Okay, I can finally stop being coy and reveal the big secret:


The fan who snagged Barry Bonds’ final home run ball has been discovered. I’ve been working on this story for months, and you can read it here.

To those of you who are finding this blog for the first time…welcome aboard. Scroll down and check out some of my older entries, and come back once the regular season gets underway. I’ll be attending lots of games and describing every detail.

Meanwhile, I’m now in Denver. The press conference is taking place later today at the ESPN Zone at 10:00 am MDT. (That’s noon for all you people on the east coast.) Not sure if ESPN will be broadcasting it live. There’s still a lot I don’t know, but I’ll have answers and stories and photos soon, and I’ll post a big entry about it when I get back to NYC.


Nice article Zack. I’m not confused any longer. I’m glad the “kid” got the ball. Screw that guy from SF and the old codger. Maybe some good will come from this for his family. I love baseball.


P.S. The ESPH Zone in Denver has good chicken sandwiches and fries.

Ummm, let’s try again. It’s the ESPN Zone, not ESPH. Ha ha. Hopefully, you’ll get some air time. Later…Leigh

Great job Zack. You are the first person to break the story, no?


Glad to see you’re making inroads for both yourself and our hobby with “the man”. Keep up the good work.

Also, if Bonds does end up signing with Tampa, judging from the video I may need to wear knee pads and elbow braces to games.

well i use yahoo always for fantasy baseball and i went to go check my mail, so i just hit home ( is my homepage) and normally theyve had this article about is russell martin worth drafting over victor martinez because he gets steals as a catcher (BTW- i never draft a catcher before round 18-just my rule) and they had just what you saw “mystery of flight 762” and i saw it and immediately remembered your “breaking news” post…anyway i skimmed the article cause it was like 2:30 in the morning or so…and i saw at the bottom that you were mentioned…and im like oh my god!

then when i was brining the link to place it on your website i realized that you wrote the freakin thing

and i must say it was very very well done…and im glad they chose you to write it based on your own experience with a bonds ball…i sent it out to all my friends and whatnot so hopefully itll get some extra views

Wow Zack! That was really an interesting read. Great research and great writing on your part. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Very nice article Zack! For some reason I just randomly started reading it a few minutes ago, and I didn’t realize that you had written it until I got to the end! I should’ve known, because the other day you were saying how you had something big, big, big that was going to happen…….

I know Darren Rovell on CNBC has been dying to know the identity of the person who has ball #762!

I don’t know how much longer this story will appear on this webpage, but here’s Zack in a Denver news story. (click on the Video icon next to the Bonds story).

Good job Zack!

wow thanks father puck…awesome zack, getting national media attention now!

that was really cool, too bad u had to go to colorado when baseball wont be there for another few weeks..

Thanks! There was free food at the ESPN Zone, provided by SCP Auctions (which is the auction house that will be selling The Ball).


You are correct. I was indeed the first…a fact that was sadly missed by most people because my story (which I finished writing a MONTH ago) wasn’t published until 12 hours before the press conference, at which point it was gobbled up by every news outlet in the county.


Thanks, and you’ll need more than that. Consider hiring a bodyguard.


Cool, thanks for letting me know. For the record, though…no one “chose” me to write this story. I investigated and wrote the whole thing on my own and THEN looked for newspapers and magazines and web sites who might be interested in publishing it. Yahoo made the best offer, but they weren’t able to get it out sooner.


Thank you! (If you think THAT article was interesting, you should’ve seen my original, unedited draft which was more than twice as long. Too bad so many interesting facts and quotes got cut, but that’s the nature of the journalism biz.)


Ha, yeah, Rovell was on this thing for months, but unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have any connections in baseball-snagging world.


Thanks for the link. I totally wouldn’t have found that.


I know, the timing of the trip was just a bit too soon, but obviously that wasn’t up to me. Anyway, thanks for checking it out.


Within the next day or two, I’ll be posting an entry (with a bunch of pics) about my experience at the press conference…



Hi Zack…

I think it would be really cool if you posted the much larger, original draft on here for all of us to read. I’d like to see all the stuff that was cut for sure. Would you be willing to do that? Also, who was behind flying you out to Denver? Was it an ESPN thing, Yahoo or the Auction House? Just curious. One last time from me. I really liked your story. It was outstanding. Great research. You are bringing the snagging “hobby” into the national spotlight. Hey, when you “shopped” this story around, do you have to do all the legwork or do you have an agent/publicist do it for you? Too cool.


Hey Zack, it’s Dan from Denver. I just got home (midnight), and have 32 emails from friends with links to various stories about “762”. I just wanted to let you know your article was by far the best of any that I read, hands down. I didn’t realize you had written it, also, until I got to the end. I kept thinking, this guy did a lot better job of going into detail about what really happened than any of the other articles I had read. Great job.

Zack you definitely beat Rovell to the finish line! Very nice! As far as I know, he was only posting a message on his blog for the holder of the 762nd ball to contact him so he could interview him. Not the most convincing. I’m guessing he’ll probably pick up on your story soon and write something about the auction. I’ll link it on here, in case you’re interested.

This auction is going to be very interesting. It’s a great time to sell the ball, since it’s definitely appearing that Barry’s MLB career will be over, but if he pulls a Roger Clemens and signs with a team and hits a few more HR’s, then that 762nd ball will be barely worth anything!

Hey Zack,
I was wondering if you think he should be selling it right now? I don’t think it’s going to go for as much as it would in another year when Bonds doesn’t play in the 08′ season. I still think there are people bidding on it that would bid higher in another year if he didn’t play. On the other hand, if it does sell for a lot right now, and he does play again and hits another, Sutton would have gambled and won, since the ball would completely depreciate in value.

Great article, really well written and interesting.

Tonight I drive with my family to Arizona for 4 days of spring training. If any of you guys have tips for the Cactus League, I’m all ears.

I look forward to seeing your post about the press conference…sounds really exciting.


Zack, the very popular sports blog, Deadspin, just linked to your article…..

Good point. Thanks.


As you have already seen by now, I posted the full version. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say who flew me out. I think the person behind it would prefer to remain anonymous. I did some of the legwork, but I also had an agent and a P.R. guy helping out.


Thanks so much. Hope you’ve seen the FULL version that I just posted here on the blog the other night. It’s even better (better, that is, if you like details) than the Yahoo version. But I really appreciate it. As for when to sell the ball, it’s a gamble either way, but by selling it now, it’s a pretty safe bet that Jameson will get at least a decent chunk ‘o change.


I feel *really* lucky that I beat him (and everyone else) to it. Very cool about Deadspin. Thanks for the heads-up on that.


Good luck in Arizona. I’m gonna wait a couple more days to post about the press conference. I just posted my FULL version of the story of No. 762 and I want to leave that at the top of my blog a bit longer.

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