What would YOU do?


I’m going to Yankee Stadium tomorrow to try to catch A-Rod’s 500th career home run. Rain or shine. I don’t care. I’ll be there. I might attend all six games of the homestand. Even afternoon games. Even on Saturday and Sunday. I’ve cleared my entire schedule for the week. I’ve been thinking about this opportunity for a very long time. The only problem is…I still can’t decide what to do with the ball if I catch it so I’m wondering, what would YOU do?

Assuming you wouldn’t keep the ball, would you give it back to A-Rod? What would you ask for in return? Would you sell it? How much do you think it’ll be worth?

What would you do if you caught Barry Bonds’ 756th home run?


Hey Zack-
For some reason I can only successfully leave a comment every so often. . . weird.

I’ve put a lot of thought into the two home run balls as well.

For A Rod’s 500th, I would absolutely give the ball back to him. I would ask for a signed bat, along with A) Batting practice with the Yankees, and tickets for the most expensive seats in the stadium or B) Tickets to next years all star festivities.

Barry Bonds is different. He is in LA this week and I won’t be at any of the games. I can’t stand watching Dodger fans in general, and when the giants are in town they are pigs. If I had caught the ball, I would Give it to the Hall of fame, and ask for Dodger season tickets or a trip to Cooperstown for Me, My dad, and Two friends.


I am still so excited I couldn’t get into sleep.

Here is what I will ask for arod’s ball

-pair of 2007 yankee playoff tickets (if they make it)

-pair of 2008 yankee season ticket somewhere very close to dugout, plus all star, homerun derby and playoff ticket

-guest pass to all yankee homegame

-taking BP

-team autographs

-meeting arod

-arod’s game used and autographed bat, cleats, helmet, batting glove, jersey.

Yes, I am greedy.

Bond’s ball

Is that there some company willing to buy Bond’s record breaking HR ball for one million. That’s very temptimg.

I was looking at the line-up cards. There is something puzzle me, Under the “CHANGE” column, what do the letters B C and D E (on last 2 rows) mean?

For A Rod….someone in New York would be willing to pay big bucks because he’s a Yankee. I’m not a Yankee fan for sure so I’d sell it. I think it should fetch $500,000. That will help feed my baseball hobby and my family for sure. For Barry….we’re talking a million plus dollars for sure. That’s a nice house in CA. I’d sell his too. I love baseball, but with the money these guys make…it would be nice to have some of that monetary security too. I just hope there are no custody disputes over the balls.


if i caught a-rods 500th i would give it back for an autographed game worn jersey and the batting gloves he used to hit the homer.

i would probably give barry bonds’ ball to cooperstown in exchange for tickets to a game somewhere.

If I caught A-Rod’s 500 homer I would ask him for these things:

1) 50 Major League Baseballs

2) Game worn gloves

3) Autograph Bat or Jersey

and for the Barry Bonds ball

1) Tickets for the 2008 season (infront of the Giants dugout)

2) Autographs baseballs

3) Major League Baseballs


Nice entry Zack!!!

I wouldn’t ask for any ball but one autographed by A-Rod, But I’d do this instead: a trip to New York for 3, passes to take batting practice and seats right behind the dugout.

Hmm. For A-Rod’s 500th, my demands would be simple.

1. A replacement ball, which A-Rod would have to personally hand (or toss) to me.

2. Season tickets for the Mets and Yankees in 2008 and 2009.

As for Bonds, I would listen to his best offers but then walk away with the ball. I would rather have the ball than anything he could offer.

Being asked what would you do if you caught these HR balls is like being asked, “What would you do if you aquired the T-206 Wagner card?” These items are precious and should be shared with everyone. If I caught these homerun balls, I would have them signed by that player and then donated to the National Baseball Hall of Fame….where they belong. You can’t put a price tag on these items or the experience of being there. Although a handshake from the player would be good enough for me.

I would g ask for a bat, a Jeter/A-Rod signed jersey, and season tickets for next year, and maybe a couple thousand.

Zack if it was me i would give it back to him if u caught it and then maybe ask for a bat or some type of memorabilia. O and august 6th (yankees in toronto )i will be with my dad at yankee stadium since he works for wb mason and wb mason is getting a tour of the stadium and then having a softball game after on the field .good luck catching the big # 500 !


