Mystery autographs

Every now and then, I get random emails from people who need help identifying autographs. Here’s the latest:

Hello Zack!

Quite an interesting hobby you have there :)
Well, let me first introduce myself. My name ist Stanislav and I live in Germany for
about 9 years now. Previously I lived with my family in Greece, Athens.

Why am I writing to you? I need your help!

As we lived in Greece, my father was working at an former US-army base.
During his work there he found an autographed baseball under the ground.
He brought it home and gave it to me as I was just 10 years old.
I never paid attention to it, but since 2 years I try to find out whose autographs there are
on the ball.

The ball looks quite old and used and I think it’s before the 1970’s. I counted a total of 7 or 8 autographs.

I have attached some photographs in hope that you will be able to help me.
I would be happy to hear from you!







I have noooo idea who any of these autographs might be. Anyone want to take a stab at identifying them? (Anyone have an extra Futures Game ball from 2005? I recently heard from another guy who’s looking to buy one.)


Does the person mean 7 or 8 letters, or 7 or 8 autographs?

BTW, when I said Egyptian in the last entry, I meant like the hyrogliphics on the pyramids.

Hello! This is Stanislav, from the eMail :)

First a huge THANK YOU to Zack, that you took the time and published my eMail. I’m very glad that my e-mail didn’t just land in the bin ;)

To puckcollector: I ment 7-8 autographs.

Thank you for your help guys!!

I like to ask you a favor. Recently I have started my baseball blog that documents all my autograph-hounding experiences as well as other baseball-related stuff. I just wonder that if I can have permission to use pictures from your website? Of course, I will put proper references (MLA format) of pictures I use.

My blog is writing in Chinese and is intended for Taiwanese baseball fans, as there are more and more Taiwanese ppl watching MLB nowadays. My goal is to introduce American baseball and all the fun stuff I did. I recently found up a major baseball website that features top baseball bloggers in Taiwan. I would love my blog to be featured there.

Here is the link (still not complete):!u6fxHcWBERpFtBkpjT0DLJVIND_J8nrH


The first picture looks like Kent Tekulve to me, but I’m 40 and going blind.


Hey everyone…

Almost forgot. I got bored at work one night and emailed almost every MLB team for any free schwag they might have. That was about two weeks ago. To date I have received items from the Orioles, Red Sox, Indians, Yankees, Blue Jays, Diamondbacks, Reds, Astros and Brewers. If anyone is interested, you can get a lot of stuff. Got two cool bobble heads of Aaron Harang from the Reds and some Fenway Park dirt. Ha ha. Good times. 52 days until my Arizona Spring Training trip. Can’t wait.


Padreleigh, very cool. What did you say in your emails? Did you request dirt, or did the Red Sox just send it? Is there a site that lists all of the email addresses?

Zack, I just saw this on and thought of you. Now they have robes of pro sports teams, and you can customize them. Here’s a Ripken one:

They’re not cheap though…

They’re like $200 each!

You make me feel so jealous. I want to have that Fenway dirt bad. Seem like now is not too that to send out fanpack request. I have the same question as psu532, what do you write on your requent. Do you mind sharing a simple format? Thanks


Here is the best link about fanpack


Just curious, are you able to ask ball in Chinese? I mean, Chinese is not alphabet-based. If you do, I will be very impressed. It works like a charm on Taiwanese players. And what is the 3rd most language you use, behind English and Spanish?


Good luck in trying to figure out this autograph because I have no idea. Perhaps someone Greek signed this ball after attending a wedding reception!

One question: During batting practice at Yankee Stadium — are fans allowed to move freely around the park to snag balls? I look forward to your reply on this very important matter.

How close can you get to field level for snagging baseballs in the infield area and are there any problems with ushers in BP about where you are standing? If you are standing near the foul pole, are you allowed to stand there?

Mike, I’ve been to Yankees stadium, against the Sox, so it was very very crowded. I had left field bleacher seats, but I pretty much had access to all sections that weren’t for season tickets.

i just checked amazon for something and i found 7 copies of how to snag major league baseballs for about 50-60 bucks each. how to snag is showing up a lot recently

I know this competition ended a lonnggg time ago, but I recently got a new score in Cubefield. I got a score of about 200k, so I am very proud of myself. Someday Zack, someday….


I did not request the dirt. They just sent it in a little baggie.

