Two articles (and July 4th fun)

The first time I attended a game at the new Yankee Stadium, I met a 13-year-old kid named Connor. Remember?

Well, Connor wrote an article about me in his school’s newspaper, and due to various snail-mail issues, I *just* received a copy of it this weekend.

Here’s what the front and back of the paper looks like…


…and here’s a close-up look at the article itself (in which I look a tad crazy):


Did you notice the caption under the photo? Hey, typos happen, and I take this one as a compliment. (I’m pretty sure the typo wasn’t Conner’s fault anyway.)

The other article isn’t about ME specifically. It’s about home run balls, and I was quoted a few times. Here it is.

As for the July 4th weekend, it included some lake time:


It was the first time that Jona had EVER gone swimming, so she held on tight to the green float. I’m in the water right next to her, and that’s my dad standing in the red shorts.

The weekend also included a big softball game at a nearby field. Of course there’s no footage of my defensive wizardry at shortstop, but that’s fine. The highlight (for me) was hitting bombs over the shallow fence during early BP. Check out this ridiculous follow-through and egomaniacal longball admiration:

My dad was pitching, and that’s my mom standing on the right with her hand on her hip.

At some point in the next decade, I need to take BP with real baseballs on a major league field. I’ve never done that. It’s one of my biggest life dreams.

I’ll be in Philly tomorrow. If I manage to snag 17 balls, that’ll give me 300 for the season. I’ve never reached 300 before the All-Star break. Maybe Joe (who’s going to be my Watch With Zack client) and I can combine for 17 balls? And then maybe I can reach 300 later in the week at Citi Field…?


how deep was the fence?

I second that — I want to take BP at Fenway. I did get to take BP before a Reading Phillies game in 2005 — zero bombs…but I did get some warning track.

Hey ESPN is doing this thing this summer where fans submit a short essay (50 words or less) about their sports dream. Then they pick people to live out their sports dream. Heres the link:

Hey zack its Darron from St.Louis did you see that Heath Bell is an All Star. I have only snagged 4 balls in about 30 games im not doing to good this year. Im hopeing i will catch a ball at homerun derby or All Star game in St.Louis this year but i doubt i will. i will be in the 12th row in left center feild so i think its a good spot. Also i got Randy Johnsons autograph the other day.

Nice! I bet you wish you snagged 38,000! Congrats Jona! And looks like fun during that baseball game!

Good Luck trying to get 300 this season! It would be awesome if you snagged 1000 in a season!

I can say that I have taken something like BP at Camden Yards, and boy was it nice!! Since my little league team won a hitting competition there, we received box seats for a game later that year. We also got to walk around the stadium and go out in the outfield. Of course we did Torii Hunter like catches crashing into the padded walls. Baseball gives me so many good memories, and I still have a lot of life to live.

Hello Zack,
I am a young baseball fan and i was wondering what tips you have for acquiring foul balls and autographs at Angel Stadium. If so it would you please respond to my comment or contact me at Also, please let me know if you are at Angel Stadium some time in the near future. Thank you so much for your time


Glad to see you had fun. Show Jona a swiming pool next. she won’t fear the bottom. I got a ball that literally bounced my way this weekend when the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of St. Petersburg tossed the ball at someone and it bounced straight to me. So two games with two balls, 5000 balls left to get close to you.

I like that you wore batting gloves while taking batting practice for a family softball game. That’s hard core.

looked like a nice vacation.

Hey Zack,

I’m going to Florida in a couple weeks and am going to a Tampa Bay Rays game against the New York Yankees. Do you have any tips for snagging balls at Tropicana Field or know of any players who are known to give out baseballs?


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