Gustavo Watch, Part 21

It’s been five months since my last Gustavo Watch, but hey, it’s not MY fault that the guy hasn’t done anything newsworthy — or wait, maybe it is. Yes, of course it is! The Hample Jinx is still punishing him for stealing a baseball from me on 8/1/06 at Yankee Stadium.


My friend Ben Hill (who writes this hilarious blog about the minor leagues) just told me that Gussie-boy pitched seven scoreless innings in the Venezuelan Winter League.
Excuse me for a moment here…

The Venezuelan Winter League?!
Click here to read the article about Gustavo’s latest forgettable accomplishment. Then scroll to the bottom and check out the comment I posted. (And BTW, what’s with the photo of him in the article? Is that a colossal zit on his lower lip? Or a cold sore? Ew-ew-ew. The Hample Jinx knows no bounds.)


Zack–I think it’s time to back off Gusatvo. Everyone is entitled to some level of forgiveness and I think GC has payed his dues (assuming he is more now more humble to fans). You also shouldn’t be too quick to pick on the Venezuela Fall League, especially for players who come from that country. You might recognize some other names. Indeed, the only question I have about the VFL is whether Hugo Chavez is appropriating baseball $$$ for his communist laden anti-American pursuits in South America.

Btw, I thought your Forbes Field posting was great.

I bet you haven’t made it anywhere close to the Venezuelan winter league so the jokes on you

gustavo deserves all that he gets. dont mess with the hample. viva la resistance. haha

I’ll back off as soon as he gives me a replacement ball and apologizes. In the meantime, I’m still having fun reporting on his failures. I happen to be extraordinarily forgiving — I’ve made peace with a few people over the years who really did awful things to me — but this is different.


Haha, nice.

The joke is on Zack if THAT is what he was trying to do his whole life. We all have different ambitions and talents, so just because we haven’t made it professionally in baseball doesn’t mean “the joke is on us.” Zack is a great writer. I doubt Gustavo has even come close to what Zack has done. So I guess the joke is on Gustavo? Wait, maybe not. Too many jokes, my sides are starting to hurt from all that LOLing….

haha, hes done. whats next a no hitter against his kids in wiffle ball? besides that, He looks like that rock do of fantastic 4 or whatever lol.

I once saw you lean in front of a kid and pretty much rob the ball from him…the kid must have been about 8 or 9…is that kinda how Gustavo robbed the ball from you??

Well, in fact, I *did* always want to be a baseball player, so in all seriousness, I gotta give Gustavo credit for being a MUCH better player than me. That said, he oughta be nicer and more respectful to the fans.


Are you sure it was me? Tell me when and where. I’ve been falsely accused MANY times of doing terrible things. Here’s one example:

I’m not going to say that I’ve never reached in front of anyone for a ball, but sometimes there’s a reason. (I might have saved the kid’s life, for example, by catching a line drive that was heading straight for his noggin.) And just because I reached out and caught the ball doesn’t mean I kept it. I’ve given away lots of balls to kids over the years.

There was a game in October 2009 at citifield, there were about 3 kids and you definately pushed your way through all of them(one being about a 10 yr old girl), reached out in front of a kid in a blue mets jersey and hat…it was a game against the houston Astros.

Upon reading some of our blog, I noticed this:

Look at 9/15 at Camden yards…there are two photos of you not only NOT protecting the kids from getting hurt, but pretty much robbing their hopes of a ball…nice work!

September 15th…right. I assume you’re referring to the gloveless kid whose arms were four feet too short to catch the first home run ball — and the other kids that I was standing *behind* when I caught the second. Look, like I said before, I’m not perfect, but I wish you’d noticed these clues before hurling accusations my way. If you had, I think it would’ve been clear that I wasn’t robbing anyone. Next time you see me at a game, come say hi. Get to know me. If you see a kid that you think deserves a ball, please point him (or her) out to me. I’ll either give one to him (if he’s wearing a glove) or help him catch one on his own. As for the Mets game in October…with all due respect, I think you need to get your eyes checked. I only snagged two balls that day. I remember them both well. Samuel Gervacio tossed me the first one along the shallow left field foul line, and Chris Johnson threw me the second. It was crowded, but I definitely didn’t push anyone out of the way. Can any witnesses vouch for me? Connor, Joe, Alex, Ross, Clif…all you guys were standing near me when I caught those balls. Be honest: did you see me do anything rude, aggressive, or inappropriate?

