You asked for it.
You got it.
Here are my final ball-snagging stats from the 2008 season…

2008 TOTALS:
? 73 games attended (including two without batting practice)
? 13 stadiums
? 543 balls
? 7.4 balls per game
? Most balls at one game: 28
? Fewest balls at one game: 2
? 23 games with at least 10 balls
? 13 game balls (not counting game-used balls that get tossed into the crowd)
? 1 game ball every 5.6 games

? April — 94
? May — 31
? June — 94
? July — 51
? August — 138
? September — 131
? October — 4

? Thrown — 299
? Hit — 140
? Glove trick — 97
? Found (aka “Easter eggs”) — 7

? Batting practice — 399
? Pregame (not during BP) — 68
? During games (including thrown balls) — 45
? After games — 31

? During batting practice — 52
? During games — 11

? Shea — 107
? Citizens Bank — 95
? Yankee — 90
? Camden — 48
? Coors — 38
? PETCO — 33
? Nationals — 28
? Champion — 27
? Dolphin — 27
? PNC — 16
? Dodger — 15
? Angel — 11
? Fenway — 8

? 17 games attended
? 107 balls
? 6.3 balls per game

? 9 games attended
? 95 balls
? 10.6 balls per game

? 20 games attended
? 90 balls
? 4.5 balls per game

? 5 games attended
? 48 balls
? 9.6 balls per game

? 5 games attended
? 38 balls
? 7.6 balls per game

? 2 games attended
? 33 balls
? 16.5 balls per game

? 1 game attended
? 28 balls
? Wow!

? 3 games attended
? 27 balls
? 9 balls per game

? 4 games attended
? 27 balls
? 6.8 balls per game

? 2 games attended
? 16 balls
? 8 balls per game

? 2 games attended
? 15 balls
? 7.5 balls per game

? 1 game attended
? 11 balls
? 1 cracked rib per game

? 2 games attended
? 8 balls
? 4 balls per game

? 37 games attended
? 197 balls
? 5.3 balls per game

? 36 games attended
? 346 balls
? 9.6 balls per game

? Most balls in one season: 543
? Most balls in two consecutive seasons: 859
? Most balls in one season outside of New York City: 346
? Most balls in one month: 138
? Most balls in one week: 70
? Most balls at one game: 28
? Most balls at two consecutive games: 38
? Most balls at three consecutive games: 48
? Most home run balls during games in one season: 5
? Most balls at one World Series game: 4

? 500th consecutive game with at least one ball — 4/9/08 at Shea Stadium
? 3,300th ball — thrown by a Mets coach on 4/9/08 at Shea Stadium
? 3,000th ball since my consecutive games streak began — thrown by Marlins coach Pierre Arsenault on 4/10/08 at Nationals Park
? 800th lifetime ball outside of NYC — tossed by a ballboy on 4/24/08 at Champion Stadium
? 100th ball of the season — retrieved with the glove trick on 5/21/08 at Yankee Stadium
? 100th lifetime ball at Citizens Bank Park — tossed by Phillies coach Ramon Henderson on 5/28/08
? 3,400th ball — thrown by Chad Bradford on 5/31/08 at Camden Yards
? 80th lifetime game with 10 or more balls — 6/2/08 at Citizens Bank Park
? 200th ball of the season — foul ball hit by Ben Francisco during the game on 6/19/08 at Coors Field
? 900th lifetime ball outside of NYC — thrown by Ramon Castro on 6/20/08 at Coors Field
? 3,500th ball — thrown by LaTroy Hawkins on 7/2/08 at Yankee Stadium
? 100th game ball since my consecutive games streak began — home run hit by Kevin Millar during the game on 7/28/08 at Yankee Stadium
? 120th lifetime game ball — foul ball hit by Tadahito Iguchi on 8/6/08 at Shea Stadium
? 300th ball of the season — retrieved with the glove trick on 8/9/08 at Shea Stadium
? 10th consecutive Watch with Zack game with at least two balls — 8/19/08 at Citizens Bank Park
? 3,600th ball — home run hit by a Nationals righty during batting practice on 8/19/08 at Citizens Bank Park
? 10th game ball of the season — hit by Brandon Backe on 8/23/08 at Shea Stadium
? 1,000th lifetime ball outside of NYC — home run hit by a Rangers lefty during batting practice on 8/30/08 at Angel Stadium
? 550th consecutive game with at least one ball — 8/31/08 at PETCO Park
? 400th ball of the season — tossed by Heath Bell on 8/31/08 at PETCO Park
? 90th lifetime game with 10 or more balls — 9/2/08 at Dodger Stadium
? 3,700th ball — tossed by umpire Jerry Meals on 9/2/08 at Dodger Stadium
? 20th game of the season with 10 or more balls — 9/11/08 at Camden Yards
? 500th ball of the season — thrown by Will Ohman on 9/22/08 at Citizens Bank Park
? 3,800th ball — thrown by Martin Prado on 9/24/08 at Citizens Bank Park
? 10th consecutive post-season game with at least one ball — Game 4 of the 2008 World Series



