Mystery men identified!

In my last entry, I asked for help identifying two guys. Thanks to a few of you, who left comments and sent me private emails, I now have the info I need.

The Phillies announcer (in the video on this page) IS, in fact, Tom McCarthy, and name of the fan who caught the ball is Shane Gift.
And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to work on the book…


Congrats on the solving! And yes, my dad told me the story…Thanks again!

How in the world did you find that guys name? I’ve been reading all winter!

Good luck with the book!

Thanks and you’re welcome.

Someone emailed me with a video clip (filmed from a cell phone) of the interview with Shane in the stands. The announcer said his last name, and it sounded like “Gift” so I looked into it…found the guy on Facebook…even checked in with a kid who goes to that high school…so it’s definitely THE guy.

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