Preparing for St. Louis

It’s three days until I leave for St. Louis, and I’m sorry, but I have to talk about sleep…

My flight is at 11:15am, which means I’ll have to leave for the airport (Newark: ugh) at 8:45am, which means I’ll have to wake up by 7:45am, which is basically the middle of the night for me, so I’ve been forcing myself to wake up one hour earlier every day. On Monday, I slept until 2pm. (That was smart.) On Tuesday, I got up around 12:45pm. On Wednesday, with great difficulty, I got up during the 11 o’clock hour. On Thursday, the alarm mocked me 10:45am. Yesterday, I somehow managed to put my feet on the floor at 9:58am. Right now, it’s 12:26am on Saturday. I need to go to bed soon, and I need to wake up while “8” is still the first digit on my clock. This is totally draining, but it’s better than being exhausted on Game Day.

Meanwhile, I’ve printed the rosters for the Cardinals and Pirates, and I have one question: Who ARE these guys?

pirates.jpgHonestly, how many of them would you be able to identify if their names and numbers weren’t showing?


a cardinals-pirates game? you should be one of the only ones there!

although the cards fans are pretty loyal, so i’m guessing it’ll still be pretty packed..

as for the pirates I know

adam laroche

jason bay

Zach Duke

Tom Gorzelanny

Ronny Paulino

and some others… heh

but i couldn’t put the name with a face…. except jason bay and adam laroche.

well have fun waking up early and going to st. louis!

no clue.
what shade of lipstick is # 19 wearing?

Woo-hoo, I’m up!!!


Yes, I picked a game that would be least interesting to the most people, but between the Cards winning it all last year and the new Busch only being in its second year, the place will still be packed.


That’s an excellent question.

Wait wait wait, hold up! You’re flying out to St. Louis the DAY OF the game? If the flight takes off at noon, doesn’t that mean it’ll land at like 3:30 central time? And don’t the gates open at like 5:00? Unless I’m missing something, that’s a really tight schedule! Wow. Good luck!

yeah i know the feeling im goin 2 3 games in pittsburg(june 30,july 1 and 2nd) and i cant recognize 1 guy!!

i get MLB extra innings so ive been watching all the pirates games to try to get to know the players.

good luck

My flight was originally scheduled to leave at 10:05am. That was when I booked the trip a few months ago. Somehow, between then and now, the departure time got pushed back 70 minutes. I’ll gain an hour by flying to the central time zone. The flight lasts two hours and 55 minutes, so it’ll land at 1:10pm local time. Then I’ll hop in a cab to my hotel, which is just a couple blocks from the stadium. It’s a bit tight, and if the flight is delayed, I’ll be screwed, but I think it’ll all work out.


I had a chance to watch the Marlins-Pirates game on Thursday night, which would’ve been a great way to get to know some of the faces, but it was too dull. I couldn’t take it. I had to watch Oswalt vs. Lincecum instead.

It’s tough to identify guys based off photos taken months before. one trick I found is to mark each player as a lefty or a righty thrower, then see if it could be them by seeing which hand they have their glove on. it’s minimal but it can help.

Oh, that’s right. I always mess up time differences. But still, it’s a tight fit. I just hope there’s no weather issues that cause delays. That would ****.

That’s a good idea. In addition to printing the faces, I also bring the regular rosters, which list the players’ height and weight and date of birth. All of those facts can help as well, and yes, the righty/lefty distinction is key.


I wouldn’t mind a rain delay AT the game. That would give me a great chance to wander and explore the ballpark. But please, baseball gods, no flight delays!

I finally got back into my blog, Zack.

Go check out my new post about my trip across the Midwest in June. Five stadiums, six games, seven days.

Welcome back! Awesome post. Just left you a comment.

You’re absolutely right about the rain delays. In Cincinnati last year, a rain delay allowed me to explore the ballpark, and it was great. It also allowed me to get one extra ball that I otherwise wouldn’t have. Cool.


I got a foul ball during batting practice off of a high bounce on a ball hit by Juan Uribe.

everyone around me seemed to be amazed that I caught it, but I had my mitt, so I don’t see what was so impressive.

And after the game, I got it signed by Matt Murton… and the cubs won 11-6, so an overall good day.

Ummm I probably could Identify alot of those guys without the names and numbers but,I can do with lot of the teams players:)

BY teams players I meant the different teams players.

I recognize most of the Pirates, though only about half of the ones you posted in that picture spread. But then again I went to college in Pittsburgh and still sort of follow the team, so eh.

There’s a funny story about Zach Duke supposedly showing up to Pirates Fan Fest like two years ago in jeans and a normal button-down shirt… and just walking through the crowd, nobody knew who he was… then he gets to the stage and walks on and everybody who he’d just walked by is suddenly like “OH MY GOD, THAT’S ZACH DUKE!”

I’ve seen some great Cardinals-Pirates games, all in PNC. You could be in for a treat :)

(Oh yeah, and I picked up a paper copy of the Sportiva issue your article is in because I happened to see it at Kinokuniya, but I still haven’t had time to really read it. Argh.)


about my other post…i wrote it wrong..i meant to say that i have gotten balls during a game in like the 7th when they are warming up…not pre game

also a big favor…could you check the cards media guide and see where they stay in philly…it would be deeply appreciated

How’d you get the extra ball? When the players had to warm up again before resuming the game?


Congrats! People ARE easily amazed. Funny.


Well, you’re one of the gifted few.


Half is pretty good, but I’m striving for perfection. Great story about Da Duke. I love stuff like that. Great Cardinals-Pirates games? I didn’t know that was possible. As for Sportiva, my brother is apparently not as fluent as I’d thought so he’s asked one of his TRULY fluent friends to help.


Ahh, gotcha. As for the media guide, I can’t promise that I’ll be able to do that in St. Louis, but I think there might be a 2006 Cardinals media guide at work (at so I’ll look for it when I’m there next, which will be Thursday night.

Hey Zack,
have you ever been to a Staten Island Yankees game? If so, did you snag any balls?

I saw the Pirates earlier this year. It was the hardest BP i’ve ever been too. I was basically going off of thier body shape.

Yep, exactly. Jose’s Reyes and Valentin were catching in front of the Mets dugout after a two-plus hour rain delay. I guessed that Valentin would end up with the ball, and when they finished up, I asked and he tossed it up.

Never been there.


Ouch. I’m seriously worried about being able to identify these guys. Hopefully it’ll be warm enough so they won’t be wearing warm-up jackets over their jerseys.


Nice guess. I probably would’ve gone with Reyes.

If the same thing were to happen again, I would probably guess Reyes too. But I was young and naive as a baseball collector (that was only my 27th lifetime ball), and it worked out.

I don’t remember my 27th ball. But I’m pretty sure that my 20th was my first gamer.

Hey! You’re up with the 8 on the clock again! Way to go! And good luck in Busch!

Yes! Thanks. Actually, I was barely up in the 7am hour today.

Are we going to see an entry about last night, or are you too afraid to admit that you were at Yankee Stadium on a weekend?

Just posted the entry…

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