Hiram Bithorn Stadium tickets

Check it out. My tickets for the Puerto Rico series have arrived:

Aside from that nifty hologram stripe down the middle, they’re rather plain/ugly, but that’s to be expected when buying tickets from a third party — in this case Ticketpop.
It was hard to get the tickets mailed to me, but it was worth it. If I hadn’t made the effort, I would’ve had to pick them up in person in Puerto Rico, and it wasn’t clear where I’d have to do that. At the stadium? At one of the Ticketpop locations? I’ll save you all the details, but I had to deal with a confusing web site, a Puerto Rican holiday, several unreturned phone calls, a borrowed FedEx account, a lady who didn’t speak good enough English to understand that the first letter of my name is “zee,” and several other challenges.
If only I can finish my book by the time I take this trip…


¿Por qué no hablas español? Estos son los Estados Unidos. Se habla español aquí y ahora. Cuando usted está en San Juan, asegúrese de hablar en español con la gente de allí. Dichas entradas son un poco de mirar barato. Me alegro de que se dirige. ¡Buena suerte! Oh si …. PRIMERO!

Leigh en San Diego

Whoa, we got similar entries. LOL Yours is clearly cooler though.

Because my stupid elementary school (Collegiate) thought it would be a good idea to teach us all French. Yeah, THAT really came in handy.

Nice. (You gotta set your camera to take close-up pics so it won’t be blurry. But still cool. Have fun at the game.)

Hope you have a blast, and I’m hoping they make a special ball for this series. And regardless, hope that you snag a gamer!

FYI: (Can’t remember if I mentioned in that e-mail) There is apparently no Jackie Robinson ball for this year?! This is what I’ve been told, but I’m waiting until that’s confirmed before I post anything official.
-BigLeague (fellow Z)

Hey Zack I got a ?. If I’m sitting on the third base side at Fenway park. Where is the best spot for snagging a ball? Thank you in advance and good luck this year.

That should be a really cool trip man, enjoy and take alot of pics. thank god its baseball season!!!

Wow… Tickets? I haven’t seen an actual ticket in quite some time. I’ve gotten so used to printing my tickets that the concept of a real “ticket” is a novelty now. By the way, something dumb about American english. I think we’re the only language that actually calls a “z,” “zee.” Other related languages, including other english speaking countries call it “zed” or some variation of it. Correct me if I’m wrong though. Maybe that’s why she had a hard time understanding “zee.”

Remember last year on opening day when you got an International League ball from the Tigers?
Well, they’re using them again! I got one today. haha.

I can’t wait for the Pics from Puerto Rico!

A special ball would be out-STAND-ing. Let me know if you hear anything.

During BP, it would be the corner spot where the wall is lowest and closest to the foul line, kind of in shallow LF in foul territory. Or…try to get a Monster seat. Those look amazing, but I’ve never been up there.

I plan to take a *ton* of pics. Don’t worry.

Yeah, I know. It keeps getting harder and harder for me to get signed ticket stubs because there aren’t many stubs in the first place. There are a lot of dumb things about America. I think the lack of the metric system is the worst of all.

Ugh! Thanks for letting me know. I guess I’ll be snagging a few of those next month in Minnesota. (I’ll be seeing the Tigers twice and the Orioles once.)

Me too. :-)

your comment to Chasicle made me remember that I’ve meant to ask you (i) how many autographed ticket stubs you have and (ii) what do you do with them (stored away/displayed somehow)?

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