Here’s the latest review. It’s from the April issue of BookPage. The image on the left shows the full page. The image on the right is a close-up of the blurb about my book.

Meanwhile, things are really getting busy for me. It’s only 12 days until the book comes out, and there are new ideas and offers and projects coming my way every day. Right now I’m combing through the book to come up with trivia questions for a quiz that will be included in press packets. (Who threw the last legal spitball? How much meal money do minor leaguers get per day? How many nicknames for the curveball can you think of? Etc.) Yesterday, I emailed my editor to find out if my friend Graham can use an excerpt of the book on his very cool web site called Baseball Pilgrimages. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? If I end up with a couple hours to spare, I might head out to Shea Stadium to photograph the construction for the new ballpark.


Phenomenal! Congratumalations!

Awww. Thanks, babe.


Timing is everything as they say in baseball and your right on track…

Opening day is getting closer and closer…

I just ordered your “Diamond” of a book last night and will receive it on my birthday!

Who DID throw the last legal spitball?

Thanks for supporting the cause! Hope you enjoy it. (Happy b-day in advance.)


I think we should give other people a chance to guess before we start discussing answers.

Just took a look at the Baseball Pilgrimages — very interesting!

Will you be appearing on Late Night with David Letterman to discuss your new book, I’m sure it’s only a baseball throw away from where you live…

It would be a sizeable throw, but yeah, I’m pretty close…less than a mile away. Not sure if I’ll end up on Letterman, but I suppose it’s a possibility.

Man I hate the wait for baseball season to start, I’m getting prepared already, but it really su-cks that the Jays don’t have a home game until the 9th, sane with the Mets and O’s so I guess me and you will be waiting an extra week to snag, unless you wanna go to Yankee stadium.

What are you doing to get prepared? I have no intention of going to Yankee Stadium during the first week.

Just like updating some ‘cheat sheets’ of teams and like trying to put together the glove trick, basic stuff

K this is off topic, but something is totally ******* me off and I’m wondering if its happening to you guys as well.

A lot of ppl have been adding me to msn and I’m probably guessing its dat kid again who copies Zack. These ppl keep asking me stupid questions and questions about Zack and his blog that make no sense at all. Also they always seem to want to play as they call “rapid fire” in which I’m supposed to ask them questions rapidly *** is this, its getting on my nerves.

Anyway I know this was totally off topic, but I’m wondering if its happening to you.

BTW the ppl who added me were and after I blocked him some1 named added me.

Well anyway after i posted those posts 2 more ppl added me same thing.

But lets forget all of that, heres some news to cheer ya up Zack.

Your favourite player of all time Gustavo Chacin was arrested on a DUI with an alcohold level of 0.150

Heres the link, enjoy

Dod you hear the news? your notorious curse works it’s magic once again! just when things were looking up for the guy.

Sorry you’re getting harassed. That’s a real drag. Don’t know what to tell you. But WOW, thanks for heads up on Gustavo.


Thanks for the link. I just posted a new entry all about Gustavo.


Forgot to mention that the last legal spitball was thrown by Hall of Famer Burleigh Grimes.

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