Happy New Decade!

Happy 2010, everyone.

As I mentioned on Twitter earlier, I stayed home on New Year’s Eve so I could work on my book. (Fun!) But that didn’t stop me from getting a good view of the fireworks…




Maybe you’ll break your records for season. Make that your resolution :)

Cool picture, man. Happy New Year!

Its not the new decade yet!

Happy New Year to you too Zack! Lets hope you break some records and snag lots of balls this season!

Thanks, but as for breaking records, it’s just a matter of going to more games, and I’m not sure if I’ll have time.

Thanks. You too.

Of course it is! What…are you gonna give me that garbage about how the new decade begins in 2011, or how the new millennium began in 2001? Nonsense. I was born in the 1970s. Are you gonna tell me that the year 1970 wasn’t part of that decade?


Yeah Zack, i am. It simple counting. The first yr AD was the year “1”. So the first decade consisted of 1 AD, 2 AD, 3 AD, 4 AD, 5 AD, 6 AD, 7 AD, 8 AD, 9 AD, and 10 AD. So therefore, the decade isnt over yet.
Now 1970 was part of the 70’s, but it was not in the same decade as 1971,72 and so on. We just group the years as the 70’s because its easier,giving people the false impression that it is all the same decade.

Hey, Zack. In that picture, where in the city are those fireworks?

Zachary happy new year. I hope u make a trip out to chicago 2 snag this year.

is a commercial but I can’t remember which. It does deal with a foul ball though.

Oh please, don’t gimme that two thousand-year-old logic. I’m going with what makes sense today.

They’re over Central Park at around 70th Street. The photo shows the view looking south and slightly east, so the fireworks are off to the southeast…if that makes sense.

Thanks. Chicago is a possibility, but I’m not sure yet.

Very cool. Thanks for the link.

Looks like you got competition starting with other ballhawks: http://www.mlballhawk.com/Let_s_Go_To_A_Game_.html what are your thoughts on that?

My thoughts? Umm…not much, really. I’m on the East Coast. He’s on the West coast. I don’t think it even qualifies as “competition.”

Thats a really cool picture!!

I just wondered how you felt about someone copying your idea. Thanks for the quick reply.

Hey Zack, as an English MLB Fan that’s coming to watch my first ever MLB Game (Twins @ Rays), where would you recommend I sit in Tropicana Field. Thanks.


The way I see it is…it just proves that it’s a good idea. :-)

Just saw that you posted this question on a newer entry, so I answered it there. In short: go for the first base dugout.

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