. You’re a smart one! I can’t wait to see the book. I was telling the husband the other day how I offered to read the first draft the first time we met, and how I felt bad! So I’m excited to see the final draft! I think you should consider a house call to Boise. Hopefully I’ll make a house call back to NYC soon.

Thanks for looking out for me. I’m always glad to know about Ripken appearances, but I think I’ll pass on Ridgewood. FIrst of all, I’m one of those lazy Manhattanites who never likes to stray beyond MetroCard range, and secondly, the last time I went to a Ripken signing, it was such a zoo that I had to wait on line for three hours just to get to talk to him for three seconds. That’s not an exaggeration, and in a couple months, with my own book out and baseball season in full swing, I just don’t think I’ll have that kind of time. You know?


Thanks, babe. Glad you like the idea. I hope it catches on (and doesn’t go right in the toilet instead). If you have any advice, send me a private email. I trust your judgment in these serious matters. I’m actually in the process of getting some legal advice from a certain bushy-haired Australian. A house call to Boise? Could happen. Not sure when, but just you wait…

Zack….yep, I can feel it…baseball is just arund the corner! By the way, that picture of you on the lake reminds me of about every opening day I went to at County Stadium in Milwaukee, in the ’80s. That could be a picture of me in the center field parking lot, tailgating, chomping on a hot dog, three hours before game time! (with a polka band playing in the backround) good times, good memories.

Where do people come up with the money to bid on these things?

Zack, gonna trek to Cooperstown for Cal’s HOF ceremony this summer? That would be a great way to help push your book! Have a signing at a bookstore in Cooperstown.

I can picture that parking lot very well, though not with the snow and ice. I have several mid-summer photos from outside that old ballpark.


Seriously, that’s an awful lot of money for something like that, even if it IS Cal/charity-related. I’m not planning to go to the HOF this summer. I’m not really planning anything because I have no idea which direction life will take me, but I do like the idea of doing a signing there. Hmm…

Gettin lucky number 3,000 this year?

Unless something crazy/terrible happens, I expect to move well beyond BALL3K.

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