Bonds interviews ran a piece yesterday about Barry Bonds’ pursuit of the home run record, and they consulted me as the “expert.” If you go to the site and do a search for my name, the story should pop up…and then you’ll have to take 20 seconds to go through the free registration process to read it. Since then, I’ve gotten two other interview requests, including one from a writer at the San Francisco Chronicle who wants me to come up with 8 to 10 tips for catching the record-breaking home run…but I can’t come up with the tips now because I’m leaving for Shea Stadium in 15 minutes, during which time I have to call Ron Kaplan, a fellow MLBlogger, who wants to interview me for the New Jersey Jewish News. I have to be at a party back in Manhattan by like 10pm tonight, so I won’t even be able to stay for the whole game, and I still haven’t had a chance to start writing about yesterday’s game in Philly, nor have I gotten to read the dozens of emails I’ve received in the last day or two, so if you’re waiting for a reply from me, you might need to wait a few more days until things calm down a bit. Of course I have to work all night tomorrow at, and then I’m thinking about driving to Camden on Friday. Then I have non-baseball plans (imagine THAT) all day on Saturday, and do I want to fly to Milwaukee on July 31st to watch Glavine go for win #300? Probably not, and anyway, he’d have to win tonight, and on the 1st I might be busy chasing A-Rod’s 500th. AAAAHHHH!!!! By the way, the article on has a few mistakes which will hopefully get corrected soon.


Nice article Zack. Boy are you busy lately! Unreal!

Two things I noticed about the article: Nearly 4,000? Wow. I guess the author rounded up slightly! haha He also didn’t mention that some of your balls are obtained after games, from umpires or players walking in from the bullpen, etc.

go to and put the website in and you don’t have to create a login.

…or i could save you the trip: use Username: Password: guest

your welcome :)

Wait, Tom Glavine is scheduled to pitch on July 31st, not August 1st. Are you actually considering this trip to Milwaukee? I’ll be there on Ausust 1st and 2nd, as well as in Chicago for the games on the 3rd and 4th. (What are the chances that as Tom Glavine goes for 300 wins, he’ll be the only Mets starter that won’t pitch on my four-game trip? What the ****?!)

Good Luck at Shea tonight! I hope you snag loads of balls. What other ball parks will you be going to this year??


It was nice finally meeting you after so many years.
– Gavriel

Thanks. Glad you liked it. The “4,000 baseballs” was probably the strangest thing about the article. I just checked it out again, and all the mistakes are still there. Duh.


Ohhhhh! I forgot about that site. Thanks for reminding me.


My head is up my ***. First I messed up the number of homers A-Rod had the other day, and now I got the date of Glavine’s start wrong. (I just fixed it.) I realized it was wrong as soon as I left my apartment, but it was too late to turn back and correct it. I’m sort of almost barely considering jumping on a flight to Milwaukee, but I doubt I’ll do it.


Thanks! It turned out to be an okay night at Shea. I might make it up to Fenway for a game, but other than that, I don’t think I’m going any stadiums other than Shea, Yankee, Citizens Bank, and Camden.


Nice meeting you too! Sorry I didn’t get to swing by the stand. It was a busy game for me, and I left early, but hopefully I’ll see you back at Shea soon. I plan to attend at least one of the Braves games in a couple weeks. (Nice photo. Wow.)


No more homers until Tuesday! (Please?)

Enjoy your popularity – it is well deserved. Loved the note to ARod!

hey zack its darron i went to a cubs cardinals game and figured out what was dumber than a cub fan a drunk cub fan i have not got shut out scince june 24th but if only been to two games i didnt even get to see batting practice andthere not game balls i just annoy the bullpen for the balls ryan dempster was the player that finnaly gave me one it was the ball that the bullpen catcher and Alfonso Soriano used for 7 innings so bye for now

you know a-rod will have a plate appearance at the oriole “suspended” game on friday at 7pm. if he hits a homer that will mean last night was his #500. strange.

Aww, thanks. I know I owe you a few emails, and you’ll get ‘em…


You crack me up. Congrats on the Dempster ball. Hey…whatever works.


Totally bizarre. I didn’t know that A-Rod was going to have a plate appearance for sure. Hmm…what to do. As of this second, I’m leaning toward going, but barely.

You may have already missed A-Rod’s #500.

He hit #499 last night, but that may end up being #500.

The Yankees play a suspended game with the Orioles which will count as being played in June. If he homers in the suspended game, it won’t be #500, it will be #493 and last night’s #499 will become #500.

Oh well.

Yeah…this is such a wacky situation.

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