Three trips coming up in June

It’s been a while since my last game, but no, I haven’t retired. (A few people have actually asked. I hope they were joking.) Here are seven games I know I’ll be attending in June:

JUNE 3 — Giants @ Nationals (Randy Johnson will be going for his 300th win.)

JUNE 9 — Mariners @ Orioles (It better not rain because…)
JUNE 10 — Mariners @ Orioles (…I already have tickets and a hotel room.)
JUNE 11 — Mariners @ Orioles (One goal for the trip: Aardsma. Guess why.)

JUNE 16 — D’backs @ Royals (Haven’t been to Kauffman since 2001.)
JUNE 17 — D’backs @ Royals (The newly renovated outfield seats look juicy.)
JUNE 18 — D’backs @ Royals (I’ll be joined on this trip by…wait-n-see.)

These are not the only seven games I’ll be attending in June. I might make an appearance at Yankee Stadium on June 2nd and/or June 8th and/or June 30th…and I’ll probably attend at least one of the Cardinals games at Citi Field from June 22-24.


Even if it does rain while your in camden, the stadium will have 20 people in it, so its not all that bad.

Good to hear. You’ll be in KC while I’m in Cincinnati. Is you guest someone that has commented on here before? Still waiting for your next trip to Atlanta to take some of us to school LOL.

You are going to see Aardsma because, alphabetically, he is first on the list of all time major league baseball players

I hope my D-Backs treat you well. I might be going to Petco this upcoming week. Good luck

i got a ball from aardsma yesterday

and you want him because the angels just nailed him in the bottom of the ninth

Cool beans Zack. I’ll be visiting Kauffman later this season in early September for the Angels series. First time visit so I have to spend the three-game series wisely. June 2nd and 30th I’ll be at YS and 22nd & 23rd at Citi. This time, it’s war! lol. Good luck at Camden Yards. It should be a jolly series as well as your time spent in Missouri with the Royals. Welcome back.

– Donnie

Yeah im going to Yankee Stadium The 2nd and 30th maybe see you there. Citi on June 25th try to see ya there.

Good luck in kansas city and camden.

Yeah im going to Yankee Stadium The 2nd and 30th maybe see you there. Citi on June 25th try to see ya there.

Good luck in kansas city and camden.

i’ll be in D.C. on Wednesday and in Baltimore for one of the M’s games. One goal for Baltimore, have my son see Griff hit a bomb as a Mariner. Second goal, catch it.

Donnie, Zack, and Yankeekid going on June 2nd? That is going to be a lot of competition. But anyone who is willing to try, the main level is completely empty for all of B.P., because nobody is allowed there. I don’t feel like trying, but if you can get up there, no competition. And if anyone wants to meet up, I will most likely be at Gate 8.

Looks like a pretty cool June so far. I’m trying to work out a trip to K.C. at the end of July when the Rangers are up there. Hope you have great success my friend!

Aardsma has been good to me for the most part. He did tell me last time I asked for a ball that I already had enough though. I am going to try to get to the new Kauffman this year when the Twins play them. It was an awesome park when I was there in 91. I don’t know how it is from a ballhawking perspective though. It wouldn’t shock me if the Youngster was the one joining you since K.C. isn’t too terribly far from Milwaukee. I would be tempted to make the trip if I wasn’t already going to Miller Park from June 23-25. You haven’t weighed in on my last blog post. I also put a picture up of a pristine Metrodome commemorative I scored last week.

Hey Zack…

I like the Dbacks at Royals trip because you don’t hear too much about those teams in the media. So tired of hearing about the Yankee and Mets, etc. I can’t believe you don’t know who Anna Faris is? Sorry I get so starstruck sometimes when Hollywood types come to the hotel. I don’t get that way for baseball players. It’s weird. Here is who she is.

Phillies are in town tomorrow. Looking forward to their BP.


