Taiwanese translation

I just found out that my book Watching Baseball Smarter has been translated into Taiwanese and is coming out this spring.


Check out the front cover:


(Is it just me, or is the runner being called safe before touching the plate?)

Here’s the back cover and the spine (which I hear will be 1.2 centimeters thick):


It appears that this version will have a dust jacket, and it appears that these will be the inner flaps:


Now…in case you’re wondering what all this Taiwanese text means, I got a translation from my editor:

A great book for baseball fans
By Zack Hample
translated by Tzu-hsuan Chen, Tang-yao Kao & Chi-jen Chen

Recommended by,
James Wang, Anchor, Major League Baseball on FTV
Chun-da Lin, Anchor, Videoland Sports
Cheng-dian Yang, Anchor, Videoland Sports
Ching-long Yang, renowned baseball commentator and coach,
Keith Hernandez, 1979 batting champion and MVP, World Champion in 1982
About the translator:
Tzu-hsuan Chen
Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism, Shih-hsin University
PhD, Mass communications, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Tang-yao Kao
Master, Department of Journalism, Shih-hsin University
Chi-jen Chen
Graduate student, Department of Journalism, Shih-hsin University

Ready for a few sample pages from Chapter One? Here goes:



And so on.

Anyway, that’s it. Just wanted to share.



missed 1st comment by 4 minutes,Taiwan is a huge market.good luck.the dodgers have 4 players from there,your yankees have Wang.lets see your taiwanese can i have a baseball question?

Wow! Your book is big in 2 languages. Nice.

They forgot to mention that Keith Hernandez was also a “World Champion” in 1986.

when a book is translated into another language, does the original author get less of a cut b/c the publisher also has to pay for a translator?

That’s awesome! Chien-Ming Wang is a a semi-god in Taiwan. You should try and pay for his endorsement!

My only guess on the photo is that the runner has already touched the plate and is now rolling off the catcher. Still, it’s an odd and painful looking picture.

Joaquin Andujar? lol Hey, I’m guessing the leg had to be moved off the plate after touching, because seriously that umpire is about to bite home plate and there’s no way he could miss it from that angle. Is there?


That’s a pretty sick deal Zack. It looks to me like the runner had already touched the plate because look at the baselines, the one below is gone and looks like it’s been slid over. The one on the top (assumed 1st base side) is neat and untouched. It also looks like the runner is rolling off the catcher after the collision, so he must have been safe.

I just waaay over analyzed that, I’m such a nerd.

Bucs signed McClouth to a 3 year deal, I’m hoping he doesn’t fall into the after signing slump like Snell last year. Hope you’re well.

Hey Zack,
Jody Here,
I think that that’s awesome!!! 2 languages. If u ever see Wang and happen to have a copy of your taiwanese book you should give it to him and see if he’s willing to endorse your book. But you know it’s just a thought. Ok well I’ll be takinq to you later.

And i think that guy was out by like 3 feet!!! Super bad CALL!!!

Wow Zack….

Taiwan translation. I think I’ll buy a bunch and sell them bootleg style on mainland China. That’s the real next market. Taiwan will always be Formosa to me though. They should reconcile with China. Good luck on the book. How much will it retail for over there?


congrats!!! Very happy for you that your book will be avaliable in my country. I could have done the translation for you. (How about your next book) At least I can proofread the book, making sure that all the translaton makes sense and not loses its original meaning.

I don’t think those Taiwanese college professors have nearly the baseball knowledge as I do. But overall, the translation is decent from just reading those 2 pages.

I have actually met the guy Ching-long Yang in a baseball camp when I was in Taiwan. He is more of a well-known baseball analyst than a coach. He hold the longest losing streak (20+ losses) as a manager in Taiwan Major League (defunt).

BTW, I will be going to WBC series in SD and LA.

Again, congradulations.

PS: Actually, there are only two taiwanese (Hu, Kuo) in Dodgers and one in Yankees (Wang). There is another taiwanese player (Ni) in Tigers (as non-roster invitee) who just came fresh from Taiwan’s professional baseball league (CPBL)

Nobody cares about baseball in China. Guess what happened to the baseball park in China. (The ballpark that host Dodgers-Padres exhibitoin games). It has been turned into a shopping mall complex. Are you going to WBC in SD?

