Sexy beard action

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I’ve been busy growing a beard.


Anybody else immediately think of Brian Posehn?

YESSSS!!!!!!! dude seriously… go for the full brian wilson look

That is really freaky. If you had hair on the top of your head you could pass as Brian Wilson.

Do you have a Miami Marlins hat yet? I saw someone in my school wearing a black one and it was pretty snazzy.

Do you have a Blue Jays hat yet?

I like that new/old jays logo! The beard needs some color.

Beard. Looks. Horrible.

You look a bit like Kevin Youkilis. No hair on top of head, tons of hair on front of head.

You just scared the crap out of me….

Now you look like a true author.

I immediately thought “Zach Galifianakis” Anyway sweet beard..I couldn’t grow one that well if I tried

Parents may not let their kids do Watch With Zack anymore if that beard stays! Yikes.

Merry X-Mas hippy…D

Looks good!

You look like Zack Hample! But with a beard!

OMG. if you want to snag another ball, you might want to shave before 2012 season. on the last picture you look 45! but it is awesome. looks great! grow it out bro!


I think he looks more like Cody Ross, especially when wearing shades and a Giants hat.

You look like either:

a. Someone who would be playing Pokemon in the back of a comic store
b. A registered offender
c. Zac Brown without a stocking cap
d. Zack Hample after he tripped and fell face first into a puddle of beard

Is that your “I never want a girl to find me the least bit attractive ever again” look? Go back down the OWS you dirty hippie!

Big Glove Bob

I went to another Islanders game last night. I got a puck before warmups, but the night was a disaster. I got kicked out of a section that might have gotten me a puck and the players didn’t even get to give away the game pucks (not that I would have gotten one).

Holy crap, Zack! That scared me so much-no offense. You look like Brian Wilson.

Just wanted to say that I went to Barnes and Noble to buy your book but they were out, so I had to order it. Need to wait 6 more days, though. Pretty stoked!

You need more curls in it.

On Monday, I got How To Snag Major League Baseballs and despite what you say, I think it is a really good book.

Just came across this article today. I assume you’ve seen it, but if not, it has pictures of the five 2012 commemorative baseballs that have been released.
100th Anniversary Fenway Park
50th Anniversary Dodger Stadium
50th Anniversary Mets
50th Anniversary Astros
30th Anniversary Oriole Park at Camden Yards

I know that there will definitely be a commemorative for the inaugural season for the Marlins, but it hasn’t been released yet.


Thanks for all the comments — even the ones that told me that I look like an idiot. I can’t deny it. To answer a few of you . . .

I totally would, but SOMEone won’t allow it.

Nah, I’m gonna rock the “old” Florida Marlins gear for at least another season or two.

I already have Jays gear with the old logo.

Ha, true.

You don’t mean that.

It’ll be gone soon. It’s just a little two-month experiment.


Forty-five? Ouch.

Puddle of beard . . . LOVE IT!!!

If that’s what you want to believe, go for it.


I’m working on it.

Thanks. Glad you’re enjoying it.

I haven’t looked at any of the logos, but I’m really excited for next season.

Are you planning on not looking at the logos and being suprised when you (hopefully) snag them during the season like you did with Citi Field? And if that’s the case, I can assure you that none of the logos are bad, including the mets. They all look good.


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