? Blue Jays/Yankees lineup card on 4/2/08 at Yankee Stadium
? Blue Jays/Rays lineup card on 4/23/08 at Champion Stadium
? Heath Bell’s cap on 8/31/08 at PETCO Park
? Greg Norton’s bat on 9/24/08 at Citizens Bank Park
? Braves/Phillies lineup cards on 9/24/08 at Citizens Bank Park
? Wes Helms’ batting glove on 9/28/08 at Shea Stadium
? Jorge Cantu’s cap on 9/28/08 at Shea Stadium
? 20 autographs (not counting managers’ signatures on lineup cards): Matt Antonelli, Milton Bradley, Jamey Carroll, Scott Elarton, Jeff Francis, Edgar Gonzalez, Jason Grilli, Todd Helton, Ryan Howard, Mike Lincoln, Steve Pearce, Brandon Phillips, Jon Rauch, Tim Redding, Wandy Rodriguez, Adam Rosales, Benito Santiago, Greg Smith, Ryan Spilborghs, and Dave Trembley

? Catching the last home run ever hit by a Mets player at Shea Stadium. CLICK HERE for the video.


? 3,820 balls
? 124 game balls
? 1,087 balls outside of NYC
? 25 game balls outside of NYC
? 44 major league stadiums with at least one ball
? 1,006 players and coaches who’ve thrown balls to me (including 117 new ones this year)
? 751 games attended (approximation)

? 569 total consecutive games with at least one ball
? 338 consecutive Mets home games games with at least one ball
? 142 consecutive games outside of NYC with at least one ball
? 128 consecutive Yankees home games with at least one ball
? 61 consecutive Yankees home games with at least two balls
? 14 consecutive Watch With Zack games with at least two balls
? 11 consecutive seasons with at least 100 balls
? 10 consecutive seasons with at least one game ball
? 10 consecutive post-season games with at least one ball
? 5 consecutive seasons with at least 200 balls
? 4 consecutive World Series games with at least one ball
? 2 consecutive Home Run Derbies with at least three balls
? 2 consecutive seasons with at least 300 balls

? 2,090 major league
? 1,060 National League
? 523 American League
? 40 no-logo balls
? 31 blue training balls
? 27 from the 2005 All-Star Game
? 13 from the 2000 World Series
? 8 green training balls
? 6 from the 2008 All-Star Game
? 5 from the 2000 All-Star Game
? 4 from “Serie de los Expos de Montreal”
? 4 from the Pacific Coast League (snagged on 4/8/08 at Fenway Park)
? 3 from the 2001 World Series
? 3 from the 2002 All-Star Game
? 2 from the 2006 All-Star Game
? 1 from the Arizona Fall League (snagged on 5/14/07 at Shea Stadium)

? 1990 —- 4
? 1991 —- 14
? 1992 —- 128 (9)
? 1993 —- 218 (14)
? 1994 —- 201 (6)
? 1995 —- 273 (8)
? 1996 —- 177 (5)
? 1997 —- 59
? 1998 —- 192
? 1999 —- 251 (7)
? 2000 —- 163 (6)
? 2001 —- 134 (5)
? 2002 —- 149 (5)
? 2003 —- 168 (4)
? 2004 —- 300 (10)
? 2005 —- 321 (10)
? 2006 —- 209 (9)
? 2007 —- 316 (13)
? 2008 —- 543 (13)

? Average season: 201 balls including 6.5 gamers

? 1990 —- n/a
? 1991 —- n/a
? 1992 —- n/a
? 1993 —- 25,061
? 1994 —- 25,044
? 1995 —- 21,111
? 1996 —- 19,675
? 1997 —- 21,409
? 1998 —- 26,949
? 1999 —- 30,116
? 2000 —- 29,524
? 2001 —- 26,678
? 2002 —- 34,421
? 2003 —- 28,407
? 2004 —- 28,094
? 2005 —- 34,075
? 2006 —- 36,885
? 2007 —- 42,154
? 2008 —- 40,934

? Average attendance of every game I’ve ever attended: 29,408

That’s it.
Now I want to hear from you.
Feel free to leave a comment and share your final stats with everyone.
(And don’t forget to send me your photos. You have four days left.)