What I said in each email was something along the lines of:

To whom it may concern:

I am a big (insert team name here) fan transplanted out here in San Diego. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send me and my kids any fan packs or leftover giveawys you might have? Anything you could send would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Your name and address

Just copy and paste away to each and every team on their email/contact form on their website. Good luck.


Jacobs Field will now be called Progressive Field for the next 16 years. That’s the ultimate insult to Jacobs(who is dead right?)

I think that if you REALLY want to find out who signed the baseballs, you should make a little more public. I don’t know how you would do that though, because this place is pretty public and your popular on this website ;).

for everyone on the fan packs:

here is my letter.


I was wondering if you could send a fan pack to the following address:

(insert address)

Anything autographed would be great, if possible. Either way, receiving a fan pack would be fantastic.

I copied and pasted it on every email. I sent emails to every team in the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, MiLB, NCAA, WNBA, CFL, AFL.

to date i have recieved around 125 fan packs. i started doing this in the beginning of november. also i have received some email request autographs free.

brian billick, chan gailey, mack brown, rex walters, joh calipari, tommy bowden, and mike eruzione(olympic hockey hero 1980)

it really is awesome, getting all this free stuff. off to watching my hs hockey team play with my dislocated shoulder. blah.

go giants tomorrow whooo!


u got to keep ya blog active!! it’aint active enough..


luv ur blog, but keep it active!!!!!!!!!!!! or ten its weird.

Sorry for taking a few days to answer the comments. All I can say is…it’s not baseball season, and I’ve been spending lots of time doing other things…but you know I’m here and I’ll keep the blog going and keep answering all the comments.


Ahh yes, Hieroglyphics. THAT would be cool. The new name of the Indians’ ballpark, however, is not. Ouch!


You’re very welcome. I’m glad to try to help, but it doesn’t look like we came through for you. Sorry about that. But at the very least, you now have these photos online, so in the future, if you want to show them to other people, all you have to do is send them the link to this entry. You also might consider checking back on this entry in the future. When people discover this blog for the first time, they sometimes read old entries and leave comments, so you never know when this mystery will be solved.


Thanks for asking, and the answer is yes. Feel free to use my photos. I do know how to ask for ball in Chinese, but never considered using it on the Taiwanese players. Why not just use Taiwanese itself? After English and Spanish, I use Japanese the most.


Interesting…Tekulve. I never would’ve thought of him, and I still have no idea if you’re right. Very cool about the fan packs and your fast-approaching trip to Arizona.


Now THAT is a robe.


At Yankee Stadium, you can go anywhere at anytime (BP or game) except the seats behind home plate, behind the dugouts, and down the 1st and 3rd base lines…UNLESS…you actually have tickets for those sections. You’ll have no problem moving around in the outfield during BP, but keep in mind that the stadium will be extremely crowded. You can stay near the foul pole at any time. Even during the game itself, you can grab an empty seat there without being hassled…that is, IF you can even find an empty seat. There are no ushers…only security guards. You can’t bribe them. They’re impossible and show no emotion. They’re like robots, so don’t try to reason with them. You should only try to avoid them.


Congrats on the new Cubefield score. Somehow, my high score was bumped off the site’s list. I need to look into that…


Seriously? Hmm. I wonder why.


Man, that’s a lot of fan packs. Sorry about your shoulder. How’d that happen?


I’m trying, I’m trying. My blog always slows down this time of year. At worst, I’ll go a week between entries, but this blog isn’t dying. Don’t worry. And in just a few months, it’ll be kickin’ once again. In the meantime, thanks to you and everyone here for sticking around during this slower time.

Zack, I’ll try to find out how to ask for a ball in Latin tomorrow. I doubt my teacher will tell me though because he is young and stubborn. Plus, he thinks I’m talking about him behind his back (I’m not) and so he doesn’t like me. I’ll try my best.

Dear friend I my self have mystery autograph but unlike probably a lot of people who contact you for help mine is is most likely an easy one to find putt as it is a signed hockey puck from the 1996 17th annual sports collectors convention that was held in so cal it is signed and has also been inscribed with jersey #8 which should make it easy to determine who signed it if you or someone you might know has any guest list from that convention as there could only be so many players ghat attended that wore that jersey number and any help would be greatly appreciated

You’ve had five years. Have you learned the Latin phrase yet?

Sorry, but I don’t deal with hockey at all.

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