Zack my man, that’s pretty dope. I don’t like the fact they didn’t mention Keith’s 1986 WS Championship but hey, when you’re a Mets fan, you already know what to expect – you can’t win ‘em all. Where you question the Umpire calling the Runner safe at home, I think he is already passed the bag and has moved on to bigger and better things in life. Whatever you believe that is, is his destiny and calling in life. Anyway, Congratulations on the product and I hope you get some calls to do some tours with it. Maybe learn some Taiwanese. Yeahhhhhhhhhh mannnnnnnnn!! Learn some Taiwanese! That would be pretty groovy. Find a nice Tai woman, who knows?! I’m out.

– Donnie

Haha. Awesome Zack. You would think it would be something more common like Chinese. But this is just as awesome. Can’t wait for summerball.

Congrats! And you’re right – he is being called safe before he got home!


Sammy Wu…..where are you? That rhymes by the way. You might not get it, but it’s a Scooby Doo thing from childhood. I thought you graduated with the fine U.S. education we gave you and you were going back to Taiwan to live long and prosper? Are you over there and coming back just for WBC? That’s a dedicated fan if you are. Yes, I will be in my regular seat for WBC in San Diego. Going to Phoenix on March 1st for about a week. Not sure about the LA WBC games yet. Depends on the work schedule. I’ll probably make it up there though. I hope to see you at BP in PETCO. You need to give me some more Kung Fu Panda magic. Talk to you later.


I think the purpose of the picture is watching baseball smarter than the umpire did on that play.



there is this new article on mets.com trying to sell season tickets and it shows the design for the ticket office tickets. Now, on the ticket, is this AMAZING logo of three window panels from the jackie robinson rotunda and a little banner streaming across the bottom of it. on top of the windows it says citi field. it seriously is the BEST logo ever and i think the mets might switch to it. just thought i’d share. heres the link:

clif: if they use that logo on the balls it will be AMAZING! now that’s a logo! and it really is beautiful!

Great news! Thanks to you (specifically my friend George…aka loveg30…who was the first to point it out), I contacted my editor and asked if the “1986” could still be added to part where Keith’s 1982 championship is mentioned…and the answer is yes! Hooray! I’m feeling very proud today to be a Mets supporter.

That goes double for me.

Thanks! Hopefully it’ll be well received over there.

I’m waiting for the Arabic version…

You da man…as always.

I’m not sure what exactly my cut will be. I didn’t see the contract. My agent dealt with that, and if I were getting screwed, she certainly would’ve raised hell. So yeah…I don’t know. But that’s a good question.

I would *love* his endorsement. I just have no idea how to get to him.

Heh…yeah. Andujar indeed. I wonder what ever became of him.

I love over-analysis.

Excellent idea.

I have no idea how much it’ll sell for. (There’s a lot I don’t know about this, but I was told that it’s coming out in April.)

Nice to hear from you! If my next book is going to be translated into Taiwanese, you will be the first person I contact.

As I mentioned at this top of this comment, the “1986” is apparently going to be added. Woo-hoo! A nice Thai woman…I could go for that.

I was always thinking that it’d get translated into Japanese, if anything. I hear they like baseball in Japan.

I’m glad SOMEone agrees with me. :-)

I like it.

Sweet. Nice find. I even signed up for a chance to win Opening Day tickets.


It is not like I have received a FREE education in the US. I have paid lots of $$$$$. USC is bleeping expensive. No, I am still in LA. I just got my master past Dec. So I think why not staying here for WBC. Although I am really disappointed that SD does not host teams like USA, DR, PR or VZ. Anyway, I do want to snag some WBC balls, too. I will definitely see you in PETCO Park.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE METS DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY CHANGED THE CITI FIELD INAUGURAL SEASON LOGO!!!!!!!! I have a friend that got some pictures from spring training last week and all the mets players are wearing hats with the logo that i mentioned in my previous comment!!!!!!!!!!

and here it is on the hat at the mets shop on mlb.co:


ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know if you want to see this or not but here you go…


It’s the last bit of Shea being demolished.

Clif, and everybody else:

Here’s a good close-up of the new Citi Field logo.


The Mets will still be wearing that other patch on their jerseys, but my guess is that the new logo is going to be on the commemoratives.

I don’t want to see Shea being demolished, and I don’t want to see any commemorative logos…but if you want to post links here and share them with other people, that’s fine.

greg the logo that you and clif posted cant be on the balls because it syas citi field, and its illegal to have ads on balls or jerseys


That’s what the taiwanese words mean by your taiwainese book be published as soon as I respect.
I hope that this book will be known by more and more people in taiwan. :)

I hope so too! Thanks so much.

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