I’m going crazy.

Normally I’m a good sleeper. I stay up until I’m dead tired, pass right out, and curse the alarm about seven hours later. But last night, I tried to go to bed early and kept waking up every hour or two. I kept dreaming about Yankee Stadium, dreaming about the left field seats, dreaming about A-Rod’s 500th homer. I must’ve had the dream half a dozen times, and it kept changing. In one dream, the left field seats were empty, and I was allowed to stand in the aisle. In another, security wouldn’t let me anywhere near the section. In another, Don Mattingly was batting right-handed, and I was all excited at the idea of catching one of HIS home runs. I’m afraid I’m going crazy. And I’m even more afraid that the game is going to be sold out, or that security will be extremely strict. I went to the Yankees clubhouse store yesterday to ask about tickets. I thought I’d save some of the hassle by buying mine a day early. Instead, I was told that they don’t have anything until August 16th. I asked if there’d be individual seats for sale at the stadium ticket windows, and the guy shrugged. I’m paranoid. I’m jittery. I can hardly eat. WHY?! It’s just a baseball. The average team goes though 36,000 of them every season, so why is THIS one turning me into a one-man psych ward? At least the weather is perfect, and it’s supposed to stay that way for the next few days. I have no idea what to expect once I get to the stadium. I’m already nervous as hell, and I still have half an hour before I even leave my apartment…



GOOD LUCK, really hope you can catch the ball.

Here is the link to the company I am talking about


Good Luck Zack! I hope you catch the ball tonight. I will be watching the game.


Your already at the game, but I’m looking out for you on MLB.TV


Zack, why not ask for cash?
I could sell the ball, so I think that if I offered to bargain, then he should comply. Besides hes gonna be makin 30 mil next year, minus what he spends on those strippers.

Also, i just saw him give his bat way on TV, and my dad said that he gave a bat away in Baltimore.

If I caught 756, I would only give it to Barry if he admitted that he took steriods, which would kame the ball pretty worthless, and if that didnt happen, I would take it to my grave so that that lyin piece of “Sugar Honey Ice Tea” as my sisters say can never have his hands on the ball that Victor Conte gave him.

Maybe is should give it to Conte in jail?

P.S Thank GOD that Proctor got traded!!!!

I might be at the stadium on Thursday.

I could only listen to the game in Tampa but the Yanks tied a 1939 record for 8 home runs in a single game. Unfortunately none of them belonged to ARod. Ouch – that’s gotta hurt!

Hey Zack – Enjoyed meeting you in section 14 over the rail tonight, if only for a second… Don’t know how often you get recognized… Better luck tomorrow.


I saw you at Yankee today getting Jerry Owens’ autograph. I was closer to the infield getting Jim Thome.



Thanks to you as well. It would’ve been really hard for you to see me because I was moving all over the place and buried in the crowd.




You, my friend, are hilarious! Not sure yet where I’ll be on Thursday. I’m not sure I can take three straight days of Yankee Stadium Stress.


Ouch, for various reasons.


Ohhhhh, I didn’t realize that YOU are the author of “Bleeding Pinstripes.” I just thought you had been reading it and then somehow stumbled across MY blog. Very cool, and nice meeting you as well. I think four different people recognized me tonight. Usually way more people spot me at Shea because of SNY, but even on the road, I always get recognized at least once or twice at every game. AT&T Park, Citizens Bank, Camden…you name it. It’s fun. I love meeting people and schmoozing it up. Sorry we didn’t get to talk more.


Ahh, but I didn’t get his autograph. Look for my entry within the next hour, and you’ll see what was taking place…

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