World Series, here I come…

I’m always hesitant to talk about things before they actually happen, but as of this moment, it appears that I’m gonna get hooked up with a ticket for Game 5 of the World Series. I’ll know more tomorrow morning — that’s when the ticket will supposedly find its way into my possession — so check back for an update. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with links to two articles that were written about me the other day at Yankee Stadium:



More later…



It’s 11am on Monday. I just received my ticket, courtesy of these guys. I’ll try to have the blog entry up tomorrow…


YAY for going to the World Series! BOO for the teams in the World Series! I love how the article just goes for “he claims to have (insert #) of baseballs” and didn’t seem to go to the blog or your site for confirmation. I think there are enough people who have called you an expert that you don’t have to be a “self-proclaimed” ballhawking expert. (It’s the same article for both links, BTW)

“Yes” to everything you said. I just fixed the links. Not sure how that got messed up. There should be two different articles now.

Have fun at the World Series, make sure you blend in well with the fans going there.

Matthew Tang

I’m tempted to wear ALL Mets stuff. Or all Padres stuff. Or something.

Go wear Mets or Padres apparel then, and a cap too. Will it matter how the fans at Philly react?

woah, whats up with article number 2 saying your a phillies fan? and you’ll just get attacked with out anything to attack back with if you go in all mets stuff.

Good luck Zack!

Can you tell me how to tell the difference between the original and newer edition of Watching Baseball Smarter? I’m looking to buy it online. Also, is there a big difference in updates corrections, etc.?



Nice seeing you today, hope you had a successful day.

I just got back from Philly. Game 5 was good. That’s all I’m gonna say for now. Stay tuned for the blog entry…

Well, I didn’t take any Mets or Padres stuff. Just the standard caps.

I think the writer got the wrong idea. I said I was rooting for the Phillies in the World Series, and I said I liked the stadium in Philly, so I think he assumed that I like the Phillies more than I actually do (which is not much at all).

Try to get the version that has the red “update” star on the front cover. There are a bunch of small things that were revised for that version, so it’s worth it to go out of your way to get it. All the stats were revised, as well as some facts about various things throughout the book, and there were even a few typos that got fixed. Definitely get the new version. If you want, you can order it from the Argosy Book Store (their number is 212 753 4455) and they can make sure you get the new version, and I can sign it for you before it gets mailed out.

Good seeing you too. There were some frustrating moments early on, but I made up for them later.

What were you wearing during the game Zack?

The reason I ask ………. When Utley hit the first HR the guy that caught it had what looked like a Phillies jersey on and his hat on backwards. What makes me think could have been you is the fact that the guy goes right to the front row and hams it up for the camera.


Zack, or anyone else who was at any WS games at Ys:
AT about what time did people start lining up for the gates?

Brian- about an hour n ten or fifteen minutes before. u goin sat to the isles?
Zack- im dying to hear about the world series. i went game one where the yanks lost also. but hey, its the world series n your not a yanks fan. Phillie fans suck. i got robbed, actually knocked over by them numerous times even when i was wearing phils stuff. Joe

That wasn’t me. I spent the whole game in foul territory.

When I was hanging around outside the stadium before Game 2, people didn’t line up THAT early. It seemed kind of like a regular season crowd, actually.

There were some Phillies fans last night who were out of control. Ugly stuff.

I’m gonna be interviewed live on CBS Radio in Philly this evening at 8:30pm for about 10 minutes (via telephone). I’m hoping to have my blog entry done by then, but no promises…

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