Sports Illustrated for Kids


Last month I was interviewed and photographed for a feature story in Sports Illustrated for Kids called “Ultimate Sports Collections.”
Earlier today, when I finally saw the finished product, I was sooooo relieved. The photo could’ve been much worse. Just wait for my next entry and you’ll see what I’m talking about. My girlfriend Jona was there for the shoot, and she took a ton of pics with her own camera. I plan to post a bunch of them within the next few days, so you’ll get a sneak peek at all the setup and equipment and see some other shots that could have been used, including one that would’ve been totally embarrassing. Sports Illustrated for Kids has a circulation of 950,000. This blog’s daily traffic is slightly lower, so I don’t mind making a fool of myself here. Stay tuned…


(BTW, am I imagining things or does it look like I have man-boobs?)


You only got 3 HR balls of 3272 balls and less than 1/30 of balls are game used? Seem like the game used stuff is pretty hard to get. I only got one game ball.

“SI for kids is great, it allows athletics to read their press”..I once heard it from a comedian on TV

Hey Zack its Darron nice picture looking at the website while watching Tony Hawk make a fool out of himself on are you smarter than a 5th grader like this question: True or False all alligators are herbivores.After about three minutes he decided to peek at the answer and decided on false thank god i thought he was going back to second grade He just dropped out but it was a very hard question

Well that depends. Do you have Man *****?

I now have 3,277, but the other numbers are accurate. Game used balls that come directly off the bat (as opposed to 3rd-out balls that get tossed over the dugouts every inning) are very hard to get.


Thanks. I’ve never watched that show, but I’d say I’m about as smart as a 5th grader.


Haha, that word gets bleeped out when YOU type it, but I have a secret way to get around the censor! To answer the question, though…no, not even close.


you should make that your new bathtub pic. its much better.

and it will be much harder for you to get an a-rod homer unless he signs with the mets(GOD FORBID. NOOOO. I HATE HIM WITH A PASSION)

but good luck with that

I think you’re right about the new pic, but I have to crop it and make it narrower because no matter how wide it is on my computer, MLBlogs will shrink it down to 1.5 inches wide on the screen. All hope is not lost with A-Rod. Just you wait. I *will* catch one of his homers…

I think you should use the new bathtub pic, but use one from the end of the tub, like the original. What are the 6 balls you are holding? Are they random, or milestones?

Nice article Zack! I think your collection is way bigger than a bathtub now. I think you should pose in a jacuzzi or a kiddie pool or something bigger!

Also, how the heck did that one ball fit in the soap dish? It doesn’t even look like it fit in there, but obviously it did.

antonio gates ocho cinco on the cover time to go to bills and giants games they have bp too, catch field goals .college footballs too syracuse,nodre dame

I don’t have any pics from the end of the tub that are nearly as good. Those are just six random balls. At one point, I was holding my Bonds ball in the tub and making SURE I wouldn’t drop it.


Thanks! Yeah, I could fill about four bathtubs at this point, but what can you do? My parents don’t have a swimming pool in their apartment. The soap dish is wider (on the side) than it looks from this angle, so we just slipped in the ball. No magic tricks necessary.


C’mon, you should know by now that I know nothing about football. :-)

How does the setup for this picture go? You get in the tub then they dump the balls on you? That would hurt.

In my next entry, I’ll show you exactly how we did it. Gimme another day or two. I got a busy weekend ahead of me…

NICE article. I have a ? do you collect baseball cards and wut is ur 2nd favorite sport ?

I used to collect cards like a MADMAN, but I stopped in the mid-90s. I have about 100,000 and all of them (except the very best ones) are boxed up in storage. Second favorite sport is probably basketball. Used to be tennis. Also ping pong. Even skiing…not in terms of following but actually DOING. I’m not really sure. If you consider Scrabble a sport (as ESPN does), then that is my 2nd favorite.

Let’s see. Baseball, basketball, Scrabble, ping pong, tennis, skiing, curling, cricket, water polo, equestrian events, spelling bees,
(ESPN recognized), ballroom dancing, Wheel of Fortune, etc. BUT NO HOCKEY!!!!???? As Warner Wolf would say, C’mon! Give me a break!”

Sorry, baby. Hockey’s never really done it for me. I liked playing floor hockey in P.E. class in 7th grade because I was the only kid who managed to figure out how to get elevation on the shots, and it scared the **** out of everyone else. (I got teased mercilessly at that age, so I deserved some physical revenge.) I also liked playing ice hockey that one time on a frozen pond on Long Island. And I’ve enjoyed the few NHL games I’ve seen in person…and of course I enjoyed getting a warm-up puck from Scott Gomez, but still, the sport has never really grabbed me.

Haha, my class is playing hockey in Gym right now.

If you were the only one who could elevate the puck in 7TH GRADE, you must have had a ***** class. It’s not rocket science (no offense.)

Kick some heinie.


Yeah, it was rather *****. No offense taken.

ha.***** censors. man-b00bs. better?

You ever start looking for a specific number ball and find yourself digging hopelessly?

Hi Zacker:

It won’t belong before your hired as an interior decorator for “Home Depot” specializing in baseball bathroom designs!

Baseball soap with the scent of pine-tar will definitely be a hit in the shower!

Much better. There HAVE been a few times that I’ve looked for specific balls for hours. Ahhh…


Baseball soap might not be such a tar-ible idea.

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