7/18/11 at Citi Field

What if I posted a short game entry without photos? What if I told you that I snagged five baseballs and then listed them quickly?

1) Ronny Paulino BP homer on the fly in left field.
2) Toss-up by Michael Dunn in right field.
3) Toss-up by Mike Stanton in right-center.
4) Toss-up by Mike Cameron in left-center.
5) Foul grounder pulled by Ruben Tejada in the 3rd inning that deflected off my glove and was tossed to me by the ballboy.

Not all that interesting, right? Well, consider this entry a reflection of how I feel every time I set foot inside Citi Field.


I think it’s about time you catch another money ball, Zack. ;) To make Citi more interesting.

I have two quick questions for you.
1) What would you do to have Shea Stadium back?
2) If you had to pick one stadium (Citi or New Yankee) which one would you go to for the rest of your life?

I would say that it didnt take you very long to type this blog post Zack. What did you do with all your newly found free time?

I think you should at least post the video of the 3rd inning groundball that handcuffed you! btw first comment ever!

No point in even trying to catch home runs at Citi Field. Left field is packed. There’s no cross-aile or standing room. And right field had an overhang that prevents balls from reaching most of the seats.

1) Whatever you want me to do.
2) Probably Citi, but that’s like asking someone which way they’d rather die.

I got to work on my next blog entry about the July 19th game.

Nah. This whole day was a disaster that I’d like to forget.

yea Citi Field is rough, i mean i got 3 balls this day during BP and should’ve had 4 but 1 fell outta my glove. But it was great to finally meet you in person Zack.

SEE! That $60.00 shirt is unlucky. :)

JUST SAW YOUR FALL.keith hernandez said lucky he wasnt in the upper deck and its a star crossed night….showing you and JONA.he took it in the chin also.whats with that big guy constantly eating in tne first row.and that security gaurd was ready to tackle you…..T

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