Awesome writing group photo

I don’t often blog about my writing group, especially during the baseball season, but the photo taken during yesterday’s meeting is so cool that I have to share it:

I’m usually the photographer, so it was nice to be in one of the pics for a change. (Did you even notice that I’m in it? Did you notice Jona? She’s the one wearing the blue shirt on the right.)
I’ve been watching the Mets game on TV today, and in the top of the first inning, I saw a fan in a Nationals shirt catch a high foul pop-up behind the 3rd base dugout. “Huh,” I thought, “I wonder if that was someone I know.” My phone rang two minutes later — and sure enough, it was. Remember Joe Faraguna, my Watch With Zack client from 5/8/09 at Citi Field and 7/6/09 at Citizens Bank Park? It was him. He’d caught the ball — his very first foul during a game, so congrats to him. I’m sure he’ll have the story up later on his blog.


Nice shot, Zack (well, nice shot, whoever took it). More importantly, great job, Joe! Apparently, Joe’s comment (in your last entry) about planning to have a big day at this game was spot on.

I write a Blue Jays blog and during today’s Where Are They Now? feature I wrote about your boy Gustavo. I couldn’t resist making reference to the Hample Jinx and linking to your site. Here’s the reference if you’re interested:

Thanks man, for the nice mention. Todd, your right it was an amazing game. Not to give anything away, but I might have to name the entry (which should be up by wednesday) A broken ….. and a first. Not to give it away that much. Joe

grr i was right in front of him and almost caught that ball

Thanks. It was taken by the guy who lives there — a good friend from the group named Ben. He’s a *serious* photographer and has a bunch of fancy lenses.

Haha! I love it. I’m shocked that you even got his autograph.

You’re welcome. Can’t wait to read the entry. Leave a comment when it’s up so we can all check it out.

Oh no! I hope you get another chance soon. (And I also hope that we’ll get to meet each other soon.)

Big Apple Blogger- Where were you sitting? did i see you?
Z- I’ll leave a comment, but I also forgot to mention I nearly tied your Citi record, another hint.

cool picture, I noticed you all basically right away lol

so, while at the writing group, what do you write? the book? your blog? a journal? random creative writing stuff? something else? and, is that guy in the bottom right “writing” a motorcycle?

Nice picture. And very nice job Joe! My first game is coming up and I will be posting it. Remember how the you used to not see the Reda take batting practice? Now season ticket holders can, so that will be great for GABP snaggers. Also my seats are in foul territory (sec 114) Wish me luck.


So does your group know about your baseballs, and snagging? They should write about you!

Zack or other Nathan,

Any tips for GABP? It’s been awhile.

Z, I wish I had a writing group, I’d be blogging off the walls! When’re you coming back to Milwaukee? We certainly need to reunite the Happy, Hample, Shawn trio again!Shawn

Ha, yeah I’ve gotten him twice on cards through the mail. I guess he’s a little more friendly to autograph seekers than he is to snaggers at the park? And now he’s enjoying riding the buses of the Minor Leagues.

In this writing group photo, I’m the guy who’s looking up at the camera. Nice job at Citi Field, BTW, and awesome blog entry. Congrats.


For years and years, I wrote in my journal whenever I was at the group, but lately I’ve been bringing my laptop and trying to get some work done on the book. I noticed that motorcycle. Not sure what was going on there. I think that photo is his desktop image, so maybe he was in the process of switching between files…?

Nice to know that the Reds are taking care of their fans by opening up earlier. As for tips on Great American Ball Park, I would suggest that you read my two blog entries from when I was there in 2005. You can find them on this page:

Oh yeah, they know about it.

We really do need to have a reunion. I’m not sure if it’ll happen this year, however. I really love Miller Park, so maybe I’ll find a way to get there after my book is done (which I’m told has to be by July 15th).

I almost hope he makes it back to the majors…just so he can fail on a bigger stage.

What is the new book about and when do you think it will be done?

Zack, What is the new book about and when do you think it will be done?

Hey Zack,
Glad to find out you’re allright. For some reason I just decided to search you on wikipedia. It blows my mind that you have a longer page than some mlb players. Anyway, can’t wait for your next entry on baseball. Heading to the bronx friday for my first game of the season. Cant wait.


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