No Comments

WOW! You are definitely OBSESSED with statistics! I wish I would have kept track of a lot more than just how many balls I have caught at each game. It is actually pretty cool to see all of your stats! I guess I will have to start keeping more detailed stats of the balls I get.
We should really go on a Ballhawking Extravaganza along with Rockpile Ranter in the Blog Mobile next season! How cool would that be! All baseball and all Ballhawking all the time! A game every day! Could you imagine?
It is crazy to think that between the 2 of us we have caught 6,649 baseballs at Major League Games and if you throw in spring training and minor league games it might be close to 9,000 baseballs!
Hopefully next year we will get to spend time at the ballpark and hang out instead of in a Shell Station across from NBC!
Have a great Thanksgiving!
Major League Ballhawk
Author of “Taking Home A Piece Of The Game”
Available now at

Zack- I’d love to see these stats worked into a personal annual report, like this guy:



We are not worthy…lol…That is some awesome stats for the year..

Mike in Detroit

Holy cow, you really are the “Sultan of Snag”! And you took all that time to sort through all those stats!

Though, one that is missing that I was kind of expected to see was the distribution of balls given to you by players, managers, coaches, ballboys, ballgirls, etc.

Your stats certainly dwarf mine, but here they are nonetheless:

2008 TOTALS:
? 56 games attended (i attended approximately 15 more, but went with no intention of snagging – these were non-BP games, such as Sundays)
? 2 stadiums
? 128 balls
? 2.29 balls per game
? Most balls at one game: 7
? Fewest balls at one game: 0
? Game Balls: 0

? April — 20
? May — 18
? June — 34
? July — 15
? August — 25
? September — 16

? Thrown — 20
? Hit — 101
? Glove trick — 3
? Found (aka “Easter eggs”) — 4

? Batting practice — 114
? Pregame (not during BP) — 8
? During games (including thrown balls) — 6
? After games — 0

? PNC Park — 123
? Progressive Field — 5

? 55 games attended
? 123 balls
? 2.23 balls per game

? 1 game attended
? 5 balls
? 5.0 balls per game

? Most balls at one game: 7 (June 20th, 2008 vs Blue Jays @ PNC Park)
? Most balls in two consecutive games: 11
? Most balls in one month: 34

? 100th career ball obtained 6/20/08
? 100th ball of 2008 obtained on 8/25/08 – Derrek Lee Home Run.
? 100th ball at PNC Park in 2008 obtained on 8/30/08, thrown by Ian Snell
? 111th ball at PNC Park in 2008 to break Jim’s record caught 9/14/08 – HR by Brenden Ryan

? Ian Snell brand new autographed batting practice hat (thrown 9/21 into crowd)
? 2 Shea Stadium commerorative balls
? 1 National Park commemorative ball
? 1 Yankee Stadium commemorative ball

? Catching Ian Snell’s Batting Practice Hat after the final game of the season.
? Taking actual batting practice on the field of PNC Park on 9/24/08

? Badly injuring my leg on 7/8/08 after snagging one ball. I banged it off of a bleacher and it swelled up real quickly. It looked like a baseball was under my skin it was bulging so bad. I went to First Aid, and then went home to ice it. I missed most of batting practice and only ended up getting 1 ball that day, and it had a huge freakin’ H on it from the Houston Astros.

? 166 balls
? 1 game ball
? 5 balls outside of Pittsburgh
? 2 major league stadiums with at least one ball

? 7 total consecutive games with at least one ball

? 2006 —- 5 (1)
? 2007 —- 33
? 2008 —- 128

Looking forward to 2009!

Z’man, the breakdown of your stats is freggin mindbending.
I plan to keep much better notes of each snagging. It’s all about the details, and when you snag several baseballs, the little details can escape you. Props to a record year for you man. You know me brotha, I’m going all out next season. It’s not like I could give you a run for your money, I’ve just set some personal goals (hopefully obtainable), I’d like to see if I can reach. I like Hawk’s idea…RV is ready, gas is’s warm in March…D

hey does anyone know how to convert a word doc to a jpg image? is it even possible to?