There is NO way that Zack did any pushing at all that day. I along with many others were witnesses to you getting both balls. You did nothing wrong Zack, Ignore them. They need to spread their uneducated negativity elsewhere.

yea, never happened. i bet antwan is gustavo n hes just hatin. or else he’s just a creep. Joe

I was there at all of the Astros games and with Zack and his crew that day…no pushing or rude stuff going on. I was taking pics of the boys having one last day of fun for the season. And by the way, Zack saved my face from a HR in the “picnic” area at Citi this summer!

I am a witness from the Oct. 4th game, as I was there. Zack snagged both baseballs fairly and did not steal or reach in front of anyone to get them. I saw him snag both baseballs and he didn’t reach in front of anyone.

Oh boy, Gustavo was just named as a possible candidate for NL Comeback Player of the Year (alongside names like Billy Wagner, Troy Glaus, and Brandon Webb). That’s definitely gonna happen.
Here’s the link:

Thanks for weighing in on this. I’m glad you were there that day.

Thank you, too. I think it’d be pretty cool if Gustavo were actually reading this blog.

I’m still not sure if that ball would’ve hit you (50-50 chance, I’d say), but thanks for giving me credit. “Picnic” area…HAHA!!!

Thank you, kind sir. I remember that you were pretty close to me on both baseballs. We were all close together because there just weren’t that many snagging opportunities, so were were all kinda forced to invade each other’s space.

Thanks for letting me know. I hadn’t heard about this until you left that comment.

Bring it.


i also witnessed zack that day NOT pushing anyone. as for the camden yards game on 9-15, even I hadn’t caught my first homerun ball on the fly until i was 14 (and i’m a left fielder). How in ANY way could that kid in the blue shirt (maybe 10 years old) with NO glove catch a homerun that was already out of his reach? Even if zack hadn’t been there, he had no chance. And if it in fact WAS coming at him and zack hadn’t been there… yeah, that would’ve been ugly. I’ve seen fully grown men yell like girls after barehanding home runs. How about someone who hasn’t even hit puberty yet? And finally, when a ball is hit, NO ONE can claim it until they have possession of it. If a ball is thrown to a specific person, that’s a different story.

I’m actually Gustavo.
While i was preparing for the venezuelan winter league I attended this game and saw you,Zack Hample,in the middle of a group of kids that got a ball tossed their way.You came out with the ball.You had to have reached in front of these kids to get the ball.
I’m begging you to remove the Hample Jinx you are making my life miserable.Thanks.

Zack, you’re psychic. I don’t know if anyone’s pointed this out yet, but in this entry:

you say “Brian Stokes is my new favorite player. With my luck, the Mets will trade him next year”.
And Brian Stokes is an Angel, while Gary Matthews Jr. is a Met. Good call…And this means you’ll be seeing more Angel games this year, eh?


If you’re actually Gustavo, then I’d like you to take a photo of yourself in which you’re holding up a sign that says, “Please remove the Hample Jinx.”

Wow! I’d totally forgotten about that. Nice job digging that up. It’s too bad that my prediction came true

For the record, the young boy I saw you push (my eyes are fine you DID push him) was on the right side behind the dugout. You didn’t get the ball, so perhaps that’s why your memory is a little bit flawed…Your so called “witnesses” are only about 12 years old, young children often are forgetful…I just don’t understand why you do not admit that you push children out of the way to get baseballs. I feel as if you are in denial.

I meant left side, behind the visiting dugout

I meant left side, behind the visiting dugout

Perhaps, then, we should agree to disagree.

antwan why dont you just shut your mouth cuz zack obviously didn’t push anyone. o now i remember, maybe your the fatass security guard at the dugout who threatened to kick me out if I went down too close to the dugout, and kicked zack out of the section to feel good about himself. yea, and were not 12 years old either, and, I guess we have pretty good memories. get a life, pal.

Antwan- “For the record, the young boy I saw you push (my eyes are fine you DID push him) was on the right side behind the dugout…Your so called “witnesses” are only about 12 years old, young children often are forgetful…I meant left side, behind the visiting dugout”
Huh? And your calling us forgetful? I was near zack the whole time he was on that side. And i’ll say it again, he DIDN’T push.

Zack- Is there anyway to ban a person from posting? Or viewing the blog?

