Winter meetings

I have a friend named Ben Hill who writes for
Ben was in Indianapolis this past week for the winter meetings.
Now…do you see the “About Zack” photo on this blog? I’m talking about the photo in which I’m wearing the red shirt and buried in a bathtub full of baseballs. (That photo was from this article, BTW.)
Check out this photograph of Ben giving a presentation at the winter meetings. It’s a screen shot I took of an article he wrote:
In the photo above, do you see the white screen that he’s pointing to at the front of the room?
If you want to read the article itself, here’s the link.
If you want to see Ben’s blog (which I recommend), click here.
And for those of you who are into Twitter, here’s more Ben.
Speaking of Twitter, I signed up for it a few days ago, but haven’t yet done anything with my account. Not sure if I will. I kind of think it’s dumb. Or at least unnecessary. For me. But I’m willing to be proven wrong.


Zack..I too was skeptical of the “value” of twitter for me, and decided against using it as a social media for me personally (not into facebook etc.) but see value for my business brand.

The currency of twitter, I believe are “follows”, or the number of people following your tweats. I think it will be a great networking tool for your blog, books, Watch with Zack etc.

I was intrigued when I read of the success small business owners were deriving from their invlovment with it, and convinced when I found my first advertising client via twitter.

Best of luck. Hope it works for you! I am your second ‘follow’ chris (pacmedia)

Cool, Zack. Do you know what he was saying about you in his presentation?

I think Twitter would be perfect for you. You could tweet when you post a new blog, instantly telling your followers when to go read. You could tweet from games via your cellphone with funny tidbits that would enhance people’s intrigue with your talent. Like baseballtourist said, it’s great for networking because your followers can be your mouth, eyes and ears. They can “Retweet” you when you say something interesting/important which then gets your name in front of all their followers as well. Twitter is more than “just woke up, time for a shower.” It’s an important and emerging tool for everyone in today’s world.

Thanks for the copious linkage, Zack.

For those wondering, the gist of the presentation was that I, for one, welcome our new baseball-snagging overlords.


Do you ever get a chance to visit Reading, PA to check out our “AA” Reading Phillies? They have a great organization here, which is run by some great guys. You should give them some thought for future articles, etc., etc.

Todd —

I have written about Reading extensively, on my blog and Here’s a list of R-Phils posts.

If anyone has any questions about Minor League Baseball then feel free to get in touch at


uh oh. the stingy astros just got worse. they signed gustavo ” the pig” chacin.

Hi Zack! Sorry I have not been commenting, but I have read all your recent posts. Here are my things to say along with a two questions:

This Post: Pretty cool, and for Twitter, its only “use full” if you have followers.

1- Why did you change the font, I noticed that!

2-Which of these would you most rather own:
-2000 Millenium Baseball ( commemorative )
– 1990 World Series Ball ( commemorative )
-Last Season at Cinergy Ball ( commemorative, signed by Adam Dunn )

Thanks Zack!

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