12/6/10 at Madison Square Garden

I went to the Knicks game last night and…you know, whatever. I can’t get into any sport other than baseball, but I’m still glad I went. I’d gotten a free ticket, and the person who gave it to me is a new friend (from my writing group) named Laurie. Mainly, I was just looking forward to spending some time with her.

This was our view during the national anthem:
This was the view of my water bottle after the concession lady insisted on removing the cap:
Such stupidity. I was never even checked by security when I walked into the Garden, and yet my effin’ bottle cap had to be removed. I truly don’t get it. But anyway, here’s a semi-crappy photo of some guy on the Timberwolves getting ready to shoot a free throw:
I have no idea who it was. I actually hadn’t heard of ANY of the players on the Timberwolves, but I came prepared with rosters:
I mainly used the rosters to check and see how tall the players are. I love tall people. I’d only heard of two players on the Knicks: Amar’e Stoudemire and Eddy Curry, and I don’t think Curry played.
Here’s a closeup of the scoreboard (or whatever they call it in basketball) during the closing seconds:
The T’wolves scored two points right after I took this photo, so the Knicks ended up winning, 121-114.
Here I am a bit closer to the court after the game…
…and here I am with Laurie:
She’s cool.
I try so hard not to think about baseball during the colder months. (Don’t let the MLB cap fool you.) All I want to do is get as far away from the sport as possible so I can relax and be social, but this basketball game really made me miss it.


Did you catch a ball? Oh … wait … that’s right … basketball sucks compared to baseball. Hope you had fun anyways.

Phill in Utah

You should have taken your giant glove with you and tried to catch a basketball.

I love that you hadn’t heard of any of the Timberwolves players and only a couple of the Knicks. You truly are dedicated to baseball. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of Sebastian Telfair though. They made a huge deal about him a few years ago. He is from Brooklyn I think so I’m surprised you didn’t at least hear something. He has an interesting story. One of the biggest flops in pro sports.

I can’t wait for the book. Looking forward to it almost as much as spring training.


I’ve never been to any NBA games, but have been to several MLB games. The reason is obvious….baseball is more exciting. While I’m thinking about it, since you are so obsessed with height, I thought that I would ask a question: Have you ever met any tall twins? I know a pair that both stand at 6′ 7”.

Nice. Basketball is a good sport to kick back and watch because its just simple back and forth action. I’ve only been to one basketball game and I spent most of the time drooling over the famous people seated just about ten rows in front of me.
As for the bottle cap thing, I was at a gorillaz concert at the garden and they made me and my friend remove our bottle caps. We ended up accidentally spilling them down the backs of the people in front of us (because there aren’t cupholders in the nosebleeds). Its really idiotic, the whole cap thing.
-Milo (big apple blogger)

I was going to ask you too how many basketballs you caught lol. They take the caps off at Coors too, they don’t want you throwing full bottles of water, beer, etc. at the players lol.

Believe me, I was thinking about it nonstop. It’s weird to be at a sporting event and know that I have *no* chance to take a piece of it home with me. It almost doesn’t feel like a sporting event. It’s like a Broadway show or something.

That giant glove is a PAIN to carry around. Maybe if I were sitting in the front row, it would’ve made more sense. Telfair? Nope. The only thing I thought of when I first saw his name was that if you add the letter ‘u’ to it, you can spell “faultier.” And it just occurred to me that the addition of both and ‘e’ and and ‘f’ would make “afterlife.” I have issues.

No to the twins, but that sounds cool. I do, however, know a woman who’s 6-foot-3 (who’s awesome even beyond her height).

Ha, funny about the spilling at the concert. Which famous people did you see?

Yeah yeah, I know why the caps are removed, but I don’t know WHY…if you know what I mean.

Kevin Love, who scored 31 pts and had 15 rebs, is the nephew of the beach boys’ mike love. wes johnson went to syracuse. telfair went to lincoln hs in brooklyn.

I saw Sam Jackson, Spike Jonez, Donald trump and some other guys, nobody huge. It was a lakers-knicks game, so that could be why some more popular guys were there

Thank you for schooling me. :-)

I’d say those guys are pretty big.

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