Chasing Bonds (and Sosa)

Three days ago at Shea, I did something I hardly ever do: I bought semi-fancy tickets to future games.

Normally, I buy the cheapest possible tickets right before the gates open, but normally, Barry Bonds doesn’t come to town on the verge of breaking one of the most cherished records in all of sports.

There’s no chance that Bonds will hit 10 more homers in the next 12 days, but I still need to be there. This will be his lone trip to Shea in 2007.

If you go to Hit Tracker and click Bonds’ name, you’ll find a “Scatter Plot” of the home runs he’s hit this season:


As you can see, most of them went to right-center, but he HAS hit four of them just inside the right field foul pole. Thus, I bought tickets that will provide a view similar to this:


“What about Sammy Sosa?” you ask. Entering last night’s action, Sosa had homered in a major league record 44 different ballparks. Of course, his Rangers happen to be playing the Devil Rays, and the Devil Rays happen to be playing the three-game series at Disney’s Wide World of Sports DisneyComplex, and Sosa happened to hit a home run. So now he’s homered in 45 different ballparks. Why does this matter? Because I’ve snagged at least one ball at 41 different major league ballparks. Assuming I get at least one ball next week at Busch Stadium, that’ll make it 42. Next year, I’ll push my number to 43 when the Nationals open their new stadium. Then, in 2009, the Mets and Yankees will both open new ballparks. That’ll give me 45, a number which should’ve pushed me past Sosa, but instead I’ll only tie him. That means I’ll have to wait for the Twins to open their new ballpark in 2010! And God forbid Sosa should find a way to add to his record between now and then. The good news, at least, if Sosa plays a few more years is that he’ll break Reggie Jackson’s all-time strikeout record. Haha.


i hate bonds!!!! hes a cheater nd he doesn’t deserve to break the record. Hank aaroo was not juiced!! bonds is/was!!! thats not fair. i hope he can’t play for the rest of the year!!!

I got some bleacher seats at wrigley for july 16th…

and it seems that he is WAY ahead of schedule homer wise to hit it then..

well good luck getting another bonds ball zack!

I’ll probably check out one of the Bonds games myself.

Btw, this commercial made me think of you, It’s one of the Bud Light Real Men of Genius commercials that I hadn’t heard before.

Mr. Overzealous Foulball Catcher

hey thanks for that link to hitracker…now i’ll be obsessed with it all night :)

Hey there guys, i was wondering if anybody has been to PNC Park, Great American Ball Park, or Jacobs Field at all? Are there any good spots for autographs outside the park like a player parking lot or places you can run into players..Thanks..p.s.. a tip if you go to a game with a jersey on…dont **** on it..their a little long.happend to me the other day

I agree with most of what you said, but it’s still exciting to go for (and catch!) one of his home runs.


Don’t be surprised if he’s on the verge of breaking the record when you’re there. Five homers per month? That’s typical for a slugger.


That commercial has made lots of people think of me.


That’s me: Provider of Obsessions.


I’ve been to all those ballparks, but the only one where I had any contact with the players outside was Great American. There’s an overpass right outside the ballpark on one side, and right underneath it, the visiting players sometimes come out after the game. I don’t remember the street name or anything, so that might not be much help.

good luck with bonds again, but what are the odds? hope u snag alot anyways

Well I sure hope so….

Hey, If I do get it, I’ll pay for a plane ticket, hotel room, and game tickets, so you can come out to wrigley again!

ahh, it’s fun to dream.

Thanks. I’d say the odds are pretty good, actually. Bonds has been homering about once every three games this season. I’ll be at two of his games (assuming he plays), so there’s a pretty good chance I’ll at least SEE him homer. A third of his homers have gone right to the spot where I’ll be sitting. So…what are the odds? Certainly better than 1 in 100. Maybe even 1 in 10.


You better watch out. I’ll hold you to it.

Hey Zacker:

Those look like excellent seats, you lucky duck!

What would you do without the help of science, geography, and computer printouts from the Hit Tracker…

Hopefully, you snag another Bonds ball and get an autograph from agent 007 himself!

Hey Zack,

On the AZ Fall League ball, what kind of logo appears on the bottom part? Is it the same Minor League logo that is found on all other Minor League balls, currently, or do they have their own separate and unique logos for those balls??



I’d say the odds of catching another Bonds homer are GREAT compared to the odds of getting his autograph.


The logo is smudged and worn, but it appears to be the standard minor league logo.

You’re absolutely right about the rain delays. In Cincinnati last year, a rain delay allowed me to explore the ballpark, and it was great. It also allowed me to get one extra ball that I otherwise wouldn’t have. Cool.

after that hot start, I thought he’d break it way before July…

But with 11 more to go, and almost June….. it’s looking more and more possible!

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