Wow. just wow…….. wow. joe

PUCK, try using the Print Screen button next to Scroll Lock. Paste the image into Microsoft Paint. You can cut it out, create a new Paint file, and save it as jpeg.

Since I only snagged a few balls last year, I’ll include them in the following totals as 2008 was my first full year of snagging. I basically went for BP home runs without the use of a glove or cup trick.

Braves- 17 – 5 standard & 12 training
Marlins- 4 – All standard, one caught on fly on C. Ross BP HR
Nationals- 4 – All training, one caught on fly.
Giants- 2 – All standard
Mets- 2- 1 standard, 1 Shea Comm. (last ball of the year)
Mariners- 1 – Standard (Ichiro BP HR)

Total – 30 Balls
13 Standard, 16 Training, 1 Commemorative

You are def organized!

How many balls did you expect this year? Instead of the total you got (I forgot what the total was)


Braves- thanks that worked, and zack i just sent in my picture, which i hate, but whatev.

as for my stats…
Well my season sucked. Only 53 balls. However, 32 of those came outside of YS so I guess it really is the hell of snagging. But (at least for this season) its quality not quantity. I got comm. Balls from the yanks Mets and nationals and the Futures Game. My only disappointments are getting shut out at the ASG and getting the only dirty ball at the Legends and Celebrities Softball game. Highlight: idk maybe David Prices auto in his debut/ final game at Yankee Stadium.


omg! the pirates sign pitchers from INdia! and i thought the islanders were bad.

I can’t really think of how many balls/ autographs I got, I think around (maybe really of esimate) 300+ autographs? So here are some highlights:
Getting Last Pitch from Game 4 of the 2008 WS and Michel Hernandez Bat (sorry Zack)
Damon’s bat after the final game
All Star Week
25 Cubs autographs at Nationals Park
4 Batting Gloves, 3 Bats, 2 Wristbands Total

OK, here I go:

2008 TOTALS:
32 games attended (Like Erik, I attended 12-14 more games where I didn’t attempt to get any balls)
5 ballparks
179 baseballs
5.5 balls per game
Most at balls at one game: 12
Least at one game: 0 (Where else but Yankee Stadium of course)
Game balls: 1 (foul ball not caught off fly)
April: 9
May: 15
June: 25
July: 16
August: 40
September: 74
Nationals Park: 167 balls in 24 games, 6.9 ball AVG
Camden Yards: 7 balls in 5 games, 1.4 ball AVG
PNC Park: 4 balls in 1 game, 4 ball AVG (skilled at math)
Shea Stadium: 1 ball in 1 game, 1 ball AVG
Yankee Stadium: 0 balls in 1 game, 0 ball AVG
Basically every snagging record you can think of. (I’m thinking the new ballpark helped me a bit)
200th ball of career: Placed in my glove by home plate umpire Scott Barry after game.
100th ball of 2008: Thrown by Nationals strength and conditioning coach in right field outfield seats.
100th ball at Nationals Park: Thrown by Les Walrond in right field outfield seats.
Willie Harris game used bat. (He just walked out of the dugout into the camera pit with four perfect Maroone bats and started handing them out. Weirdest thing.)
Wil Nieves game used bat (Last day, [game was rained out] of the season. He just flipped it on top of the dugout)
David Wright’s batting glove — Randomly flipped on dugout after game.
Adrian Gonzalez’s navy blue “pro hitter”. That’s the little thing hitters wear on their thumbs. For me, I always think of Josh Hamilton sticking it in his mouth after he singles.
Nationals Park Inaugural Season: 35-45 (Approximation)
Shea Stadium Final Season: 4 balls (All scruffed up) :C
Having Saul Rivera throw me my record breaking 10th ball (eventually got 12) on 9/3/08. After I thanked him profusely, he did a “your welcome” dance that is indescribable.
Sneaking into the visitors clubhouse at Nationals Park and doing my business in the bathroom urinals. It wasn’t on a game day of course, but rather on an “Open House”
Saving an old man’s life (or skull). Your basic BP home run catch right in front of an unsuspecting fan’s face. I’m sure you’ve done it a hundred times, Zack.
Here’s what happened: I was in the seats over the bullpen in left field at Nationals Park. Jon Rauch (when he was still with the Nats) threw a ball in between me and another kid without a glove. Rauch didn’t point or indicate who the ball was meant for, but the throw ended up drifting toward the other kid, but I kept shuffling over to try to catch it. Well, to make a long story short, I absolutely butchered the catch and the ball fell into the bullpen. Then Jon Rauch proceeded to criticize and taunt me for messing it up for both me and the other kid. I could care less about what Jon Rauch thinks, but I felt extremely bad about my horrendous error and screwing it up for the other kid. Would anyone care to look up Jon Rauch’s ERA after he was traded to Arizona? Anyone?
289 balls
133 games (Estimation, which includes games I don’t attempt to get balls)
26 consecutive games with at least one ball.
24 consecutive games with at least one ball at Nationals Park.
Games attended at 14 different major league ballparks:
–RFK Stadium: 67
–Nationals Park: 38
–Camden Yards: 10
–Shea Stadium: 6
–Yankee Stadium: 3
–AT&T Park: 2
–McAfee Coliseum: 2
–Dodger Stadium: 2
–Petco Park: 1
–Citizen?s Bank Park: 1
–Tropicana Field: 1
–Wrigley Park: 1
–U.S. Cellular Field: 1
–PNC Park: 1

