33 pounds of baseballs

I lugged 100 more baseballs over to my parents’ place the other night, and of course my girlfriend was there to document it.


100 baseballs = heavy
Distance to parents’ place = 0.3 miles
Free exercise = excellent
Tomorrow’s blog entry = more interesting


way to go.

Bonds is indicted for lying about knowinlgly taking steriods, lying about Greg Anderson never injecting him with steriods, and lying about taking HGH. He is also indicted for and ostruction of justice charges.




nice big day in the baseball world…

1-as puckcollector said, barry bonds was indicted and greg anderson was released from prison. apparently if he is found guily of everything brough against him, he could face possibly up to 30 years in prison. imagine, hr champ in jail…haha

2-****-rod signs 275 mil, 10 year deal with the yanks. good news for you zack, you can go for his homers the next 10 years. poor baby got 25 mil less than he originally wanted. i hope he doesnt cry! im happy he signed though **** stay away from ruining the mets. maybe with that kind of $$$$ he won’t slap peoples gloves while runnnng to 1st. or yell at the third baseman on a pop-up. or his wife won’t wear f-you shirts to games. or he won’t be seen with other women in toronto. but i doubt it. it will get worse.

3-in mets news, yorvit torrealba signs for 3 years, 14.5 mil approx….im kinda upset at this move, its another omar minaya move, signing hispanics(no racist intended) that arent as good as other guys he coulda gotten. i wanted paul lo duca back, hes better overall. plus hes the only one who shows heart and fire on this team. wright will be the only unhispanic left soon. im not racist, its just so obvious how he works. its ridiculous.’

and nothing against torrealba, he is a good player. but not paul loduca…

and those are my thoughts

Bonds has a minimum of 18 years if he is guilty of all charges(which he is). Funny how Tax Evasion isn’t one of the charges. I have 70 life time balls, and got 56 this year in 23 games. My goal is 100 balls for next year. I should be able to take the subway by myself to the games, so that should bump up my snagging totals.

Go A-ROD!!

I left my 2007 stats on your last entry. I was surprised some of those numbers were as low as they were. I’m going for 250 balls next year. (I’d be happy with 200 though.)

I was just thinking: what reaction would a mugger have if he tried to steal your bag?

A-Rod did not officially sign yet. There is still stuff being worked out.

He gets part of the Yanks Revenue shares when he’s chasing Hank Aarons HR Record(I know it’s not Aaron’s but it should be.)

gjk, I’m beyond disappointed with the Yorvit Torrealba signing. He’s a marginal hitter, at best. Most likely, he’ll be batting in the 8th spot, since his power is more or less non-existent. I heard on the radio that his batting average on the road last year was .212!!!! I guess Omar must know something, because this is very puzzling for a lot of Mets fans! So much for the power hitting catcher days of Mike Piazza. Those days are long gone! Zack, comments on the signing?

Sorry for dropping out of sight for the last day or two, especially here in the comments section, and to those who’ve emailed me privately. Now I have a crazy afternoon of stuff ahead of me, so gimme a few hours and I’ll answer everyone soon…and I’ll post another entry.

I just posted a new entry with some thoughts on Bonds and A-Rod. As for Yorvit, I’m not that impressed with him. He’s solid defensively and adequate with the bat. Big whoop. I think he’ll be fine, and I think the Mets will be fine. Their offense is good enough that they don’t need a big bat behind the plate. Plus there aren’t THAT many catchers who can really hit that well anyway. Defense is more important, perhaps MOST important, behind the plate. As for the Latino factor, all I can say is “get used to it.” I’m not sure of the exact percentage, but something like half the players in the Minor Leagues are Latino, and that number is only going up. African-Americans dominate the NBA, and I think it’s only a matter of time until Latino players dominate MLB. My response: SO?! I don’t care where people are from or what they look like. If they’re good guys and respect the game and play it well, I’ll be happy to watch anyone play. I mean, would you rather have Jack Wilson at short instead of Jose Reyes? I don’t think anyone would sign up for that, but I hear ya on Lo Duca, but even HE was getting booed down the stretch when his batting average dipped.


Well said. (Consider re-posting your stats on my stats entry. That way, we’ll have a more complete collection, all in one spot, of everyone’s stats.)


Got ‘em. Thanks. I left you a comment there.


None. He’d be dead.


True. But we can all still get giddy about it. :-)


See above for my Yorvit thoughts.

glk etc…homophobic…racist

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