Best/Worst of NYC

The best of New York City = seeing Richie Havens the other night:


The worst of NYC = the subway home smelling like a toilet:


Gotta love this town.


Having the opp’ty to see/hear Richie Havens is, among numberless other great possibilities, one of the things that makes living in New York effing City so LIFE- AFFIRMING & SPECTAULAR!

I was in the NY subway when I went to the Sox/Yanks game in NY. Are there always people on there trying to get you to donate money to them because they “just got out of jail and had surgery and they need it to get who knows what”??? That was kind of an experience. Oh yeah, there was also this guy in a very tight suit who was a little muscular and chubby, singing, quite loudly, and dancing in his seat to his iPod. Gotta love versatility.

Z: I heard u writing bout yankee stadium on other post. I might see a yankee game in 2008. you are allowed to stand near the foul poles and the outfield in BP?? can you give me a tip on getting balls in yankee stadium????

please, thnk u!

i want to get a auto, I only got my self the 4 autos ever and no ball, please give me some tips on getting balls in yankee stadium…

I am not nearly as good as zack, but I can tell you that Yankee stadium is a hard place for balls and autos. First of all, they pretty much sell out every game, so getting to the foul pole is hard. When I went last summer, every single wall had 3 rows of people around it. So good luck.



Yeah, that’s just how it is in the subway here. I usually crank up my own iPod to drown them out. I’ll end up being deaf by the time I’m 50, but hey, at least I’ve found tranquility for the time being.


You should ask “The Ultimate Baseball Collector” about Yankee Stadium…fine young man named Chris…I hear he might be seeing a game there this season as well. :-)

Why not tell MONGOOSE to ask me huh? I saw got 13 balls there in one night!

Who is Richie Havens? I only know Richie Valens.


Because “mongoose” and Chris already know each other pretty well.


Did you click his name at the top of the entry?

OK. I think i know how to say “can i have a ball” in Latin. I looked on the internet for ‘ball’ and i already know have and I. I think it would be something like “ego trigon habeo? “Ego” is pronounced like “let go of my ego” from those ego waffle commercials, trigon is pronounced like the word trigger from like a gun, so it would be trig-on, then habeo is pronounced like reHAB long “e” long “o”. So it will sound like “egg-o trig-on hab-ee-o”. If you have any questions just post back or email me at, and I’ll try to post a picture with a dictionary type pronunciation.


Brooklyn-born Richie Havens is one of the great – truly great – folk singers of the world, who came into prominence in the 60’s. He performed at Woodstock, the Monterey and Newport Festivals, and sings traditional, self-composed and the songs of others. His versions of Dylan’s “Just Like A Woman” and “I Ain’t Gonna Work On Maggie’s Farm No More” are classics. He sings from the very center of his soul, songs with special meaning to him, as opposed to slumming in the field of commercial stuff. Google him. Check out his performances on YouTube. And if you are touched as deeply by him and his music as millions of others, you will buy his CD’s and enrich your life more than mere words can say. Happy Havens listening.

Fair enought. But I will give one tip:

DON’T GO THERE!! (and I’m sure many other ball collecters will agree)

Interesting. As soon as you posted this, I called my half-brother (who is to languages what I am to baseballs) and asked him about the Latin. He gave me something different, so I’m not sure who to believe…although instead of “have,” he used the word “throw.”


Who knew you were such a Richie Havens fan?


Excellent advice.

Zack, you may not be famous, but you are without a doubt simply the coolest human being on earth. You sir are the MAN!!!!!

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