Gustavo Watch, Part 11

You_are_jinxed_1The Hample Jinx worked wonders during Spring Training, then went on the 15-day DL, and now it’s back with a vengeance.

Yesterday North America’s most infamous Ball Thief got what he deserved in his start against the Baltimore Orioles when he was tagged for six runs on five hits in 4 1/3 innings. He walked two, only managed to strike out one batter, and suffered the loss as his ERA jumped to an ugly 5.32.

Enjoy that winning record (2-1) while you got it, Gus…


so im here to report on the game yesterday…

so im standing in line (first of course) and a security supervisor comes out and says “no BP, the teams are holding morning mass”

yea, okay, funny. thats a good one. everyone around me was dissapointed, but i helped cheering them up by telling them they’re never right and they have no idea what theyre talking about.

the gates open and i ran up quickly. i turn the corner, and whaddya know, BP!

the corner of the field level filled quickly and i was able to get a ball from el duque. a normal ball, with “practice” stamped on it

i headed over to atlantas side, and was able to get chad paronto to throw me his ball when he was done with his catch with tyler yates…another normal ball. pooey.

that was it, but considering it was a sold out crowd, ill take it.

i also got 11 autos:

jeff francouer x2

mike gonzalez x3

matt diaz x1

ryan langerhans x2

kelly johnson x1

brayan pena x2

pretty good day ill say…

Hey Zach I’m going to Phillidelphia on the 29th for a day game on a sunday. Any tips or blog entries I could read. Thanks alot

back to back to back to back homers!

red sox officially own the yakees.

When’s your next game going to be zack?

Bah, that hardly means anything. Gus always has a high ERA and pitchers always have a rough day.

If Chacin gets injured or something happens to him like a ball smashes his glases I will believe.

Joneli24, I’m not surprised. I think about 99% of the employees at Shea are rude and unfriendly. (Like Zack pointed out a few weeks ago, most of them were there when Shea opened!)

I did have a really cool experience at a game last year. I had front row seats down by the left field ball boy. It turns out that Cliff Floyd’s brother worked as an on-field security guy (he stood on the field before the game, in between innings, and pitching changes), and we chatted with him quite a bit during the game, because he sat in an open seat right by us. He basically said that he worked whenever he felt like coming to the stadium. Must be nice to have a brother on the Mets (Cubs now)!

Zack, are you going to a Rockies game this week at Shea?

well Zach i went to the library in my town and your book was checked out!pretty impressive for a town of our size, i was wondering if they would even own a copy, i mean no offense, im just saying i live in a small town and they dont get a whole lot of on the waiting list!haha

Zack, is your book out in Canada?

Going to see ol’ Gus on Wednesday. My nephew is so upset at this guy he doesn’t want to talk about it! He sadly tells me,” I can’t believe this egg head(Yema:Venezuelan dialect) is from my country !”

Well done! Thanks for taking the time to share all the details. Sorry you didn’t get any All-Star balls.


Yeah, start with my 2005 season….

…and just read all the entries about my games there. Also, I’ll be there on the 25th, so you’ll have one more game to add to your reading list.


Those homers were amazing. My next game was last night in Baltimore. I just got back.


Don’t doubt the Jinx…


Wow, I need a connection like that.


I’m not sure. It depends on how many balls I get tomorrow in Philly. I need to hold off on getting ball #3,000 until I’m back at Yankee Stadium in early May.




It should be…and in fact, I’d be curious to know if you can find it there.


Funny. I like your nephew.


I had a monster day at Camden. Depending on how much detail I go into, it might take a while to finish the entry, so bear with me. Hopefully I’ll have it up before I leave for Philly at around 1pm on Wednesday. Possibly by this time tomorrow. Possibly even sooner than that. Stay tuned…

As you know, I don’t really snag.

Usually it is just for my nephews. If I catch one, I’ll keep it. (Except for last night I went to the Twins, I brought my glove with, just in case. I caught a one hopper over the fence and promptly gave it to a kid near me.)

For my belated b-day gift, my dad, nephews and I drove down to KC last Saturday to watch my hometown Twins take on the Royals. My nephews ran all over the place trying to get a ball during the Twins BP. Sooo many Twins fans, very tough. I hung out over on the Royals side of the field since there were less people. My nephew came and stood by me just as the Twins were ending. Joe Nathan was heading in and I knew he had a ball in his glove. He was pretty far away over near second. I yelled out “Joe” pointing to my nephew. He thought about it since it was a pretty long toss but did anyhow. My nephew tried to catch it using more of his barehand than his glove. Hit his hands and luckily dropped into our row. I was sure the ball would end up on the field, but didn’t. My nephew’s hand may have hurt, but he got a ball.

Nephews have now snagged balls at 4 parks…a few more to go.

Couple comments:

1. I snagged six balls at Shea yesterday.

2. I’m going to Yankee Stadium tommorow. Do you know where the umpires exit the field at the end of games there?

Greg-Yankees dugout.
Z-What are you going to do if you get to 2,999 with 10 minutes left in BP in Philly? Stop trying to snag? What if you go to sit in an empty section, and a ball bounces into the row in front of you?

Hey Zack, this is Evan, I emailed you in May of ’04 about “How to Snag Major League Baseballs”,. I’m 14 now and I live in Los Angeles and am a dodger fan. Although i haven’t contacted you recently, i am still an avid baseball fan and still snag every now and then. I have about 20(1 game) balls. I have been reading your blog a lot and decided to make an account in order to communicate with you guys.

Great story. As I always used to say: “The pain goes away, but the ball lasts forever.”


On the outfield edge of the dugout, I believe. Good luck getting down there.


When I was approaching 2,000, I got more balls than I expected at Shea, and I was planning to reach the milestone in Montreal, and yes, I put away my glove and let a few balls go that I easily could’ve snagged. If necessary (and despite the fact that it’s incredibly frustrating), I’ll do the same thing this time around.


Hey! Great to hear from you again. Dodger Stadium is a pretty tough place to snag, huh? Let me (and everyone) know how you do at your future games, and definitely keep in closer touch.


I still have a long way to go on my Baltimore entry. I’m debating whether I should post the first half later tonight or just wait until I finish the whole thing. Hmm…

I say half and half.

I still have a few more hours of awake-ness, so let’s see where it takes me…

Zack, I did manage to get a local copy of your book a week or two ago (screw Barnes&Noble, I got it at Elliott Bay), and finally had a chance to review it:

Good stuff. If/when I end up back in Philly or NYC I’m totally tracking you down to sign my copy!


Jesus (Colome)! What a nice review. Thanks sooooo much. I really wanted to leave a comment on your blog to say thanks, but feared it would be tacky for the author to comment on the entry about his own book.


Just finished blogging about Baltimore. I’m tired. Goodnight.

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