long-lost family photos

My aunt Judy recently unearthed some OLD photographs of me that I’d never seen. Check ‘em out…

This one was taken in my very first bedroom (not the one with the baseballs) with my dad when I was just a couple months old:


Here’s one with my cousin Nicho in early 1978 (when I was still just a few months old):


Oish! That jumpsuit does NOT look comfortable. Nicho, by the way, is Judy’s son and he’s currently the president of an auction house in New York City called Swann.

Okay, here’s a shot of me in late ’78 when I was about a year old:


This next photo, taken in East Hampton shortly before my 3rd birthday, is a bit scandalous (for MLBlogs) so I had to…yeah:


I dream of a world in which violence will be censored and nudity will not…but I digress. Here I am as an 11-year-old (one year before I snagged my first baseball), playing a duet with my half-brother Henry:


And finally, here’s another photo that was taken that same day. From left to right: me, my grandma Ruth, my mom, Henry, and my grandpa Lou (who started the Argosy Book Store):


That’s it. Thanks once again for bearing with me while I talk about stuff that has nothing to do with baseball. Gimme another six weeks, and I’ll be fully back in snagging mode. Oh…and if you want to see my whole life in pictures (including the half-dozen I shared here), visit the Photos page on my web site.


?????????? ???

Honestly, that photo of you in East Hampton is not only scandalous but, a really great photo. Depending on how large the actual photograph is, you should blow it up to at least 12×14 and frame that sucker. Old photographs, vintage, whatever you wanna call them, they brighten my day. I love ‘em!

– Donnie

so you censor your but, but not the “hose” picture from ’78?
and i got shut out last night at the colesium so you didnt miss much

First picture is cracking me up, it’s like you are asking him if he can throw you a baseball. “Dude! C’mon, just one!”



For the one on the beach, (Insert whistle thing here). I just went to New Orleans, and I went to a Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) parade, and the people on floats threw stuff into the crowd. For a new kind of snagging, I caught 2 little footballs, 2 little frisbees, about a dozen of those little plastic cups kids get a restaurants, and about 49 necklaces, a.k.a. Mardi Gras Beads. It was fun, and free. Thanks for listening.


I was on the Mets and Yankees websites looking for 2009 single game or like 4 game packages and found nothing on it. Does anyone know anything about that situation, I’m sure they willl be fairly steep it is the stingy Mets and Yankees after all.

drew- the yankees are idiots so the only way to get a single game ticket right now is through stub hub, or another site like it. for non premium games, its easy to find a face value ticket

Thanks Puck, Yea I also saw they have those personal seat liscences which is rediculous as well. That’s why I love New York.

well no psl’s in the new YS

hey everyone, long time since ive commented. just in case anyone was wondering, idk who on here reads metsblog, but something interesting there. go to metsblog.com, scroll down a few posts, and it says the mets are using 2008 all star balls at spring training. yes!

its always cool to come across family pics you have never seen before, My aunt found a pic of by Dad and his cousin at Banner day at Shea Stadium back in 1969 and just waiting for her to mail it

Hey Zack,
Jody here, Those are some nice and funny pictures and if you look at the “censored” picture it looks like that dog is just looking at your “front” LoL!!! It just looks so funny. So me and my dad are planning to buy 11-game ticket plans for the bleachers. Maybe ill see you around there. Talk to you later.

I caught my first ball when I was 10….

Hey PUCK, I finally got my 2nd puck last Monday. I traveled to the Thrashers games in Anaheim and Los Angeles. Since there weren’t many other Thrasher fans, most of us got pucks. Mine was from Todd White at STAPLES Center. Best of all, we won both games when I was hoping for even ONE win lol.
Zack, great pics. Before you know it, baseball entries will be back up! I’m already excited and dreamed about Turner Field last night lol.

It certainly is.

It’s probably about 8 x 10. I don’t think I need it blown up. I’m happy with it just being on my site.

Hey, on my own site, I can show whatever I want.


I like the new way of snagging. Very cool, and congrats.

Baseball in NYC is gonna suck this year.

Welcome back! Nice piece of info about the ASG balls. I already got a few last year, so I’m set.

Banner Day in ’69…wow. That’ll be great to see.

Yeah, I guess the dog IS looking at me. Yeesh. Bleachers for where. Yankee Stadium? Not sure how much I’ll be there this year.

It’s a good age to get started.

True. It’s finally feeling like baseball is right around the corner.

Hey Zack,
Jody here, The tickets we are hopefully want to buy are in the right field bleachers at Yankee Stadium( right next to that food court or what it’s called)! Yeah maybe ill see u there.Ill be talking to you later.

ok zack fair enough(but a warning would have been nice)

jody, im warning you bleacher tickets are a MILE away, and many are obstructed view tickets( you cant see the other side of the field because the restaurant blocks the view)

Hey Zack, the Braves have two exhibition games vs. Detroit at Turner Field the weekend before Opening Day. Would you count them or not? I’d count them because it’s a major league venue, but your input is certainly valued. Heck, the Home Run Derby isn’t even a real game and those were included lol.

Thanks for letting me know, and yes, maybe we WILL run into each other.

Yeah yeah whatever. :-)

I think you can count those games, yes. I counted balls from two exhibition games back in 1993, but now I don’t think I would. In the statistical history of MLB, rules *have* evolved. As I mentioned in my book, walks were counted as hits at one point and counted as outs at another. Now that we’ve established how it SHOULD be, we haven’t gone back and changed the earlier stats. They’re frozen in time. So my 1993 stats can’t be changed now. Anyway, this is just a long-winded way of saying that the exhibition games are sort of a toss-up. You could go either way, so do whatever feels right.

hmm stats frozen in time. that means you cant take away stats from players who used roids right?

Since it’s in a MLB venue, I think I’ll count them. Now if I had traveled to Champion Stadium, I’d probably make a separate category. Thanks for the input, I need to reread your book lol.

Puck collecter, Jody here, The right field bleachers are next to the restaurants not behind them. They wouldnt be behind becouse no one would buy them.

jody, even though the bleachers are not nehind the restaurant, if you are sitting close to the right wall of the restaurant (the right side when looking from behind home plate) and you look to your right, then you would see the wall http://newyork.yankees.mlb.com/nyy/ballpark/new_stadium_seat_selector.jspf the restaurant, not the field and go to a bleacher section. go to the BACK of section 201 in the bleachers and try to see left field.

Is it just me or did baseball season sneak up on us yet again? Glad to see my Twinkies producin’ against the Red Sox!

You know what’s amazing, Zack? You’ve always looked like you! If I showed you a picture of, let’s say my kindergarten class, I’m sure you wouldn’t know which one was me. Show me any picture of you and I would know you in a heartbeat…

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