1) I’ve been having dreams about the World Series…about being in Boston and hanging out behind the Green Monster and going for balls. I snagged a game home run AND a ground-rule double in one inning and then woke up and wanted to cry.

2) For those of you in New York, there’s a big historical baseball exhibit called The Glory Days. Someone from the museum got in touch with me a couple days ago and offered everyone who reads this blog a 2-for-1 discount on tickets. So if you want to go, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with her.

3) Did you hear? Major League Baseball is considering using instant replay on a very limited basis. What do YOU think about that? I’m torn. I could argue either way. Tradition versus accuracy. Blah blah.

4) If you’re a baseball collector, get your final stats ready. Don’t post them yet. Hang onto them for a bit and share them in the comments section when I post mine. My final stats from 2006 looked like this. And here are the ones from 2005.

5) Remember when the Devil Rays played a few “home games” last season at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex? I hear they’re gonna play there again in 2008, and I’m thinking about going…but I’m wondering if that stadium would count in my Major League total. What does everyone think? What if I had attended a few of the Expos’ regular-season games in Puerto Rico? Would THAT stadium have counted? What about Opening Day in Japan? Again, I’m torn, and I really want to hear everyone’s take on this.

6) I know Halloween is already a thing of the past, but I want to share two outrageously cute photos of baseball costumes. The first was sent to me by Gail (whom you might remember from 9/25/07 at Shea Stadium), and I’m legally required to point out that the photo is copyrighted and belongs to Avanti Press. Here it is:


The second is a screen shot that was sent by my friend Dan in Denver. He’s got season tickets at Coors Field, sits in the front row in straight-away left field, and scored a little face time for himself and his daughter, Emily, by turning her into a human baseball magnet during the World Series:


BTW, Dan has caught 34 home runs during games on a fly since 1999. Wow. I’ve only met him in person once, and that was at this year’s All-Star Game. If you check out that entry and scroll down to the six-part pic that shows fans from every division, you’ll see Dan representing the NL West.

That’s it for now. More soon…


That first row at Coors is like Heaven in BP and the game.

Hi everyone….

Instant Replay:

I am for it in two instances. Fair or foul down the lines, and home run yes or no.

Disney’s Wide World of Sports:

I grew up in Orlando and love that complex. I was there the first year the Braves moved in. Awesome field. My friend Chris went to the Devil Rays/Rangers series there last year. There were more people there than would be at Tropicana Field. Therefore, in my book, it should totally count in your totals. Hiram Botham Stadium would count too.

Dan in Denver:

I met Dan in Denver when I was there in September. He is the BEST. He was such a nice guy. I met and talked to him the first day I was there at BP. The second day, he gave me one of his tickets so I could access the front row/wheelchair area he sits in. He let me hang out there during BP. No one can get down there without a ticket and there is plenty of running room. I’d love to have season tickets where he does. He told he about his trip to the All-Star game. He said he DROVE from Denver to San Francisco with a buddy from his section that is in a wheelchair. What a nice guy? They drove because the friend can’t fly. He also said that Matt Holiday was involved in getting the All Star tickets. Nice to have friends in high places, huh?

Zack, do you have dates on the Devil Rays series in Orlando in 2008? I might have to visit mom and dad and check those games out too. That’s a TBD for sure.

The Padres are front runners to play in Beijing, China during Spring Training 2008. I would love to go see those games, but don’t like the 1000 dollar airfare to see games that don’t count. I think I’d rather see them play in Japan and have it count. That’s going to be the A’s vs. Red Sox though. I have a quandry for you. Normally, in Japan you are not allowed to keep foul balls. You can only keep HR’s. Is this rule going to apply during the MLB games played in Japan as well? Does anyone know the answer to this?


Hey Zack its Darron and for the disney swide world of sports thing I counted it in my stadium totals becuase i went to Florida with my uncle during spring training and i counted a ball that i got from dave duncan during bp right before a cardinals braves game and before you say anything i know you dont count spring training balls in your total # well got to go and I got out of school today becuase im “sick”cough blaa i dont feel good haha bye

I posted this today in the halloween post, but since it is past and you prolly missed it, and you are posting more halloween pictures, I figure it is somewhat appropriate, and I cut my hair for this so I want to show it off.

