I’d been hearing about Chatroulette from friends for the last few weeks. Then I stumbled upon a New York Times article about it a few days ago. And now I’m obsessed. In case you don’t know what it is, and if you’re too lazy to click the links and find out, it’s basically random video chatting with people from all over the world. You never know who you’re going to get…or, umm, ahem, what they might be in the process of doing…which is exactly what makes it fun (and scary for some people). Here are eight different screen shots I took of the randomness and silliness that recently went down:

(That’s Jona with me in some of the shots.)
At one point, I decided to point my camera out the window and sit and eat a meal in front of it:
This particular guy I was talking to was like, “WTF?” but lots of other people said “bon appetit” and asked what I was eating. (Salmom with sun-dried tomatoes and pesto, for the record.)
One great (and necessary) feature on this site is that if you don’t want to talk to the person on the other end (for whatever reason), there’s a “next” button. You just click it and get someone else. As a result, most conversations last all of two seconds. Some folks, I quickly discovered, don’t even want to talk. They just want to hit “next next next” and see as many different people as possible. But it’s definitely possible to find cool/smart/fun/interesting/ attractive people and have long conversations.
That’s it.
(And now I have to get back to work on my book.)
(Bye-bye, Chatroulette. See you again soon…)


Looks like you meet some, umm, “interesting” people on there.

What did you say to the blond chick? Seems like you’re a happy guy.

sounds like a pedophiles delight lol

I find the site to be a fascinating “study” on humanity. No joke. It’s like the ultimate people-watching experience. The blonde girl? She was in college somewhere in Florida. We only talked for a minute. Nothing special. I was actually just making that face for the purpose of taking a screen shot and posting it here.

What are you trying to say? :-)
Seriously, though…like anything else in the world, people will use it to do evil things, but most folks will hopefully just have some harmless fun on there.

have you been on its basically chatroulette without the video and only text… less creepy stuff, but be sure not to click ANY links they send you… those can kill your computer

No. Never heard of it, and it sounds awful. Why NOT see people? I mean, technology has advanced to the point where that’s possible, so why not take advantage?

The 2010 inaugural season Twins ball is on the site for sale. Just in case anyone wants a sneak peek. If you come up north here before the book is named, I’ll share my thoughts. The working title does nothing for me however. I am getting pumped for the season now that pitchers and catchers have reported. I am not going to join the ballhawk league this year although I will ballhawk at select tilts. Any word back on any other commemorative balls besides the Twins?

Big Glove Bob

Hey bigglovebob – Only two commemoratives have been released so far, and both are listed “for sale” yet back-ordered – because they’re not ready to be sold yet. They’re just trying to lock in pre-orders. I’ll see if I can post a link.

It’s looking like a light year for commemoratives, but ya never know. Right now the only unique ball for this year is the Twins one. All the others I know of will be the standard annuals. I tried to get the Pirates to consider one for the 50th Anniversary of the 1960 World Series Mazeroski HR, but they cared not for my ideas. Didn’t even respond. Maybe they’ve already got something else planned.

I definitely don’t want to see the Twins ball until I’m holding one that I personally snagged. I’m thinking of maybe hitting up Target Field during the first week of May — maybe the 6th and 7th against Baltimore. Not sure yet, but I’ll keep you posted. The book has to be titled by…around Opening Day, so if you have any thoughts on the matter, you should just email me or post it in a comment. No word on other commemoratives. I’m really disappointed. Both Rawlings and MLB told me they were going to provide a list, but lately it’s been hard to get through to anyone. But you know something? I’m going to email one of my guys at MLB right now to ask and see what’s up…

I know I owe you a couple emails (as usual). I’ll get to them soon. Things’ve just been nutty lately (as usual).

I’ll think about titles and get back to you. I like some of the more gimmicky titles actually. I think you want to strike the perfect balance between being too specific and too general. Your book will be facing spine out next to hundreds of other books. Die hard ballhawks and people that know your work will pick it up regardless of what it is called. You want to compel the fence sitter to pick it up and leaf through a few pages and to hopefully buy it. I think the 5 ounces and 108 stitches title is way to specific. Your book promises to be a much more entertaining read than just that. I think the title needs to capture that essence. Some of the suggestions thus far are pretty good. Although if it was my book it would be chock full of nudity and foul language, so take my opinions with a grain of salt :)
Is Steel City Erik Jabs?
I look forward to you coming up here. The ballhawking promises to be better than the dome ever was. Although that isn’t saying a lot.

Big Glove Bob

omg dude i saw the Jonas brothers on there…plus alot of other things that will prob. make me have unpleasant dreams, deffinately an 18 over site…i think some one else said it try i have had some really funny convos on there.

Big Glove Bob,
No I’m not. I’m just some random fan following the blog.

Normally, I’m all in favor of R-rated material, but yeah, not with the title of the book. Everything you’re saying makes perfect sense. I know all about the spine facing out — with my luck, the book will be on the bottom shelf — but I’m hoping that I’ll get to do some big interviews and promote it that way. Anyway, Target Field…bring it on. That standing-room-only section down the right field line looks interesting. I wonder how far from home plate it is.

I’d think it’d be really fun to be famous and be on that site and just have a bunch of people freaking out when they see you…and then somehow doubting that it’s even you.

You’re not random to me.

Awesome article. I just read every word.

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