Mhm, young children sure are forgetful. Especially since the children you are talking about are 13, 14, and 15 years old. First of all, I remember that day pretty well. To be said, at no point during the day did any players at all go and throw right in front of either dugout. So it wouldn’t make sense that Zack tried for a non-existent baseball. Secondly, you obviously just had his eyes fixed on him while ignoring the Hispanic guy who easily got 5 or 6 baseballs, by the same dugout, while everyone around him got none. And that guy sure showed no sympathy for the other kids around him. Thirdly, Zack didn’t rob the ball from the kid. It was pretty much hectic that day and the competition was insane. If Zack didn’t get that ball, I’m pretty sure the little kid wouldn’t have gotten it over the other 100 people at the dugout. Okay?
– Alex

Oh, and just because your eyes are fine doesn’t mean you memory is.
– Alex

Alex I’m a tad confused….so NONE of the players were by the dugout, but a hispanic guy by the SAME dugout got 5-6 baseballs…i’m amazed that they just magically appeared with no players around….hmmm

cmg…it seems like someone has a crush on Zack….qww that’s cute

I said none of the players were throwing by the dugout, that doesn’t mean nobody was by the dugout. He asked the players in Spanish and got the balls, which was how he got the balls. Like Samuel Gervacio threw by the Astors side down the foul line (not at the dugout) before pre-game stretching, and he had two balls. The Hispanic guy got one by calling out from far away, while Zack got the other.
– Alex


Guys, let it go. Zack clearly has, so just chill. It’s a dumb argument anyway.

Man its getting rough here on the blog, y’all gotta take it easy. I think Zack has every right to follow this guys bad doings cause of what he did.. plus its funny cause the Hample jinx works. But Gustavo is a classless jerk so who cares what he does. KEEP IT UP ZACK I ENJOY IT.

Zack- do you have any spring training trips planned yet?

I like how ANTWAN is up here arguing against everyone by himself. We all know that Zack is a great person who gives alot of his baseballs to kids, and he never intentionally tries to impose harm on anyone.

Hey Zack, Got the first look at the 2010 Twins commemoratives this weekend at Twinsfest. They weren’t selling them yet, but some were autographed and up for bid in an auction. They don’t look bad, pretty standard inagural season fare though. I ended up winning the robe worn by my all time favorite Kent Hrbek at the end of this commercial:
Since the robes of Oliva, Killebrew, and Carew went at auction last year for beween $2,500 and $3,500 I was stoked to steal the Herbie for $460. I aced an old coot out at the last second and got called an “***” for my efforts. Oh well. It is a nice piece and has been autographed by the big man.
Any idea when you are coming to Minnesota?

Big Glove Bob

how funny that BIG GLOVE BOB just made that comment, I was dropping by to comment that I bet the Twin’s commemorative ball will look like this:
Am I right, Bob?

sweet…the link doesn’t work unless you log in to twitter. sorry.

Hey Bigglovebob,

Did you get a pic of the Inaugural Season baseball by any chance? Is it the same logo as the artwork for the sleeve patch?

It is the same logo as the patch. Doesn’t look bad at all. Not quite as nice as the dome one, but I thought that was one of the nicest commemoratives ever. I wonder if the Twins will be the only ones using commemoratives this year? Any other team in their first/last year of their stadium?

I’ve done just a little research. Below are some potential special events that could technically have a commemorative, but most are doubtful. Doesn’t include the obvious annual events for ASG & WS.

Twins 50th Season, Target Field Inaug. Season (Confirmed), Target Field Inaug. Game (NYM & NYY didn’t have one, do it’s very doubtful), 2010 Open. Day, 2010 Civil Right Exhibition (Reds host Cardinals) Never seen one for this game, but they might be out there. 2010 Spring Exhibition Taiwan (March 13-14).

I don’t believe there are any other notable anniversaries, certainly not a 100th, 50th or 75th as far as I remember. No closings stadium closings that I recall, next few will be Florida, Tampa Bay, maybe Oakland.

Thank you all for your support. Much appreciated. I *do* have the power to ban people from commenting. I rarely do it, though. I don’t mind if people disagree with me, as long as they’re being respectful in the process.

Pretty much.

Heh, thanks. No Spring Training for me. I haven’t been to Spring Training since 1995. I’d rather save my time and money for regular season games, when the players’ stats mean something, and I actually count the balls in my collection.

Nice going with the robe. Very cool. I’m hoping to visit Target Field in April or May. Definitely early in the season. Why wait? I’ll keep you posted.

STEELCITY9999 (and everyone else)-
I’ve been in touch with MLB and Rawlings this off-season. They say they’re going to provide me with a list of all the commemorative balls for the 2010 season, so stay tuned…

Don’t let up on this jabroni known as Gustavo Chacin. Old chrome dome don’t deserve any mercy. What comes around goes around.

Good to hear from you, and thanks for your support on this Gustavo business.

i hope he gets what he deserves and I think im speaking for all the snaggers out there check out my blog at

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