This year I went as Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn of “Major League” fame. This was the first movie representation as the star closer in the one game playoff. I even cut my hair for the part, and I’ve had to deal with it for the last week at work. Here are the two pics.

I got the glasses from the stadium giveaway earlier in the season in Cleveland, but they just had white tape on the middle. So to be true, I had to buy a skull and crossbones pin and glue it to the glasses. The jersey is about as authentic as you can get, 20 years old and custom made, and the pants are game used, Paul Sorrento 1994 pants. Closer to the 1989 style than my 1992 Carlos Baerga gamer pants. Also, Sorento’s fit better, Baerga has a huge butt.

Any official Major League regular season or post-season game counts–regardless of where they play.

Alex, funny you just mentioned Major League. I just rented it and am wondering if I should watch it with Puck Collector or wait a few years. Any thoughts from the older crowd?

I’m ambivalent about replays, but really don’t want the game slowed down any more. That’s one reason why I love hockey. Even if there’s OT and a shootout, the game is over in under 2:45. I don’t know how many times I’ve sat at a baseball game in the seventh inning around 10 p.m. while someone like Luis Vizcaino is taking 25 seconds between pitches–and I just want to shout, “Throw the ^%$*^ing ball already!!!!!!”

I almost went to Glory Days this past weekend when my kid was taking a high school entrance exam on 85th St. I ended up wandering around Central Park for two hours, but now with your recommendation, I may head there before the end of the year.

The Major League Stadium count is good for any stadium that is hosting a ML game.

Speaking of which, in celebration of the Dodgers 50th Anniversary in LA, they will most likely be playing a home game at the Los Angeles Collesium, home to the Dodgers for the first 4 years in LA….

(also home to the USC football team, and 2 Olympic Games)



i would count balls from those stadiums and add to your 42 already visited. i absolutely cant wait until next season. snagging and the mets.

phillies just traded geoff geary and michael bourn for brad lidge…

I’m not sure whether to count it or not. On one hand, it is hosting a major league game, on the other, it’s not the home of any major league team(well, ST home of the Braves..but that doesn’t count)

It looked nice from the outside, the couple of times I drove past it.

If I recall correctly, they still charged silly rates for these games. I know when they did it I was thinking “You’re having attendance issues, playing a game an hour from home, yet you’re still overcharging for tickets? come on!”

So true.


So your only criterion for the “should it count” argument is the attendance? Interesting. Dan in Denver IS a good guy. I wish we’d gotten to hang out longer at AT&T Park, but we each had our own agenda. I’m not sure about the dates in 2008, and I have no idea about the rules for keeping balls in Japan when MLB teams are there. I’m sure you could get some players to throw balls to you if you were the only American shouting at them.


Thanks for weighing in. If you can count that stadium during Spring Training, then I think I should get to count it during the regular season. :-)


That is an *awesome* costume. You look amazing. Thanks for sharing the pics, and congrats on pulling the whole thing off. Funny about Baerga’s butt.


I like your attitude about counting the stadiums. I’m leaning that way myself. As for “Major League,” definitely watch it with the lad. There’s bad language and adult humor, but c’mon, he’s gonna see/hear all this stuff soon enough anyway (if he hasn’t already), and besides, it’s not like his six years old. Go for it. It’s hilarious. And a classic. Why is it that the lousiest relievers take the most amount of time to pitch the ball?! Keep me posted about the exhibit.


The Coliseum?! Oh man…now I’m thinking I might need to fly out there. This decision to count all these stadiums may prove to be quite expensive.


Cool. I’m glad the Phillies got Lidge. Now it’ll be easier for me to get a ball from him once and for all. Right when he was first called up, I think he tossed one to me at Shea, but I didn’t recognize him, so it went in the file as an “unknown.” I hate those.


Yeah, I hear ya. That’s kind of how I still feel, but everyone else here is saying that the stadium should count.

Zack, I think OF COURSE you should count the Disney games…. It’s a major league game. Who cares where it’s played?

As for instant Replay

NO for balls and strikes

NO for home runs, it brings a unique aspect, judgement.

YES for fair/foul, It’s ridiculous how many missed calls there are on those.

****, I spelled judgment wrong. lol

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