December 2011 award

Look what arrived in the mail the other day:

Many thanks to Alan Schuster, the webmaster of, for making the certificate and sending it to me. (And thanks again to everyone who voted for me.)

Sexy beard action

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I’ve been busy growing a beard.

Working at the Argosy

As I mentioned last week on Twitter, I’m now working full-time at the Argosy Book Store. Just thought I’d share a few photos of some old/cool stuff that I stumbled upon in the past few days . . .

The first item is a stock certificate from 1914 for “The Tigers Base Ball Club.” Check it out:

Here’s a photo of the back of it:

We’re in the process of researching the certificate in order to figure out exactly what it is; the fact that it says “Chicago” and “Illinois” makes us think that it can’t be the Detroit Tigers, but whatever it is, I think it’s pretty damn special.

Here’s a book that I noticed called What Baseball Means To Me:

Take a closer look at the photo on the half-title page:

Have you ever seen that particular photo before? I hadn’t. And I love it. Based on the number of kids (with gloves) crowding the front row, I’m thinking it had to be taken during batting practice. But where? Looks like the 1980s to me, but I can’t identify the stadium.

Finally, here’s an interesting non-baseball item that found its way to my desk — a newish photography book called Sydney and Flora. Here’s the front cover:

The whole book is filled with trippy/artsy photos of elderly people’s faces. Here’s another:


It was my job to catalog that book, so I had to flip through it to check the condition and see what it was about.

That’s it for now.