Sports Illustrated photo shoot

My last blog entry showed the article that appeared in Sports Illustrated for Kids. Here’s a look at some of the stuff that took place before, during, and after the photo shoot…

I knew that the photographer, Heinz Kluetmeier, wanted to recreate (and improve upon) the bathtub photo that was taken for People Magazine in 1999…so before he and his assistant arrived at my parents’ apartment (where I keep most of the balls), I cleaned the tub:


First, however, Heinz wanted to take some other pics, so I lined up the barrels and made myself a place to sit behind them and got him a ladder. I also changed into a more eye-catching red shirt:


The shoot was soon underway, and in case you’re wondering, I’m holding my 3,000th ball:


My girlfriend Jona was taking these pics, and she happened to get one right as Heinz’s flash went off (“’cause I’m amazing like that,” she says):


Heinz wanted a few shots of me with my parents, so I went and got ‘em:


It was time for the tub. Heinz wanted to see what the old photo looked like, so I showed him the copy that I keep in my wallet:


Then it was time to move some baseballs into the bathroom. Each barrel holds 400 balls and therefore weighs about 133 pounds:


Heinz helped move the books and shampoo bottles off the edges of the tub:


I got in the tub. They asked if I was ready for them to dump the balls on me. Ummmmm, no:


The solution:


At first I felt like we were cheating by using pillows, but then I realized we weren’t using them to make the tub look fuller. My collection could’ve filled four tubs. This was just an issue of…my future children’s existence. Anyway, Heinz brought the ladder into the bathroom, and his assistant (whose name I have since shamefully forgotten) got the rest of the equipment:


I tried to get a free advertisement for my book by holding it up in the tub:


“Tilt the book a little more toward me,” said The Man who was perched precariously with one foot on the toilet and the other on the ladder:


We finished with the book and moved on to other poses:


By golly, the pose below is THE very pose that was used in the magazine. You can tell I’m holding the same balls here based on the “practice” stamp on the ball closest to the camera. Here’s a similar practice ball that I photographed a while back for my web site. This one is an old National League ball (with a black logo) while the one in the magazine is an old American League ball (light blue):


Ready for the embarrassing pic I was talking about? Ohboy. Here goes:


Yeah, thank God THAT didn’t appear in the mag, but hey, at least my right arm looks good. Here’s some more toplessness:


Jona took more pics (of my hideous farmer’s tan) after the guys left:


And that was pretty much it. Sayonara, balls.



Hi zack its Darron first off my list of things to say about this post is haha I’M #1 second great idea about the book and free advertisment.third i must be amazing like that 2 becuase i took a picture of Scott Rolen that had 2 camera flashes in it im not to sure that one of them wasnt a freaking orb spirit thing cause it kind of looks like a face well got to go im watching 8 men out so bye

Thank God the future Hamples have been spared.

haha nice…so how long did it take you to put all the balls back in the barrels? looks like theyre kinda sprawled all over the place…

nothing has happened in the mlb offseason yet except for the lidge deal. so many rumors speculating around the mets. minorly they resigned alou and easley. but we need pitching help in both areas (sp,rp). also, i think they can trade delgado for pitching. the tigers showed interest but didnt offer pitching…

im tired. giants play the cowboys tomorrow and they better win. im so pumped for it.


I like the one you use the ball washing your arm the most.

Here are some interesting pics I took when I went for a ballpark tour in Dodger Stadium.

Here is when dodgers play in the coliseum. I definitely will go to the coliseum dodger game. I can literally bike there.

Babe Ruth used be dodger 1st base coach for like 3 months. I was really surprised when I saw the pic. I thought someone photoshop babe ruth’s head on dodger jersey

btw, I hate dodger stadium more after the ballpark visit.

Nice pics can i get an autograph ? – Brandon

Zack, your glove looks older than me. How long have you had it?

i cant wait until i get that one. i subscribed to that magazine a while ago

Congrats on being the first to comment. There was a more intense battle a year or two ago on each entry for the top spot. Perhaps you’re helping to bring back a new rivalry.




Jona helped. It didn’t take long. 15 or 20 minutes, tops. And it was fun. I love having an excuse to dump out hundreds of balls and play with them and look at ‘em all quickly as I put them away. EVERYone needs pitching except, maybe, the Red Sox. Bummer about the NY Giants.


Thanks. Cool pics. That Coliseum looks like a weird place, but then again, by today’s standards many old ballparks are weird.


Thanks. If you really DO want something signed, just send me a private email and I’ll tell you where to mail it.


Both of my gloves are from the early 90s, I think. I’ve just taken much better care of the Rawlings glove because it’s a GOOD glove, and it was the one I actually used in high school and college. The other glove is now just a “glove trick” glove, and it’s falling apart. I might have it repaired this off-season.


Let me know when you get it.

I kept wondering what you would you find to write about when the season was over but I guess I didn’t need to worry. There’s always something interesting going on in your life. Btw, I LOVE watching a man do housework. It’s good practice for when, well, you know, when…

Yeah, then they’re both older than me. Well, I was born in the early 90’s so maybe not, but glad to see your taking care of the great game of baseball.

It never ends. (Baseball AND housework, that is.)



dude, talk about getting hit in the ballz! lol

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