Brian Wilson vs. Rollie Fingers

As some of you already know, I’ve been doing silly things with my facial hair. Earlier this month, I tweeted a photo of my Brian Wilson impression. Here it is in case you’re too lazy to click the link:

And now?

Rollie Fingers, baby. Check it out:

At some point in the fairly near future, I’ll post a few photos of the transition from beard to ‘stache.


Like the players themselves, I prefer your Rollie to your Wilson.

I dig the Rollie Fingers.

So are we past the third reich, or has that yet to be done?

You look like my old cell mate from prison.

I’m liking the Fingers. it’s too bad you had to loose the beard though. that was awesome.

I like the Rollie better than the Wilson. They are both cool though.

Go for the Moulson Stache!

gotta admit the Rollie stache looks pretty good

Thanks for the comments.

Take is easy, young man.

I forget. What were you in for?

Oh my.

That’s a funny picture Ben Weil.

Wayyyyy to much free time!!

On a completely unrelated note to my previous comment, I was watching film of the 2010 World Series, and I just realized: that picture doesn’t look much Brian Wilson at all. Before you get mad, though, the reason I realized it is because I saw Cody Ross and it looks SO much more like him than Wilson.

Who you callin’ Ben Weil?!

Hey, man, it’s the off-season. What do you expect?

Yeah, I know. I’ve been Cody Rossed quite a few times.

I was saying that was a funny picture that Ben linked as he said aim for this: and then the link.

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