2005: 4
2006: 7
2007: 99
2008: 179

The AFL season has ended, so I’m going into hibernation now. Wake me up in mid February.


That is so sick that you got all those game balls. I only got one… but it was cool because I was sitting ’bout 7 rows behind the Red Sox batting box, and I was screaming at Julio Lugo, and he threw me the ball he was warming up with :).
My friend also gave me a ball from a clincher game in ’05 for the Sox that Ortiz hit, and this pas spring training, I ran into the street, stopped Jed Lowrie in his truck, and asked for an autograph.

Rauch’s ERA- 6.56

and i truied to snag in 17 games this year for an avg of 3.1 which i guess isnt that bad

Final stats? 3 games, 1 ball, 5 autographs. Humble numbers, I know, but things will get better. Congrats on everthing. You have done a lot over the years!

Aaron: Willie Harris did the same thing for me. He came out of the dugout with like 15 bats and handed them out. And one time Rick Peterson took around 10 batting gloves and flipped them over the dugout after the end of the game. Security kept 6 for themselves.

Puck – Sweet justice. Every Washington ballhawk (all four of us) hated Rauch.

alco24 -15 bats? :o Willie’s a cool guy. Security always sucks.


“Wrigley Park”?! Stupid me. Ugh.


Zack, I thought you might appreciate this commercial from ESPN.

– Donnie

holy cow zack! you are freakin amazing!

Hey Zack, it’s Dan in Denver, I just posted a vid of Em doing the glove trick at the age of 3. Here it is:

Zack, these numbers are sick. Way to go man, great season! It was good meeting you the other day at Emack and Bolio’s. Let’s meet up and talk baseball some time soon. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Prose and Ivy

Here are my stats. Yay!

2008 TOTALS:
? 302 balls in 45 games
? 11 stadiums
? 6.71 balls per game
? Best single-game total: 14
? 5 games with at least 10 balls
? 3 game balls

? March — 40
? April — 30
? May — 50
? June — 36
? July — 56
? August — 65
? September — 25

? Shea ? 76 balls in 13 games (5.9 per game)
? Camden ? 45 balls in 6 games (7.5 per game)
? Citizens Bank ? 43 balls in 6 games (7.2 per game)
? Nationals ? 34 balls in 3 games (11.3 per game)
? Yankee ? 21 balls in 5 games (4.2 per game)
? Comerica ?13 balls in 2 games (6.5 per game)
? Progressive ? 11 balls in 2 games (5.5 per game)
? PETCO ? 9 balls in 1 game (9 per game)
? Angel ? 5 balls in 1 game (5 per game)
? Dodger ? 4 balls in 1 game (4 per game)
? Fenway ? 1 ball in 1 game (1 per game)

? 18 Shea final season
? 8 Nationals Park inaugural season
? 5 2008 ASG balls
? 4 Yankee Stadium final season

? Most balls in one season: 302
? Most balls in two consecutive seasons: 475
? Most balls in one month: 65
? Most balls at one game: 14

