Gustavo Watch, Part 26

Yesterday afternoon, I received the following email:

Dear Zack,

As a big fan of yours, and loyal blog reader, I think it is time for another Gustavo Watch. My favorite team is the Milwaukee Brewers, who are currently DOMINATING Gustavo. Just wanted to let you know that he was getting roughed up. 


Wisconsin’s Second Best Ballhawk


After reading this email, I checked the box score, and sure enough, Gustavo Chacin was once again being victimized by the Hample Jinx — his punishment for having stolen a baseball from me on 8/1/06 at Yankee Stadium.

When the dust settled, Gustavo had surrendered a walk, three hits, and three earned runs in just one inning. Those runs, it should be noted, all scored at once; Casey McGehee hit a three-run homer off him — the only longball of the game. This raised his already pathetic ERA from 4.76 to 5.52.



To truly test the power of the Hample Jinx, I think you should make it a point to attend a Mets-Astros game this season so Gustavo has the opportunity to remove the jinx. I wonder how he would perform once released from the Hample Jinx’s tight grasp.

So if Gussy boy threw or hit a ball to you, would you accept it or throw it back? And also how old did you think I was haha? Thanks man.

I agree this dude needs a way to redeem himself and get off the naughty list

Zack, c’mon. 4.76 isn’t a pathetic era. Sure it’s not great, but it’s not awful. I thought you were better than that.

Geez what’s up with Milwaukee Ballhawks naming themselves the Best Ballhawks? Happy goes on break, and they think he needs replacing?

Hey Zack,
Speaking of Happy, do you know why he hasn’t blogged since April? I know he added a new member to his family, but if he’s attending games then why isn’t he blogging on it?

Yea I second that. What’s up happy?

You guys, i THINK, (and happy correct me if i’m wrong) that happy is so behind in blogging he just gave up for the year. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because first of all, his family is top priority, blogging is NOT. So if he’s so behind , i guess he just gave up for the year. this IS MY OPINION. SO Happy, correct me if i’m wrong.

Alright, alright. As a Milwaukee ballhawk, I’ll step in here and say my piece. Nick Yohanek, my close friend, isn’t on a “break”. He’s living life with his family. He’s still attending games, just far fewer and less aggressively since the birth of this third child. As for his blog, when I asked him about it, he said “[He] doesn’t care anymore”. Deal with it.

As for Brandon, no one knows who you are. I’m not out to start a smear campaign here, but I’ll put my statistics on the line against anyone else’s. Just for fun, I’m kind of curious what Brandon has done to establish himself as a top ballhawk he claims to be. My Ballhawking resume will blow any challenger’s out of the water. Follow this URL to find out for yourself:

Its pretty funny what outsiders have to say about the (small) Milwaukee ballhawking scene. Spend one day at Miller Park with all the regulars in attendance and you’ll be sure to see who’s head and shoulders above the rest. I’ll leave it at that. And, lastly, who cares who’s “the best” or “the second best”? Just have fun with it. Isn’t that what its all about?

Oh yeah, I forgot a signature.

Milwaukee’s own,

-Ballhawk Shawn

I think I should finish writing my book so that I have the opportunity to attend more games. But…not a bad idea. Knowing Gustavo, though, he’d just do something else rude and earn himself a double jinx.

I would accept the ball. As for your age, for some reason, I just assumed you were close to my age.

Yeah, well, it’ll probably have to wait ’til next season.

It’s kind of pathetic if you’re the worst middle reliever on one of the worst teams in baseball. But I hear you. (And yes, I know, he’s the in the major leagues, and I’m not. Et cetera et cetera.)

Good point, but in Brandon’s defense, he mentioned some of his ballhawking stats in his follow-up email. He said, “My lifetime ball-count is around 350, and I have plenty of hall-of-fame autographs. In 2003, my family and I set out to see every major league park, and we completed our tour in 2008. I have been to 33 Major League Ballparks, and gotten a ball at each and every one of them.” So, even though he may not officially be the second best ballhawk in Milwaukee, he does claim to have some impressive numbers.

The Happy Youngster is just busy with life. He’s still attending some games, but he really doesn’t have the time or energy to blog.

You’re pretty much right.

Thanks for weighing in here, but jeez, are you trying to start the next great ballhawking controversy? :-)

Hey everyone…

Sorry about the lack of blogging this season, but my life has been SO busy. It’s not that I don’t care (which was mentioned above), it’s just that having three little kids all 4 years old or younger is A LOT of work.
A LOT of joy, too!

Best of luck to everyone!


Nah, Nick. That’s a direct quote, straight from the horses mouth, two homestands ago.

Oh, and Zack, I’m not trying to start a controversy, I AM the controversy! Muahahaha. Just kidding. I guess you could call that e-chest pounding.

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