I’m very curious to see what happens when the 500th A-Rod homer and the 756th Bonds homer are caught. I’ve read that Bonds plans on keeping just about everything that he used to hit the 756th (bat, batting gloves, jersey, cleats, etc). I’m not sure what A-Rod will want to keep from his 500th.

I find it hard to believe that the person that catches Bonds’ 756th homer will give it back to him. That ball is going to be worth a ton!

Good luck with #500 Zack!

Dude one thing i wouldn’t do is give it up for free that is worth some serious money and when arod braeaks the home run record you would be set for a while

for Arod i would give it back in exchange for 12 autograph baseballs and season tickets.

For Bonds its very simple. $$$ sell it to the highest bidder.

I dont think that a baseball player has the right to just give out season tickets, so if thats not possible, i would want an autograph session with the Yankees and a few game worn items by A-Rod.

From Barry Bonds, i would sell it for alot of money, of course

I hope you caatch it Zack, good luck.

I would trade the A-Rod ball for some game-used stuff and i would ask to go on a road-trip with the team to a few series. For the Bonds ball i would sell it at a auction or directly to Todd Mcfarlane.

Zack and other ball snaggers this is completely off topic but i just got news that my Twins just traded Luis Castillo to Zack’s Mets. I was wondering what you guys thought of this trade from a fan’s point of view and also a snaggers point of view?

ya zack i was at camden on fri and sat and nothing but i did get some autos…check it out just updated the site: saw the phills and nats and orioles and yanks::


check under july ip 2007

i agree with metsguy, there is no way i would just give the ball back for a handshake or something. you would have to get a good offer from arod like tix to any games u wanted and a LOT OF MEMORBELIA!!! or sell it

I was in Baltimore this weekend and was thinking the same thing. My heart says give it back to A-Rod, but my wallet says another thing.

I suspect I would give it back and might request an autographed bat, jersey, and the right to be comped to any game he plays. I might also ask for a donation to a charity, because if I sold the ball, at least half would go to charity as thanks to God for allowing me to get the ball in the first instance.

If I caught Bonds 756th, however, that would definitely be put up for sale. If Barry wants the ball, he can bid on it!

I will be there Tue, Wed, Thu(?) and Saturday, but I’ll be sitting upstairs apart from the ball battle. Good luck!

I think rockhound has the right idea. The ball should be somewhere where it could be shared by everyone. If you do catch his 500th (and I hope you do), the satisfaction from accomplishing that feat would be great enough.

What you ask for & what you actually get are 2 totally different things from the players. Many of you are asking for stuff that you will never get-money, traveling w/team, etc. If any get the balls & exchange it you may get tickets, another ball or bat & thats about it.

I would give A-Rod the ball. If he asked me what I wanted for it, I would ask him to pose with me for a photograph of me, him, and the ball, and an opportunity to have him autograph that photo for me.


For A-Rod’s 500th home run ball it would have to be season tickets for life at Yankee Stadium in a private suite (food and beverages included) and a pair of bleacher seats for snagging!

I think it would be amazing if someone caught Barry Bond’s ball and just gave it to him. I’m sure he’d send a signed jersey or something but it’d be a nice gesture

Man, I am so excited about my trip! I’m leaving tomorrow morning! Woo-hoo! Time to pack.

Hey Zack, first post,
I would ask for some memoribilia and for them to mail every homerun hit where no fans can get to them (ex bullpen)Good luck!!!

Sorry you’re having computer issues. Maybe it’s just an MLBlogs thing? Why do you need the Dodgers to pay your way to Cooperstown? It’s not that expensive, and it’s not like the place is booked to capacity. I’d limit my requests to things I couldn’t possibly get any other way. Even All-Star tickets can be bought for the right price on StubHub.com. But batting practice with the team? NOW you’re talking. There’s no way to purchase that. At least that’s how I’m thinking. But then again, why NOT ask for All-Star tickets?


That’s a lot of stuff, but none of it seems totally unreasonable. I think my advantage in asking for things is that I wouldn’t really need any autographs. Maybe just one from A-Rod…but I’ve already gotten him three times in the past. Not sure about companies looking to buy the Bonds ball, but I can see it going for a million bucks. Sure. The “B” and “C” slots on the lineup cards are reserved for substitutions. The first player substituted goes next to the “B” and then if there’s ANOTHER substitution for that same place in the lineup, the new player goes next to the “C.” Check it out on these lineup cards:



You think the A-Rod ball will go for that much?! That’s a thousand dollars per home run. :-)


That’s very nice of you, but I think you could get a whole lot more.