That’s cool Zack. I’ll be going on vacation in a few weeks and will be attending several games up north. I know I’ll be at Yankee Stadium on June 30th so it’d be cool to meet you since it will probably be one of the few times I ever get to meet you since I’m from down south. Hopefully I’ll run into you somewhere during BP and get to watch you in action. Just keep me updated on if you’re going on the 30th or not please.

Zack, sounds like you have a few nice trips lined up. I’m guessing Aardsma will be listed first alphabetically if you get him to throw you a ball? Also, on the KC trip, will Miss Jona be joining you?


This is Nic, the Statistician who made a regression model for Zack’s snagging skills. Awesome to see you will be at the Nats game on Wed. I would go, except I am taking a trip back to where I grew up, Cleveland, for a wedding. I am excited about making a stop myself at PNC park on Wed, my first trip, making it the 9th active MLB park I visit.

Hey Leigh are you going to any of the Padres vs. Mariners games?

Hi Zack…..

Crazy game at PETCO tonight. BOTH teams his back to back HR’s. None were really close to me. I tried to get the guys in the bullpen to throw me Ryan Howard’s HR, but the bullpen coach said he was keeping it. I don’t blame him. Adrian hit #21. Padres came up short though. I caught a couple in bp. Same old same old.



I should be at the Tuesday and Wednesday games, but not the Thursday one. How about you? You coming to town for a visit?



As I’ve already told you, Kauffman, beautiful with the renovations. It’ll be good. I wanted to go to Washington too for Randy’s 300th, but, I’m gonna be in San Diego. Will be in San Diego tomorrow and Wed, and Los Angeles Thursday – Saturday. Possibly will miss Thursday if I get NBA finals Game 1 tickets. My first ever trip to SD, and the last stadium on my list. I’m also trying to get to Tampa next weekend. Have fun on your adventures.



Say hi tomorrow if you like. I should be out there on the beach early for bp. If I’m not, I’ll be out there eventually. I’m the short, fat, old, white guy. That narrows it down. Wait, here’s a picture from the new sight.

Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow….


Can anyone on here please let me know the name of the current Red Sox Bullpen Catcher. A photo would be cool also. Pls let me know.
Mike in Detroit
(pls email me at

Can anyone on here please let me know the name of the current Red Sox Bullpen Catcher. A photo would be cool also. Pls let me know.
Mike in Detroit
(pls email me at

Heh, true.

Yes, it is someone who has commented.

Yes! Good call.

More stupid rain today. Can you believe it?

In that case, I’ll be seeing you very soon…

Happy Youngster, you think? You’ll find out. Interesting guess.

Okay, thanks for the IMDb link, but I still have no idea who she is. I don’t recognize her.

You are correct about Aaaaaaaardsma, although “puck collector” guessed it before you did. You think it’s Jona? Another interesting guess. We shall see…

Yeah I probably will go on Tuesday and if im lucky wednesday i want to try to get a Griffey homer
The Shu


Now that SF’s game has been cancelled……do you have tix to the doubleheader?

Cool. Hopefully Griffey will be playing. That’s my first concern.

Nope. I’m back home in NYC. I have plans here later this evening (Thursday) so no doubleheader for me.

Zack, I’m super excited to see you coming to KC. I’ll be at the game on Saturday so if you want some free food from tailgating let me know. With the new additions to the K it should be a much friendlier place for ballhawks with the party deck, wrap around concourse, and ability to finally catch a home run that goes for yard in the outfield.

Hope to see you at the K.


BLERGH. Too early in the morning. My brain read June and thought July. Ahem. Re-do. Tuesday. I’ll be there on Tuesday and the tailgate offer still stands.

Need a place to crash here in KC? Big Royals fans, live out south, nice house, wife, dogs, cats, 16 year old daughter who is in Detroit right now— hot tub, pool, two guest bedrooms. Nothing weird, just saw u on the tube at the game. We live a ways from the ballpark, but nothing is too far away in this dumpy little town.
Holler if u want,
Paul or Donna
editing video, up all night!

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