Bye-bye, announcers!

Last night, while watching Game 1 of the NLCS, I made an earth-shattering discovery and Tweeted about it. The discovery was that I can mute the announcers but still hear the sounds of the game. Pretty cool, huh? Several people asked how, so here’s the answer…

It all begins with my receiver — the unit marked with the red arrow in the following photo:
The receiver is made by a company called Denon, and in case you want to get one for yourself, the model number is AVR-1610.
(For the record, I know *very* little about electronics. I never would’ve discovered this trick if not for a friend who was futzing around with my sound system.)
The receiver has two buttons that allow me to change the “surround mode.” See here:
Normally I keep it on “stereo” mode, but if I flip through the options and select “dolby digital” instead, the announcers go bye-bye.
Look! Here’s a photo of me changing the mode:
In the photo above, the display screen is hard to see, so here’s a better look at it:
That’s all there is to it.
Then you sit back and enjoy the game as if you’re at the ballpark:
Well, almost.
As for the announcers…


Now if only Cablevision could show a game from Fox!

If you want to do it without that special system just change the audio output to SAP. It works perfectly.

I’ve always wished that was an option. Back in the late ’80’s, I believe, there was an NFL game that was broadcast without announcers as an experiment.
Thanks for the heads-up Zack!

Your lucky that you can watch the game Zack, Im blacked out over this whole Fox vs Cablevision thing. I really hope they get this settled before the World Series.

Great trick, Zack! I don’t have a surround system, but thanks to the tv broadcast being a bit ahead of the MLB At-Bat app on my phone, I was able to sync both so I could listen to my home team radio and mute the tv as well…despite the game 2 loss, I was able to deal with it better listening to announcers I like rather than ones I hate.

Is there any way to mute only one of the announcers (i.e. Joe Morgan) without muting the others?

ha best pic ever

WOW Zack!!! Very informative post, now if only we could do this on Directv.

Ouch. Has that even gotten resolved yet? I haven’t been following it.

Oh. Really? I don’t even know how to do THAT. I’m seriously an idiot when it comes to *anything* involving technology — unless someone shows me how. Then I’m usually okay. But I can never figure out anything on my own. Ever.

Yeah, it would be nice to have that option, but of course announcers are always plugging something so the advertisers would never go for it.

I hope so too. It sucks that some people aren’t able to watch these games.

Nicely done.

Haha!! Yes, I do find certain guys hard to take.

Thank you, Sir.

Glad you like it.

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