That’s funny that you’d ask for 50 balls. But why not? What would you do with Giants season tickets? Move to San Francisco for six months?


Not a bad idea.


How would A-Rod (and the Yankees) be able to get you season tickets for the Mets? Just by using their wallets? Have a GREAT time on your trip. If not for my chance to catch A-Rod’s 500th, I’d be thoroughly jealous. As it is, I’m only mostly jealous.


How would you get Bonds to sign? He’s beyond impossible. It would be a nice gesture on your part, though.


You’d include some cold hard cash as one of your requests? Not sure that’d go over too well…


On the field?! Okay, I’m back to being totally jealous.


Yeah, I agree. I highly doubt Bonds will ever see that ball again, so he better take a good look at it as it leaves the pitcher’s hand.




Good idea. (Go for 24 signed balls instead.)


I think the player would ask the team to give season tickets, and then the team might do it as a favor to the player. Someone like A-Rod has SERIOUS clout. He can get just about anything he wants just by asking, and if he can’t, he could pay for it.


Are you talking about being on the Yankees’ plane and on the team bus to the ballparks? That would be SICK. But I can’t imagine that they’d allow that. Castillo tossed me a ball last year at Camden Yards, but other than that, I haven’t had any contact with him so I can’t judge his personality. He’s probably going to make the Mets better, but I feel bad for Ruben Gotay who had briefly become the regular second baseman for the Mets (after Valentin went down) and batted .350 in 123 at-bats and now has all his playing time wiped out. I mean, what more can a guy possibly do?


Very nice! I didn’t see any pics, though. Am I missing something?


Amen to that.


Comped to any game he plays..interesting. Charity…very kind. Funny about Barry. Let him bid on it, indeed. See you in a few hours, perhaps.


How about I keep the ball at my apartment and then invite every baseball fan in the world over to see it, along with A-Rod?


Excellent point. I think that would *definitely* be true if we were simply talking about some rookie’s first major league homer, but these milestone balls are so big (especially the Bonds ball) that there might be extra room to bargain.


That’s it? You’re nice. I hope you catch MY 500th career home run.


Sounds good, except for one thing: I don’t really want to see the Yankees play 81 times a year for life. Then again, that is YOUR request.


It would more than amazing. It would be anti-reality. How about giving the ball to Bonds and demanding that he go back in time and participate in the Home Run Derby?


Welcome to the wonderful world of comments. I’m not quite sure I understand your idea about mailing things. Can you clarify?


I’m leaving for Yankee Stadium in less than two hours, and the weather is beeeeeautiful.

idk just check the site under 2007 IP and read the post and click on the jeter and a pic of the ball i got signed should come up


Zack- A trip to NY from LA for a week for four is easily in thousands, I don’t know anyone from here that has been to Cooperstown, so it seems like a big deal to me.

But you are right, Things money can’t buy does seem like the right way to go.

You could get homerun balls hit into bullpens, between walls, or anywhere fans can’t get them. You could have them mailed to you or you could pick them up at the stadium or something.

You’re hilarious! Ok, you win but I wish you would have spared me and left your comment for rockhound! ;)

Not to sound rude or anything, but if I were to stroll into the clubhouse with A-Rod’s HR ball and ask for season tickets, balls, bats, jerseys, jock straps, chewed gum, and hair follicle, that would just be outrageous because I’m not a petty and materialistic person. I guess I’m just weird like that. Besides, I don’t live in or near a major baseball city so it wouldn’t do me any good to beg for season tickets in section 101, row A, seats 1-30. If I kept the HR balls I wouldn’t want people handling it, not even myself. But if I got the chance to shake their hands, then people would want to shake the hand that shook the hand of A-Rod or Bonds. That’s a gift that keeps on giving. Now, if I was in a position where I had an amazing piece of history in my hands, being the good citizen that I am, I am obligated to share it with the World and other genuine fans of baseball. Sure I could make a lot of money off it, but more than likely it would land in the hands of someone who knows nothing about baseball…which is wrong and makes me sick to my stomach. Therefore, like any other precious artifact that contributes to our American pastime, it belongs in the Hall of Fame to be preserved for generations. That’s how I roll!

for a-rod: I’d give it back, and (hopefully) ask if he could get me some GOOD Cubs season tickets…. somehow.

bonds….. are you kidding? SELL SELL SELL

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