? 300th lifetime ball
? 400th lifetime ball
? 500th lifetime ball
? 100th consecutive game with at least one ball
? 50th lifetime cup-trick ball
? 300th lifetime thrown ball
? 400th lifetime thrown ball
? 400th lifetime standard ball (official MLB balls, non-commemoratives)
? 100th lifetime August ball
? 200th lifetime ball at Shea Stadium

? 574 balls
? 110 games attended (since I started snagging)
? 18 major league stadiums with at least one ball
? 276 players and coaches who have thrown me balls

? 110 consecutive games with at least one ball
? 47 consecutive games at Shea Stadium with at least one ball
? 57 consecutive games in NYC with at least one ball
? 53 consecutive games outside NYC with at least one ball

? pre-2006 — 7
? 2006 —- 99
? 2007 —- 173
? 2008 —- 302

In other news, I will definitely be taking my picture today. Sorry for the delay.

wow, greg, you got a ball at everysingle game you’ve went to since you started snagging

goislanders — Yeah. I’m fairly proud of that fact. Never been shut out.

Official unveiling of the HHH Metrodome final season commemorative logo (plus the new retro alternative jersey, but who cares about that?):

I don’t know, sort of bland but I guess the Metrodome was too. Minneapolis is definitely my top priority for 2009. And I know you will probably (will) go to Minneapolis too, Zack.


9,000 balls between us…crazy to imagine. Congrats on your new book! And Haooy Thanksgiving to you too.

Wow, if only I knew how to use/make stuff like that.


It did take quite a while. Thanks for noticing. I don’t know if I could handle adding extra stats.

Nice! Sorry to hear about the injury, though.

The RV, yes yes…I haven’t forgotten.

If it were me, here on my awesome Mac Powerbook G4, I’d just open the file and take a screen shot by pressing command-shift-4 and then saving it as a .jpg. Anyway, I got your pic, and naturally *I* love it, heh heh.


Not bad!

GIN-If you’d asked me at the beginning of the season how many I expected to snag, I would’ve said around 200 to 250.

Yeah, that W.S. ball was an amazing accomplishment.

Nicely done. I’m convinced that Rauch is just trouble.

Cool about Lugo.


Thanks to you, I ended up wasting an hour watching various stuff on Shaq, including that hilarious clip when he curses live on the air. Wow, how had I missed THAT one?

Thank you.


Great meeting you too! I just sent you an email…

VERY impressive stats, but only one ball at one game at Fenway? Yeesh.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wow is all I can say! 2008 was my first year ballhawking and I attended 30 games (all at the Metrodome) I got a little more serious as the year progressed and got a record (for me) 5 balls in one game in the closing series against K.C. Most of my balls were throw to me by players. I have never caught a hit ball on the fly (B.P. or otherwise) I got two special balls (last season NYY and a Nationals ball) I also got Matt Guerrier’s game worn 9/11 hat. I think my total for the year was in the 20 range.

I don’t consider myself as true of a ballhawk as most on here. I don’t change shirts or hats to attract balls. I do however have a BIG glove which is a ploy that has been decent to me. However, the BIG glove is a one trick pony. I can’t really run after balls with any luck carrying that big thing. However, it was good for a lot of smiles and some toss ups that I know I would not have gotten otherwise.

I have mentioned before that the Dome is a horrible place to snag due to their stupid rules and limited BP accessibility. I look forward to 2009 where my goal will be 50 balls including some nice final season logo balls.

I noticed another thing, I am front and center in this picture at the Twins final season logo unveiling. I got confirmation that there will be logo balls as well. I am the bald guy with the Blue Hrbek jersey. The funny thing is that Hrbek is my absolute boyhood idol and I had no idea he was going to be there. Once he showed up I abandoned my front row post to go and tell him how big of a fan I am and get a picture with him. He was very nice and liked the fact I was rocking my Herbie jersey.

I wish this thing would let me edit! In the gallery I am in the second photo.

Gustavo Chacin?

1st off, Happy turkey day to all! I already told my dad what i want for christmas 09, which mainly includes a combined trip to Target Field and Coors field. Joe

Yeah, the Fenway game was rough. BP was rained out, the game started 40 minutes late, and I didn’t get a ball until a minute after the game ended. One of the most stressful six-hour stretches of my life.

puck-are you goin to the islanders game this saturday? i might be..

gary- right now im not, but if i end up going ill email u. right now i think i need a break from them. thever blown leads in the 3rd over 33% of the games ive been to so

Zach, does Comerica Park suck for getting baseballs, or do I just suck?

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